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CSCD-IME: Correcting Spelling Errors Generated by Pinyin IME

1 code implementation16 Nov 2022 Yong Hu, Fandong Meng, Jie zhou

In fact, most of Chinese input is based on pinyin input method, so the study of spelling errors in this process is more practical and valuable.

Spelling Correction

giMLPs: Gate with Inhibition Mechanism in MLPs

1 code implementation1 Aug 2022 Cheng Kang, Jindich Prokop, Lei Tong, Huiyu Zhou, Yong Hu, Daneil Novak

As for the gate with inhibition MLPs on DeBERTa (giDeBERTa) fine-tuning, we find it can achieve appealing results on most parts of NLU tasks without any extra pretraining again.

Image Classification

Dynamic optical contrast imaging for real-time delineation of tumor resection margins using head and neck cancer as a model

no code implementations15 Feb 2022 Yong Hu, Shan Huang, Albert Y. Han, Seong Moon, Jeffrey F. Krane, Oscar Stafsudd, Warren Grundfest, Maie A. St. John

Complete surgical resection of the tumor for Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) remains challenging, given the devastating side effects of aggressive surgery and the anatomic proximity to vital structures.


Morphological feature visualization of Alzheimer's disease via Multidirectional Perception GAN

no code implementations25 Nov 2021 Wen Yu, Baiying Lei, Yanyan Shen, Shuqiang Wang, Yong liu, Zhiguang Feng, Yong Hu, Michael K. Ng

In this work, a novel Multidirectional Perception Generative Adversarial Network (MP-GAN) is proposed to visualize the morphological features indicating the severity of AD for patients of different stages.

Topological photonics on superconducting quantum circuits with parametric couplings

no code implementations1 Feb 2021 Zheng-Yuan Xue, Yong Hu

Topological phases of matter is an exotic phenomena in modern condense matter physics, which has attracted much attention due to the unique boundary states and transport properties.

Quantum Physics Strongly Correlated Electrons

Origin of the Electronic Structure in Single-Layer FeSe/SrTiO3 Films

no code implementations16 Dec 2020 Defa Liu, Xianxin Wu, Fangsen Li, Yong Hu, Jianwei Huang, Yu Xu, Cong Li, Yunyi Zang, Junfeng He, Lin Zhao, Shaolong He, Chenjia Tang, Zhi Li, Lili Wang, Qingyan Wang, Guodong Liu, Zuyan Xu, Xu-Cun Ma, Qi-Kun Xue, Jiangping Hu, X. J. Zhou

These observations not only show the first direct evidence that the electronic structure of single-layer FeSe/SrTiO3 films originates from bulk FeSe through a combined effect of an electronic phase transition and an interfacial charge transfer, but also provide a quantitative basis for theoretical models in describing the electronic structure and understanding the superconducting mechanism in single-layer FeSe/SrTiO3 films.

Band Gap Superconductivity Strongly Correlated Electrons

Weibo-COV: A Large-Scale COVID-19 Social Media Dataset from Weibo

1 code implementation EMNLP (NLP-COVID19) 2020 Yong Hu, He-Yan Huang, Anfan Chen, Xian-Ling Mao

Therefore, in this paper, we release Weibo-COV, a first large-scale COVID-19 social media dataset from Weibo, covering more than 30 million tweets from 1 November 2019 to 30 April 2020.

Social and Information Networks

Multi-task Learning for Low-resource Second Language Acquisition Modeling

1 code implementation25 Aug 2019 Yong Hu, He-Yan Huang, Tian Lan, Xiaochi Wei, Yuxiang Nie, Jiarui Qi, Liner Yang, Xian-Ling Mao

Second language acquisition (SLA) modeling is to predict whether second language learners could correctly answer the questions according to what they have learned.

Language Acquisition Multi-Task Learning

Deep Cross-Modal Hashing with Hashing Functions and Unified Hash Codes Jointly Learning

no code implementations29 Jul 2019 Rong-Cheng Tu, Xian-Ling Mao, Bing Ma, Yong Hu, Tan Yan, Wei Wei, He-Yan Huang

Specifically, by an iterative optimization algorithm, DCHUC jointly learns unified hash codes for image-text pairs in a database and a pair of hash functions for unseen query image-text pairs.


Principal Model Analysis Based on Partial Least Squares

no code implementations6 Feb 2019 Qiwei Xie, Liang Tang, Weifu Li, Vijay John, Yong Hu

Motivated by the Bagging Partial Least Squares (PLS) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithms, we propose a Principal Model Analysis (PMA) method in this paper.

Dimensionality Reduction General Classification +1

A DEMATEL-Based Completion Method for Incomplete Pairwise Comparison Matrix in AHP

no code implementations23 Jul 2016 Xinyi Zhou, Yong Hu, Yong Deng, Felix T. S. Chan, Alessio Ishizak

However, in many cases, the pairwise comparison matrix is difficult to complete, which obstructs the subsequent operations of the clas- sical AHP.

Decision Making

Parameter estimation based on interval-valued belief structures

no code implementations15 Feb 2014 Xinyang Deng, Yong Hu, Felix Chan, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng

Parameter estimation based on uncertain data represented as belief structures is one of the latest problems in the Dempster-Shafer theory.

A Visibility Graph Averaging Aggregation Operator

no code implementations17 Nov 2013 Shiyu Chen, Yong Hu, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng

The problem of aggregation is considerable importance in many disciplines.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

A generalized evidence distance

no code implementations16 Nov 2013 Hongming Mo, Xiaoyan Su, Yong Hu, Yong Deng

The proposed method is a generalized of existing evidence distance.

An Adaptive Amoeba Algorithm for Shortest Path Tree Computation in Dynamic Graphs

no code implementations3 Nov 2013 Xiaoge Zhang, Qi Liu, Yong Hu, Felix T. S. Chan, Sankaran Mahadevan, Zili Zhang, Yong Deng

When the edge weight changes, the proposed algorithm can recognize the affected vertices and reconstruct them spontaneously.

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