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Visual-Kinematics Graph Learning for Procedure-agnostic Instrument Tip Segmentation in Robotic Surgeries

no code implementations2 Sep 2023 Jiaqi Liu, Yonghao Long, Kai Chen, Cheuk Hei Leung, Zerui Wang, Qi Dou

However, this task is very challenging due to the small sizes of surgical instrument tips, and significant variance of surgical scenes across different procedures.

Graph Learning

Value-Informed Skill Chaining for Policy Learning of Long-Horizon Tasks with Surgical Robot

1 code implementation31 Jul 2023 Tao Huang, Kai Chen, Wang Wei, Jianan Li, Yonghao Long, Qi Dou

Based on this value function, a chaining policy is learned to instruct subtask policies to terminate at the state with the highest value so that all subsequent policies are more likely to be connected for accomplishing the task.


Human-in-the-loop Embodied Intelligence with Interactive Simulation Environment for Surgical Robot Learning

1 code implementation1 Jan 2023 Yonghao Long, Wang Wei, Tao Huang, Yuehao Wang, Qi Dou

We showcase the improvement of our simulation environment with the designed new features, and validate effectiveness of incorporating human factors in embodied intelligence through the use of human demonstrations and reinforcement learning as a representative example.

AutoLaparo: A New Dataset of Integrated Multi-tasks for Image-guided Surgical Automation in Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

no code implementations3 Aug 2022 Ziyi Wang, Bo Lu, Yonghao Long, Fangxun Zhong, Tak-Hong Cheung, Qi Dou, Yunhui Liu

In addition, we provide experimental results with state-of-the-art models as reference benchmarks for further model developments and evaluations on this dataset.

Anatomy motion prediction +2

Neural Rendering for Stereo 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Tissues in Robotic Surgery

1 code implementation30 Jun 2022 Yuehao Wang, Yonghao Long, Siu Hin Fan, Qi Dou

Reconstruction of the soft tissues in robotic surgery from endoscopic stereo videos is important for many applications such as intra-operative navigation and image-guided robotic surgery automation.

3D Reconstruction Neural Rendering

Robotic Surgery Remote Mentoring via AR with 3D Scene Streaming and Hand Interaction

no code implementations9 Apr 2022 Yonghao Long, Chengkun Li, Qi Dou

In this paper, we propose a novel AR-based robotic surgery remote mentoring system with efficient 3D scene visualization and natural 3D hand interaction.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in Robotic Surgery: An Initial dVRK Study Using a Surgical Education Scenario

1 code implementation2 Jan 2022 Yonghao Long, Jianfeng Cao, Anton Deguet, Russell H. Taylor, Qi Dou

In this paper, we develop a novel system by seamlessly merging artificial intelligence module and augmented reality visualization to automatically generate the surgical guidance for robotic surgery education.

Stereo Dense Scene Reconstruction and Accurate Localization for Learning-Based Navigation of Laparoscope in Minimally Invasive Surgery

no code implementations8 Oct 2021 Ruofeng Wei, Bin Li, Hangjie Mo, Bo Lu, Yonghao Long, Bohan Yang, Qi Dou, Yunhui Liu, Dong Sun

Then, we develop a dense visual reconstruction algorithm to represent the scene by surfels, estimate the laparoscope poses and fuse the depth maps into a unified reference coordinate for tissue reconstruction.

Anatomy Depth Estimation

E-DSSR: Efficient Dynamic Surgical Scene Reconstruction with Transformer-based Stereoscopic Depth Perception

no code implementations1 Jul 2021 Yonghao Long, Zhaoshuo Li, Chi Hang Yee, Chi Fai Ng, Russell H. Taylor, Mathias Unberath, Qi Dou

After that, a dynamic reconstruction algorithm which can estimate the tissue deformation and camera movement, and aggregate the information over time is proposed for surgical scene reconstruction.

Anatomy Depth Estimation +1

Temporal Memory Relation Network for Workflow Recognition from Surgical Video

1 code implementation30 Mar 2021 Yueming Jin, Yonghao Long, Cheng Chen, Zixu Zhao, Qi Dou, Pheng-Ann Heng

In this paper, we propose a novel end-to-end temporal memory relation network (TMRNet) for relating long-range and multi-scale temporal patterns to augment the present features.

Relation Network

Trans-SVNet: Accurate Phase Recognition from Surgical Videos via Hybrid Embedding Aggregation Transformer

1 code implementation17 Mar 2021 Xiaojie Gao, Yueming Jin, Yonghao Long, Qi Dou, Pheng-Ann Heng

In this paper, we introduce, for the first time in surgical workflow analysis, Transformer to reconsider the ignored complementary effects of spatial and temporal features for accurate surgical phase recognition.

Surgical phase recognition

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