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Who Would be Interested in Services? An Entity Graph Learning System for User Targeting

no code implementations30 May 2023 Dan Yang, Binbin Hu, Xiaoyan Yang, Yue Shen, Zhiqiang Zhang, Jinjie Gu, Guannan Zhang

At the online stage, the system offers the ability of user targeting in real-time based on the entity graph from the offline stage.

graph construction Graph Learning

VAC2: Visual Analysis of Combined Causality in Event Sequences

no code implementations11 Jun 2022 Sujia Zhu, Yue Shen, Zihao Zhu, Wang Xia, Baofeng Chang, Ronghua Liang, Guodao Sun

To fill the absence of combined causes discovery on temporal event sequence data, eliminating and recruiting principles are defined to balance the effectiveness and controllability on cause combinations.

Causal Discovery Decision Making +2

Binary Neural Networks as a general-propose compute paradigm for on-device computer vision

no code implementations8 Feb 2022 Guhong Nie, Lirui Xiao, Menglong Zhu, Dongliang Chu, Yue Shen, Peng Li, Kang Yang, Li Du, Bo Chen

For binary neural networks (BNNs) to become the mainstream on-device computer vision algorithm, they must achieve a superior speed-vs-accuracy tradeoff than 8-bit quantization and establish a similar degree of general applicability in vision tasks.

Quantization Super-Resolution

Candidate Periodically Variable Quasars from the Dark Energy Survey and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

no code implementations27 Aug 2020 Yu-Ching Chen, Xin Liu, Wei-Ting Liao, A. Miguel Holgado, Hengxiao Guo, Robert A. Gruendl, Eric Morganson, Yue Shen, Kaiwen Zhang, Tim M. C. Abbott, Michel Aguena, Sahar Allam, Santiago Avila, Emmanuel Bertin, Sunayana Bhargava, David Brooks, David L. Burke, Aurelio Carnero Rosell, Daniela Carollo, Matias Carrasco Kind, Jorge Carretero, Matteo Costanzi, Luiz N. da Costa, Tamara M. Davis, Juan De Vicente, Shantanu Desai, H. Thomas Diehl, Peter Doel, Spencer Everett, Brenna Flaugher, Douglas Friedel, Joshua Frieman, Juan García-Bellido, Enrique Gaztanaga, Karl Glazebrook, Daniel Gruen, Gaston Gutierrez, Samuel R. Hinton, Devon L. Hollowood, David J. James, Alex G. Kim, Kyler Kuehn, Nikolay Kuropatkin, Geraint F. Lewis, Christopher Lidman, Marcos Lima, Marcio A. G. Maia, Marisa March, Jennifer L. Marshall, Felipe Menanteau, Ramon Miquel, Antonella Palmese, Francisco Paz-Chinchón, Andrés A. Plazas, Eusebio Sanchez, Michael Schubnell, Santiago Serrano, Ignacio Sevilla-Noarbe, Mathew Smith, Eric Suchyta, Molly E. C. Swanson, Gregory Tarle, Brad E. Tucker, Tamas Norbert Varga, Alistair R. Walker

We present a systematic search for periodic light curves in 625 spectroscopically confirmed quasars with a median redshift of 1. 8 in a 4. 6 deg$^2$ overlapping region of the Dark Energy Survey Supernova (DES-SN) fields and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stripe 82 (SDSS-S82).

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Astrophysics of Galaxies

Graph Representation Learning for Merchant Incentive Optimization in Mobile Payment Marketing

no code implementations27 Feb 2020 Ziqi Liu, Dong Wang, Qianyu Yu, Zhiqiang Zhang, Yue Shen, Jian Ma, Wenliang Zhong, Jinjie Gu, Jun Zhou, Shuang Yang, Yuan Qi

In this paper, we present a graph representation learning method atop of transaction networks for merchant incentive optimization in mobile payment marketing.

Graph Representation Learning Marketing

High-Order Paired-ASPP Networks for Semantic Segmenation

no code implementations18 Feb 2020 Yu Zhang, Xin Sun, Junyu Dong, Changrui Chen, Yue Shen

The network first introduces a High-Order Representation module to extract the contextual high-order information from all stages of the backbone.

Semantic Segmentation Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

Evolving Neural Networks through a Reverse Encoding Tree

1 code implementation3 Feb 2020 Haoling Zhang, Chao-Han Huck Yang, Hector Zenil, Narsis A. Kiani, Yue Shen, Jesper N. Tegner

Using RET, two types of approaches -- NEAT with Binary search encoding (Bi-NEAT) and NEAT with Golden-Section search encoding (GS-NEAT) -- have been designed to solve problems in benchmark continuous learning environments such as logic gates, Cartpole, and Lunar Lander, and tested against classical NEAT and FS-NEAT as baselines.

Deep Learning for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics: A Gateway for Discovery in the Big Data Era

no code implementations1 Feb 2019 Gabrielle Allen, Igor Andreoni, Etienne Bachelet, G. Bruce Berriman, Federica B. Bianco, Rahul Biswas, Matias Carrasco Kind, Kyle Chard, Minsik Cho, Philip S. Cowperthwaite, Zachariah B. Etienne, Daniel George, Tom Gibbs, Matthew Graham, William Gropp, Anushri Gupta, Roland Haas, E. A. Huerta, Elise Jennings, Daniel S. Katz, Asad Khan, Volodymyr Kindratenko, William T. C. Kramer, Xin Liu, Ashish Mahabal, Kenton McHenry, J. M. Miller, M. S. Neubauer, Steve Oberlin, Alexander R. Olivas Jr, Shawn Rosofsky, Milton Ruiz, Aaron Saxton, Bernard Schutz, Alex Schwing, Ed Seidel, Stuart L. Shapiro, Hongyu Shen, Yue Shen, Brigitta M. Sipőcz, Lunan Sun, John Towns, Antonios Tsokaros, Wei Wei, Jack Wells, Timothy J. Williams, JinJun Xiong, Zhizhen Zhao

We discuss key aspects to realize this endeavor, namely (i) the design and exploitation of scalable and computationally efficient AI algorithms for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics; (ii) cyberinfrastructure requirements to numerically simulate astrophysical sources, and to process and interpret Multi-Messenger Astrophysics data; (iii) management of gravitational wave detections and triggers to enable electromagnetic and astro-particle follow-ups; (iv) a vision to harness future developments of machine and deep learning and cyberinfrastructure resources to cope with the scale of discovery in the Big Data Era; (v) and the need to build a community that brings domain experts together with data scientists on equal footing to maximize and accelerate discovery in the nascent field of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics.

Astronomy Management

Towards an Understanding of Changing-Look Quasars: An Archival Spectroscopic Search in SDSS

1 code implementation11 Sep 2015 John J. Ruan, Scott F. Anderson, Sabrina L. Cales, Michael Eracleous, Paul J. Green, Eric Morganson, Jessie C. Runnoe, Yue Shen, Tessa D. Wilkinson, Michael R. Blanton, Tom Dwelly, Antonis Georgakakis, Jenny E. Greene, Stephanie M. LaMassa, Andrea Merloni, Donald P. Schneider

By leveraging the >10 year baselines for objects with repeat spectroscopy, we uncover two new changing-look quasars, and a third discovered previously.

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Astrophysics of Galaxies

Robust OS-ELM with a novel selective ensemble based on particle swarm optimization

no code implementations13 Aug 2014 Yang Liu, Bo He, Diya Dong, Yue Shen, Tianhong Yan, Rui Nian, Amaury Lendase

Second, an adaptive selective ensemble framework for online learning is designed to balance the robustness and complexity of the algorithm.

General Classification

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