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Differential Convolutional Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting

no code implementations15 May 2023 Tianxiang Zhan, Yuanpeng He, Yong Deng, Zhen Li

Thanks to the learnable ability of the neural network, the length of fuzzy rules established in FTSF is expended to an arbitrary length that the expert is not able to handle by the expert system.

Time Series Time Series Forecasting

Towards Better Instruction Following Language Models for Chinese: Investigating the Impact of Training Data and Evaluation

1 code implementation16 Apr 2023 Yunjie Ji, Yan Gong, Yong Deng, Yiping Peng, Qiang Niu, Baochang Ma, Xiangang Li

Recently, significant public efforts have been directed towards developing low-cost models with capabilities akin to ChatGPT, thereby fostering the growth of open-source conversational models.

Instruction Following

DUFormer: Solving Power Line Detection Task in Aerial Images using Semantic Segmentation

no code implementations12 Apr 2023 Deyu An, Qiang Zhang, Jianshu Chao, Ting Li, Feng Qiao, Yong Deng, ZhenPeng Bian

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are frequently used for inspecting power lines and capturing high-resolution aerial images.

Inductive Bias Line Detection +1

Exploring the Impact of Instruction Data Scaling on Large Language Models: An Empirical Study on Real-World Use Cases

1 code implementation26 Mar 2023 Yunjie Ji, Yong Deng, Yan Gong, Yiping Peng, Qiang Niu, Lei Zhang, Baochang Ma, Xiangang Li

However current research rarely studies the impact of different amounts of instruction data on model performance, especially in the real-world use cases.

Repeatable Random Permutation Set

no code implementations3 Nov 2022 Wenran Yang, Yong Deng

Random permutation set (RPS), as a recently proposed theory, enables powerful information representation by traversing all possible permutations.

BEIKE NLP at SemEval-2022 Task 4: Prompt-Based Paragraph Classification for Patronizing and Condescending Language Detection

no code implementations SemEval (NAACL) 2022 Yong Deng, Chenxiao Dou, Liangyu Chen, Deqiang Miao, Xianghui Sun, Baochang Ma, Xiangang Li

PCL detection task is aimed at identifying and categorizing language that is patronizing or condescending towards vulnerable communities in the general media. Compared to other NLP tasks of paragraph classification, the negative language presented in the PCL detection task is usually more implicit and subtle to be recognized, making the performance of common text-classification approaches disappointed.

Binary Classification Multi-Label Classification +4

Maximum Entropy of Random Permutation Set

no code implementations16 Dec 2021 Jixiang Deng, Yong Deng

The results show that the maximum entropy RPS is compatible with the maximum Deng entropy and the maximum Shannon entropy.

Evaluating importance of nodes in complex networks with local volume information dimension

no code implementations23 Nov 2021 Hanwen Li, Qiuyan Shang, Fangzheng Duan, Yong Deng

In this method, the sum of degree of nodes within different distances of central node is calculated.

A modified gravity model based on network efficiency for vital nodes identification in complex networks

no code implementations12 Oct 2021 Hanwen Li, Qiuyan Shang, Yong Deng

In particular, based on the gravity model, a series of improved gravity models are proposed to find vital nodes better in complex networks.

Belief Evolution Network-based Probability Transformation and Fusion

no code implementations7 Oct 2021 Qianli Zhou, Yusheng Huang, Yong Deng

Smets proposes the Pignistic Probability Transformation (PPT) as the decision layer in the Transferable Belief Model (TBM), which argues when there is no more information, we have to make a decision using a Probability Mass Function (PMF).

BF-QC: Belief Functions on Quantum Circuits

no code implementations8 Jul 2021 Qianli Zhou, Guojing Tian, Yong Deng

We decrease the computation complexity of the matrix evolution on BBA (MEoB) on quantum circuits.

Decision Making

A Negation Quantum Decision Model to Predict the Interference Effect in Categorization

no code implementations19 Apr 2021 Qinyuan Wu, Yong Deng

Categorization is a significant task in decision-making, which is a key part of human behavior.

Decision Making

QZNs: Quantum Z-numbers

no code implementations12 Apr 2021 Jixiang Deng, Yong Deng

Because of the efficiency of modeling fuzziness and vagueness, Z-number plays an important role in real practice.

Decision Making Medical Diagnosis

When does the Physarum Solver Distinguish the Shortest Path from other Paths: the Transition Point and its Applications

no code implementations8 Jan 2021 Yusheng Huang, Dong Chu, Joel Weijia Lai, Yong Deng, Kang Hao Cheong

Based on the D-Path and T-Point, a newly accelerated PPA named OPPA-D using the proposed termination criterion is developed which is superior to all other baseline algorithms according to the experiments conducted in this paper.

Memory-Rate Tradeoff for Caching with Uncoded Placement under Nonuniform File Popularity

no code implementations16 Nov 2020 Yong Deng, Min Dong

For $K = 2$ users, we show that the optimized MCCS attains the lower bound and is optimal for caching with uncoded placement.

Information Theory Information Theory

Exponential Negation of a Probability Distribution

no code implementations22 Oct 2020 Qinyuan Wu, Yong Deng, Neal Xiong

Some basic properties of the proposed negation is investigated, we find that the fix point is the uniform probability distribution.

The Capacity Constraint Physarum Solver

1 code implementation19 Oct 2020 Yusheng Huang, Dong Chu, Yong Deng, Kang Hao Cheong

Motivated by the lack of related PPA-based research, a novel framework, the capacitated physarum polycephalum inspired algorithm (CPPA), is proposed to allow capacity constraints toward link flow in the PPA.

Modeling treatment events in disease progression

no code implementations ICLR 2020 Guanyang Wang, Yumeng Zhang, Yong Deng, Xuxin Huang, Łukasz Kidziński

Ability to quantify and predict progression of a disease is fundamental for selecting an appropriate treatment.

OWA aggregation of multi-criteria with mixed uncertain fuzzy satisfactions

no code implementations24 Jan 2019 Yunjuan Wang, Yong Deng

We apply the Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) operator in multi-criteria decision-making.

Decision Making

A DEMATEL-Based Completion Method for Incomplete Pairwise Comparison Matrix in AHP

no code implementations23 Jul 2016 Xinyi Zhou, Yong Hu, Yong Deng, Felix T. S. Chan, Alessio Ishizak

However, in many cases, the pairwise comparison matrix is difficult to complete, which obstructs the subsequent operations of the clas- sical AHP.

Decision Making

Transformation of basic probability assignments to probabilities based on a new entropy measure

no code implementations24 Feb 2015 Xinyang Deng, Yong Deng

In that theory, basic probability assignment (BPA) is the basic element for the expression and inference of uncertainty.

Decision Making

A bio-inspired algorithm for fuzzy user equilibrium problem by aid of Physarum Polycephalum

no code implementations9 Jun 2014 Yang Liu, Xiaoge Zhang, Yong Deng

The user equilibrium in traffic assignment problem is based on the fact that travelers choose the minimum-cost path between every origin-destination pair and on the assumption that such a behavior will lead to an equilibrium of the traffic network.

Multiscale probability transformation of basic probability assignment

no code implementations6 Jun 2014 Meizhu Li, Qi Zhang, Yong Deng

In this paper, multiscale probability transformation of basic probability assignment based on the belief function and the plausibility function is proposed, which is a generalization of the pignistic probability transformation.

Decision Making

D numbers theory: a generalization of Dempster-Shafer evidence theory

no code implementations13 May 2014 Yong Deng

Finally, a linguistic variables transformation of D numbers is presented to make a decision.

Decision Making

A new combination approach based on improved evidence distance

no code implementations18 Apr 2014 Hongming Mo, Yong Deng

Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is a powerful tool in information fusion.

Generalized Evidence Theory

no code implementations17 Apr 2014 Yong Deng

It is shown that the new theory can explain and deal with the conflicting evidence in a more reasonable way.


Distance function of D numbers

no code implementations13 Apr 2014 Meizhu Li, Qi Zhang, Xinyang Deng, Yong Deng

A distance function of D numbers is proposed to measure the distance between two D numbers.

Modeling contaminant intrusion in water distribution networks based on D numbers

no code implementations2 Apr 2014 Li Gou, Yong Deng, Rehan Sadiq, Sankaran Mahadevan

To demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed method, we apply it to the water distribution networks to estimate the risk of contaminant intrusion.

D-CFPR: D numbers extended consistent fuzzy preference relations

no code implementations23 Mar 2014 Xinyang Deng, Felix T. S. Chan, Rehan Sadiq, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng

How to express an expert's or a decision maker's preference for alternatives is an open issue.

Decision Making

Defuzzify firstly or finally: Dose it matter in fuzzy DEMATEL under uncertain environment?

no code implementations20 Mar 2014 Yunpeng Li, Ya Li, Jie Liu, Yong Deng

The results of defuzzification at the first step are not coincide with the results of defuzzification at the final step. It seems that the alternative is to defuzzification in the final step in fuzzy DEMATEL.

Decision Making

Parameter estimation based on interval-valued belief structures

no code implementations15 Feb 2014 Xinyang Deng, Yong Hu, Felix Chan, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng

Parameter estimation based on uncertain data represented as belief structures is one of the latest problems in the Dempster-Shafer theory.

D numbers theory: a generalization of Dempster-Shafer theory

no code implementations14 Feb 2014 Xinyang Deng, Yong Deng

Dempster-Shafer theory is widely applied to uncertainty modelling and knowledge reasoning due to its ability of expressing uncertain information.

A brief network analysis of Artificial Intelligence publication

no code implementations23 Nov 2013 Yunpeng Li, Jie Liu, Yong Deng

In this paper, we present an illustration to the history of Artificial Intelligence(AI) with a statistical analysis of publish since 1940.

A Visibility Graph Averaging Aggregation Operator

no code implementations17 Nov 2013 Shiyu Chen, Yong Hu, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng

The problem of aggregation is considerable importance in many disciplines.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

A generalized evidence distance

no code implementations16 Nov 2013 Hongming Mo, Xiaoyan Su, Yong Hu, Yong Deng

The proposed method is a generalized of existing evidence distance.

An Adaptive Amoeba Algorithm for Shortest Path Tree Computation in Dynamic Graphs

no code implementations3 Nov 2013 Xiaoge Zhang, Qi Liu, Yong Hu, Felix T. S. Chan, Sankaran Mahadevan, Zili Zhang, Yong Deng

When the edge weight changes, the proposed algorithm can recognize the affected vertices and reconstruct them spontaneously.

A short note on the axiomatic requirements of uncertainty measure

no code implementations8 Oct 2013 Xinyang Deng, Yong Deng

In this note, we argue that the axiomatic requirement of range to the measure of aggregated total uncertainty (ATU) in Dempster-Shafer theory is not reasonable.

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