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Contrast Everything: A Hierarchical Contrastive Framework for Medical Time-Series

1 code implementation21 Oct 2023 Yihe Wang, Yu Han, Haishuai Wang, Xiang Zhang

The results demonstrate that COMET consistently outperforms all baselines, particularly in setup with 10% and 1% labeled data fractions across all datasets.

Contrastive Learning EEG +3

Perimeter Control with Heterogeneous Cordon Signal Behaviors: A Semi-Model Dependent Reinforcement Learning Approach

no code implementations24 Aug 2023 Jiajie Yu, Pierre-Antoine Laharotte, Yu Han, Ludovic Leclercq

The proposed strategy integrates the MARL-based signal control method with centralized feedback PC policy and is applied to cordon signals of the PN.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

Multi-modal Learning based Prediction for Disease

no code implementations19 Jul 2023 Yaran Chen, Xueyu Chen, Yu Han, Haoran Li, Dongbin Zhao, Jingzhong Li, Xu Wang

From the dataset, we quantitatively analyze and select clinical metadata that most contribute to NAFLD prediction.

OFASys: A Multi-Modal Multi-Task Learning System for Building Generalist Models

1 code implementation8 Dec 2022 Jinze Bai, Rui Men, Hao Yang, Xuancheng Ren, Kai Dang, Yichang Zhang, Xiaohuan Zhou, Peng Wang, Sinan Tan, An Yang, Zeyu Cui, Yu Han, Shuai Bai, Wenbin Ge, Jianxin Ma, Junyang Lin, Jingren Zhou, Chang Zhou

As a starting point, we provide presets of 7 different modalities and 23 highly-diverse example tasks in OFASys, with which we also develop a first-in-kind, single model, OFA+, that can handle text, image, speech, video, and motion data.

Multi-Task Learning

The Application of Zig-Zag Sampler in Sequential Markov Chain Monte Carlo

no code implementations18 Nov 2021 Yu Han, Kazuyuki Nakamura

Particle filtering methods are widely applied in sequential state estimation within nonlinear non-Gaussian state space model.

On Channel Reciprocity in Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Wireless Network

no code implementations5 Mar 2021 Wankai Tang, Xiangyu Chen, Ming Zheng Chen, Jun Yan Dai, Yu Han, Shi Jin, Qiang Cheng, Geoffrey Ye Li, Tie Jun Cui

Channel reciprocity greatly facilitates downlink precoding in time-division duplexing (TDD) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications without the need for channel state information (CSI) feedback.

Information Theory Information Theory

A self-adaptive and robust fission clustering algorithm via heat diffusion and maximal turning angle

no code implementations7 Feb 2021 Yu Han, Shizhan Lu, Haiyan Xu

The RFC and the self-adaptive noise identification method are combine to propose a self-adaptive robust fission clustering (SARFC) algorithm.


Path Loss Modeling and Measurements for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in the Millimeter-Wave Frequency Band

no code implementations21 Jan 2021 Wankai Tang, Xiangyu Chen, Ming Zheng Chen, Jun Yan Dai, Yu Han, Marco Di Renzo, Shi Jin, Qiang Cheng, Tie Jun Cui

The refined model gives more accurate estimates of the path loss of RISs comprised of unit cells with a deep sub-wavelength size.

From Design Draft to Real Attire: Unaligned Fashion Image Translation

no code implementations3 Aug 2020 Yu Han, Shuai Yang, Wenjing Wang, Jiaying Liu

Moreover, built upon the sampling network, we present design draft to real fashion item translation network (D2RNet), where two separate translation streams that focus on texture and shape, respectively, are combined tactfully to get both benefits.


Wireless Communications with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface: Path Loss Modeling and Experimental Measurement

no code implementations13 Nov 2019 Wankai Tang, Ming Zheng Chen, Xiangyu Chen, Jun Yan Dai, Yu Han, Marco Di Renzo, Yong Zeng, Shi Jin, Qiang Cheng, Tie Jun Cui

The measurement results match well with the modeling results, thus validating the proposed free-space path loss models for RIS, which may pave the way for further theoretical studies and practical applications in this field.

Physical Layer Security Enhancement Exploiting Intelligent Reflecting Surface

no code implementations7 Nov 2019 Keming Feng, Xiao Li, Yu Han, Shi Jin, Yijian Chen

In this letter, the use of intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) to enhance the physical layer security of downlink wireless communication is investigated.

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