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MAP: MAsk-Pruning for Source-Free Model Intellectual Property Protection

1 code implementation7 Mar 2024 Boyang Peng, Sanqing Qu, Yong Wu, Tianpei Zou, Lianghua He, Alois Knoll, Guang Chen, Changjun Jiang

In this paper, we target a practical setting where only a well-trained source model is available and investigate how we can realize IP protection.

An annotated grain kernel image database for visual quality inspection

2 code implementations20 Nov 2023 Lei Fan, Yiwen Ding, Dongdong Fan, Yong Wu, Hongxia Chu, Maurice Pagnucco, Yang song

We present a machine vision-based database named GrainSet for the purpose of visual quality inspection of grain kernels.

Doubly Robust Proximal Causal Learning for Continuous Treatments

1 code implementation22 Sep 2023 Yong Wu, Yanwei Fu, Shouyan Wang, Xinwei Sun

To address these challenges, we propose a kernel-based DR estimator that can well handle continuous treatments.

Design of Recognition and Evaluation System for Table Tennis Players' Motor Skills Based on Artificial Intelligence

no code implementations4 Sep 2023 Zhuo-yong Shi, Ye-tao Jia, Ke-xin Zhang, Ding-han Wang, Long-meng Ji, Yong Wu

Based on this, this paper improves wearable devices of table tennis sport, and realizes the pattern recognition and evaluation of table tennis players' motor skills through artificial intelligence.

Dimensionality Reduction Feature Engineering

DeRisk: An Effective Deep Learning Framework for Credit Risk Prediction over Real-World Financial Data

no code implementations7 Aug 2023 Yancheng Liang, Jiajie Zhang, Hui Li, Xiaochen Liu, Yi Hu, Yong Wu, Jinyao Zhang, Yongyan Liu, Yi Wu

Despite the tremendous advances achieved over the past years by deep learning techniques, the latest risk prediction models for industrial applications still rely on highly handtuned stage-wised statistical learning tools, such as gradient boosting and random forest methods.

Physics-Guided Graph Neural Networks for Real-time AC/DC Power Flow Analysis

no code implementations29 Apr 2023 Mei Yang, Gao Qiu, Yong Wu, Junyong Liu, Nina Dai, Yue Shui, Kai Liu, Lijie Ding

The increasing scale of alternating current and direct current (AC/DC) hybrid systems necessitates a faster power flow analysis tool than ever.

Computational Efficiency

Few-Shot Learning of Compact Models via Task-Specific Meta Distillation

no code implementations18 Oct 2022 Yong Wu, Shekhor Chanda, Mehrdad Hosseinzadeh, Zhi Liu, Yang Wang

In this paper, we propose task-specific meta distillation that simultaneously learns two models in meta-learning: a large teacher model and a small student model.

Few-Shot Image Classification Few-Shot Learning

Accelerating SLIDE Deep Learning on Modern CPUs: Vectorization, Quantizations, Memory Optimizations, and More

2 code implementations6 Mar 2021 Shabnam Daghaghi, Nicholas Meisburger, Mengnan Zhao, Yong Wu, Sameh Gobriel, Charlie Tai, Anshumali Shrivastava

Our work highlights several novel perspectives and opportunities for implementing randomized algorithms for deep learning on modern CPUs.

Personal Fixations-Based Object Segmentation with Object Localization and Boundary Preservation

1 code implementation22 Jan 2021 Gongyang Li, Zhi Liu, Ran Shi, Zheng Hu, Weijie Wei, Yong Wu, Mengke Huang, Haibin Ling

In this paper, we focus on Personal Fixations-based Object Segmentation (PFOS) to address issues in previous studies, such as the lack of appropriate dataset and the ambiguity in fixations-based interaction.

Image Segmentation Object +2

Nimble: Efficiently Compiling Dynamic Neural Networks for Model Inference

no code implementations4 Jun 2020 Haichen Shen, Jared Roesch, Zhi Chen, Wei Chen, Yong Wu, Mu Li, Vin Sharma, Zachary Tatlock, Yida Wang

Modern deep neural networks increasingly make use of features such as dynamic control flow, data structures and dynamic tensor shapes.

Attention Deep Model with Multi-Scale Deep Supervision for Person Re-Identification

no code implementations23 Nov 2019 Di Wu, Chao Wang, Yong Wu, De-Shuang Huang

Besides, most of the multi-scale models embedding the multi-scale feature learning block into the feature extraction deep network, which reduces the efficiency of inference network.

Person Re-Identification

Binarized Neural Networks on the ImageNet Classification Task

1 code implementation11 Apr 2016 Xundong Wu, Yong Wu, Yong Zhao

We trained Binarized Neural Networks (BNNs) on the high resolution ImageNet ILSVRC-2102 dataset classification task and achieved a good performance.

Classification General Classification

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