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MEDPNet: Achieving High-Precision Adaptive Registration for Complex Die Castings

no code implementations15 Mar 2024 Yu Du, Yu Song, Ce Guo, Xiaojing Tian, Dong Liu, Ming Cong

Due to their complex spatial structure and diverse geometric features, achieving high-precision and robust point cloud registration for complex Die Castings has been a significant challenge in the die-casting industry.

Computational Efficiency Point Cloud Registration

A unified Bayesian framework for interval hypothesis testing in clinical trials

no code implementations21 Feb 2024 Abhisek Chakraborty, Megan H. Murray, Ilya Lipkovich, Yu Du

The American Statistical Association (ASA) statement on statistical significance and P-values \cite{wasserstein2016asa} cautioned statisticians against making scientific decisions solely on the basis of traditional P-values.

AnyTool: Self-Reflective, Hierarchical Agents for Large-Scale API Calls

1 code implementation6 Feb 2024 Yu Du, Fangyun Wei, Hongyang Zhang

We also revisit the evaluation protocol introduced by previous works and identify a limitation in this protocol that leads to an artificially high pass rate.

Language Modelling Large Language Model

General Automatic Solution Generation of Social Problems

no code implementations25 Jan 2024 Tong Niu, Haoyu Huang, Yu Du, Weihao Zhang, Luping Shi, Rong Zhao

Given the escalating intricacy and multifaceted nature of contemporary social systems, manually generating solutions to address pertinent social issues has become a formidable task.

Snow Removal for LiDAR Point Clouds with Spatio-temporal Conditional Random Fields

1 code implementation IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS 2023 Weimin WANG, Ting Yang, Yu Du, Yu Liu

The proposed approach first constructs the CRF based on k-nearest neighbors with the snow confidence derived from the physical priors of snow, such as intensity and distribution.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +2

Teeth And Root Canals Segmentation Using ZXYFormer With Uncertainty Guidance And Weight Transfer

no code implementations14 Aug 2023 Shangxuan Li, Yu Du, Li Ye, Chichi Li, Yanshu Fang, Cheng Wang, Wu Zhou

In addition, there are weak edges at the tooth, between tooth and root canal, which makes it very difficult to segment such weak edges.


Coupling Artificial Neurons in BERT and Biological Neurons in the Human Brain

no code implementations27 Mar 2023 Xu Liu, Mengyue Zhou, Gaosheng Shi, Yu Du, Lin Zhao, Zihao Wu, David Liu, Tianming Liu, Xintao Hu

Linking computational natural language processing (NLP) models and neural responses to language in the human brain on the one hand facilitates the effort towards disentangling the neural representations underpinning language perception, on the other hand provides neurolinguistics evidence to evaluate and improve NLP models.

Boosting Zero-shot Learning via Contrastive Optimization of Attribute Representations

1 code implementation8 Jul 2022 Yu Du, Miaojing Shi, Fangyun Wei, Guoqi Li

In this paper, we propose a new framework to boost ZSL by explicitly learning attribute prototypes beyond images and contrastively optimizing them with attribute-level features within images.

Attribute Zero-Shot Learning

A Unified and Biologically-Plausible Relational Graph Representation of Vision Transformers

no code implementations20 May 2022 Yuzhong Chen, Yu Du, Zhenxiang Xiao, Lin Zhao, Lu Zhang, David Weizhong Liu, Dajiang Zhu, Tuo Zhang, Xintao Hu, Tianming Liu, Xi Jiang

The key characteristic of these ViT models is to adopt different aggregation strategies of spatial patch information within the artificial neural networks (ANNs).

Learning to Prompt for Open-Vocabulary Object Detection with Vision-Language Model

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Yu Du, Fangyun Wei, Zihe Zhang, Miaojing Shi, Yue Gao, Guoqi Li

In this paper, we introduce a novel method, detection prompt (DetPro), to learn continuous prompt representations for open-vocabulary object detection based on the pre-trained vision-language model.

Image Classification Language Modelling +5

Online Ordering Platform City Distribution Based on Genetic Algorithm

no code implementations22 Jun 2021 Yu Du

The results show that our model and algorithm can design the vehicle path superior to the original model in terms of distribution cost and delivery time, thus providing decision support for the M platform to save distribution cost in urban distribution in the future.

Zero-Shot Heterogeneous Transfer Learning from Recommender Systems to Cold-Start Search Retrieval

no code implementations7 Aug 2020 Tao Wu, Ellie Ka-In Chio, Heng-Tze Cheng, Yu Du, Steffen Rendle, Dima Kuzmin, Ritesh Agarwal, Li Zhang, John Anderson, Sarvjeet Singh, Tushar Chandra, Ed H. Chi, Wen Li, Ankit Kumar, Xiang Ma, Alex Soares, Nitin Jindal, Pei Cao

In light of these problems, we observed that most online content platforms have both a search and a recommender system that, while having heterogeneous input spaces, can be connected through their common output item space and a shared semantic representation.

Information Retrieval Recommendation Systems +2

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