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Large-scale variational Gaussian state-space models

no code implementations3 Mar 2024 Matthew Dowling, Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

We introduce an amortized variational inference algorithm and structured variational approximation for state-space models with nonlinear dynamics driven by Gaussian noise.

Variational Inference

Linear Time GPs for Inferring Latent Trajectories from Neural Spike Trains

no code implementations1 Jun 2023 Matthew Dowling, Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

In this work, we propose cvHM, a general inference framework for latent GP models leveraging Hida-Mat\'ern kernels and conjugate computation variational inference (CVI).

Variational Inference

FEED PETs: Further Experimentation and Expansion on the Disambiguation of Potentially Euphemistic Terms

no code implementations31 May 2023 Patrick Lee, Iyanuoluwa Shode, Alain Chirino Trujillo, Yuan Zhao, Olumide Ebenezer Ojo, Diana Cuevas Plancarte, Anna Feldman, Jing Peng

Transformers have been shown to work well for the task of English euphemism disambiguation, in which a potentially euphemistic term (PET) is classified as euphemistic or non-euphemistic in a particular context.

Real-Time Variational Method for Learning Neural Trajectory and its Dynamics

no code implementations18 May 2023 Matthew Dowling, Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

Latent variable models have become instrumental in computational neuroscience for reasoning about neural computation.

Experimental Design

Low-frequency Image Deep Steganography: Manipulate the Frequency Distribution to Hide Secrets with Tenacious Robustness

no code implementations23 Mar 2023 Huajie Chen, Tianqing Zhu, Yuan Zhao, Bo Liu, Xin Yu, Wanlei Zhou

By avoiding high-frequency artifacts and manipulating the frequency distribution of the embedded feature map, LIDS achieves improved robustness against attacks that distort the high-frequency components of container images.

Retrieval Specificity

OA-BEV: Bringing Object Awareness to Bird's-Eye-View Representation for Multi-Camera 3D Object Detection

no code implementations13 Jan 2023 Xiaomeng Chu, Jiajun Deng, Yuan Zhao, Jianmin Ji, Yu Zhang, Houqiang Li, Yanyong Zhang

To this end, we propose OA-BEV, a network that can be plugged into the BEV-based 3D object detection framework to bring out the objects by incorporating object-aware pseudo-3D features and depth features.

3D Object Detection Object +1

COSINE: A Web Server for Clonal and Subclonal Structure Inference and Evolution in Cancer Genomics

no code implementations28 Mar 2021 Xiguo Yuan, Yuan Zhao, Yang Guo, Linmei Ge, Wei Liu, Shiyu Wen, Qi Li, Zhangbo Wan, Peina Zheng, Tao Guo, Zhida Li, Martin Peifer, Yupeng Cun

In the past decade, a variety of methods have been developed for subclonal reconstruction using bulk tumor sequencing data.

Multidimensional Information Assisted Deep Learning Realizing Flexible Recognition of Vortex Beam Modes

no code implementations18 Jan 2021 Jiale Zhao, Zijing Zhang, Yiming Li, Longzhu Cen, Yuan Zhao

Recognition of OAM modes unlimited by distance and sign of TC achieved by MIADLFR method can make optical communication and detection by OAM light much more attractive.

Optics Image and Video Processing Medical Physics

Rescuing neural spike train models from bad MLE

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2020 Diego M. Arribas, Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

The standard approach to fitting an autoregressive spike train model is to maximize the likelihood for one-step prediction.

Non-parametric generalized linear model

no code implementations2 Sep 2020 Matthew Dowling, Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

However, obtaining a satisfactory fit often requires burdensome model selection and fine tuning the form of the basis functions and their temporal span.

Model Selection

Machine Learning in Population and Public Health

no code implementations21 Jul 2020 Vishwali Mhasawade, Yuan Zhao, Rumi Chunara

Research in population and public health focuses on the mechanisms between different cultural, social, and environmental factors and their effect on the health, of not just individuals, but communities as a whole.

BIG-bench Machine Learning

Augmented Parallel-Pyramid Net for Attention Guided Pose-Estimation

no code implementations17 Mar 2020 Luanxuan Hou, Jie Cao, Yuan Zhao, Haifeng Shen, Yiping Meng, Ran He, Jieping Ye

At last, we proposed a differentiable auto data augmentation method to further improve estimation accuracy.

Data Augmentation Pose Estimation

On the Role of Dataset Quality and Heterogeneity in Model Confidence

no code implementations23 Feb 2020 Yuan Zhao, Jiasi Chen, Samet Oymak

We demonstrate that this leads to heterogenous confidence/accuracy behavior in the test data and is poorly handled by the standard calibration algorithms.

Streaming Variational Monte Carlo

1 code implementation4 Jun 2019 Yuan Zhao, Josue Nassar, Ian Jordan, Mónica Bugallo, Il Memming Park

Nonlinear state-space models are powerful tools to describe dynamical structures in complex time series.

Gaussian Processes Time Series +3

Multiple receptive fields and small-object-focusing weakly-supervised segmentation network for fast object detection

no code implementations19 Apr 2019 Siyang Sun, Yingjie Yin, Xingang Wang, De Xu, Yuan Zhao, Haifeng Shen

To address this problem, we propose a multiple receptive field and small-object-focusing weakly-supervised segmentation network (MRFSWSnet) to achieve fast object detection.

Object object-detection +3

Bi-Skip: A Motion Deblurring Network Using Self-paced Learning

no code implementations24 Feb 2019 Yiwei Zhang, Chunbiao Zhu, Ge Li, Yuan Zhao, Haifeng Shen

A fast and effective motion deblurring method has great application values in real life.


Learning Better Features for Face Detection with Feature Fusion and Segmentation Supervision

no code implementations20 Nov 2018 Wanxin Tian, Zixuan Wang, Haifeng Shen, Weihong Deng, Yiping Meng, Binghui Chen, Xiubao Zhang, Yuan Zhao, Xiehe Huang

We assume that problems inside are inadequate use of supervision information and imbalance between semantics and details at all level feature maps in CNN even with Feature Pyramid Networks (FPN).

Face Detection Segmentation +1

Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Predict ICU Mortality Risk

no code implementations27 Sep 2018 Guoqing Chao, Chengsheng Mao, Fei Wang, Yuan Zhao, Yuan Luo

We used the simulation data to verify the effectiveness of this method, and then we applied it to ICU mortality risk prediction and demonstrated its superiority over other conventional supervised NMF methods.

ICU Mortality Time Series +1

Variational online learning of neural dynamics

1 code implementation27 Jul 2017 Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

It brings the challenge of learning both latent neural state and the underlying dynamical system because neither is known for neural systems a priori.

Decision Making Experimental Design +1

Variational Latent Gaussian Process for Recovering Single-Trial Dynamics from Population Spike Trains

1 code implementation11 Apr 2016 Yuan Zhao, Il Memming Park

In the V1 dataset, we find that vLGP achieves substantially higher performance than previous methods for predicting omitted spike trains, as well as capturing both the toroidal topology of visual stimuli space, and the noise-correlation.

Point Processes

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