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Align, Adapt and Inject: Sound-guided Unified Image Generation

no code implementations20 Jun 2023 Yue Yang, Kaipeng Zhang, Yuying Ge, Wenqi Shao, Zeyue Xue, Yu Qiao, Ping Luo

Then, we propose the audio adapter to adapt audio representation into an audio token enriched with specific semantics, which can be injected into a frozen T2I model flexibly.

Image Generation Retrieval +1

I Spy a Metaphor: Large Language Models and Diffusion Models Co-Create Visual Metaphors

1 code implementation24 May 2023 Tuhin Chakrabarty, Arkadiy Saakyan, Olivia Winn, Artemis Panagopoulou, Yue Yang, Marianna Apidianaki, Smaranda Muresan

We propose to solve the task through the collaboration between Large Language Models (LLMs) and Diffusion Models: Instruct GPT-3 (davinci-002) with Chain-of-Thought prompting generates text that represents a visual elaboration of the linguistic metaphor containing the implicit meaning and relevant objects, which is then used as input to the diffusion-based text-to-image models. Using a human-AI collaboration framework, where humans interact both with the LLM and the top-performing diffusion model, we create a high-quality dataset containing 6, 476 visual metaphors for 1, 540 linguistic metaphors and their associated visual elaborations.

Visual Entailment

Revolutionizing Agrifood Systems with Artificial Intelligence: A Survey

no code implementations3 May 2023 Tao Chen, Liang Lv, Di Wang, Jing Zhang, Yue Yang, Zeyang Zhao, Chen Wang, Xiaowei Guo, Hao Chen, Qingye Wang, Yufei Xu, Qiming Zhang, Bo Du, Liangpei Zhang, DaCheng Tao

With the world population rapidly increasing, transforming our agrifood systems to be more productive, efficient, safe, and sustainable is crucial to mitigate potential food shortages.

Cross or Wait? Predicting Pedestrian Interaction Outcomes at Unsignalized Crossings

no code implementations17 Apr 2023 Chi Zhang, Amir Hossein Kalantari, Yue Yang, Zhongjun Ni, Gustav Markkula, Natasha Merat, Christian Berger

Predicting pedestrian behavior when interacting with vehicles is one of the most critical challenges in the field of automated driving.

Model Selection regression

CornerFormer: Boosting Corner Representation for Fine-Grained Structured Reconstruction

no code implementations14 Apr 2023 Hongbo Tian, Yulong Li, Linzhi Huang, Yue Yang, Xiangang Li, Weihong Deng

Current transformer-based approaches tackle this challenging problem in a two-stage manner, which detect corners in the first model and classify the proposed edges (corner-pairs) in the second model.

Semi-Supervised 2D Human Pose Estimation Driven by Position Inconsistency Pseudo Label Correction Module

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Linzhi Huang, Yulong Li, Hongbo Tian, Yue Yang, Xiangang Li, Weihong Deng, Jieping Ye

The previous method ignored two problems: (i) When conducting interactive training between large model and lightweight model, the pseudo label of lightweight model will be used to guide large models.

2D Human Pose Estimation Pose Estimation +1

Causal Reasoning of Entities and Events in Procedural Texts

1 code implementation26 Jan 2023 Li Zhang, Hainiu Xu, Yue Yang, Shuyan Zhou, Weiqiu You, Manni Arora, Chris Callison-Burch

By injecting the causal relations between entities and events as intermediate reasoning steps in our representation, we further boost the performance to . 67 F1.

Name Your Colour For the Task: Artificially Discover Colour Naming via Colour Quantisation Transformer

1 code implementation7 Dec 2022 Shenghan Su, Lin Gu, Yue Yang, Zenghui Zhang, Tatsuya Harada

Besides, our colour quantisation method also offers an efficient quantisation method that effectively compresses the image storage while maintaining high performance in high-level recognition tasks such as classification and detection.

Safe Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Control Barrier Function

no code implementations6 Dec 2022 Yue Yang, Letian Chen, Matthew Gombolay

Learning from Demonstration (LfD) is a powerful method for enabling robots to perform novel tasks as it is often more tractable for a non-roboticist end-user to demonstrate the desired skill and for the robot to efficiently learn from the associated data than for a human to engineer a reward function for the robot to learn the skill via reinforcement learning (RL).

reinforcement-learning Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Watermarking in Secure Federated Learning: A Verification Framework Based on Client-Side Backdooring

no code implementations14 Nov 2022 Wenyuan Yang, Shuo Shao, Yue Yang, Xiyao Liu, Ximeng Liu, Zhihua Xia, Gerald Schaefer, Hui Fang

In this paper, we propose a novel client-side FL watermarking scheme to tackle the copyright protection issue in secure FL with HE.

Federated Learning

Visualizing the Obvious: A Concreteness-based Ensemble Model for Noun Property Prediction

1 code implementation24 Oct 2022 Yue Yang, Artemis Panagopoulou, Marianna Apidianaki, Mark Yatskar, Chris Callison-Burch

We propose to extract these properties from images and use them in an ensemble model, in order to complement the information that is extracted from language models.

Property Prediction

Z-LaVI: Zero-Shot Language Solver Fueled by Visual Imagination

1 code implementation21 Oct 2022 Yue Yang, Wenlin Yao, Hongming Zhang, Xiaoyang Wang, Dong Yu, Jianshu Chen

Large-scale pretrained language models have made significant advances in solving downstream language understanding tasks.

Language Modelling Retrieval +1

Show Me More Details: Discovering Hierarchies of Procedures from Semi-structured Web Data

1 code implementation ACL 2022 Shuyan Zhou, Li Zhang, Yue Yang, Qing Lyu, Pengcheng Yin, Chris Callison-Burch, Graham Neubig

To this end, we develop a simple and efficient method that links steps (e. g., "purchase a camera") in an article to other articles with similar goals (e. g., "how to choose a camera"), recursively constructing the KB.

Retrieval Video Retrieval

Induce, Edit, Retrieve:Language Grounded Multimodal Schema for Instructional Video Retrieval

no code implementations17 Nov 2021 Yue Yang, Joongwon Kim, Artemis Panagopoulou, Mark Yatskar, Chris Callison-Burch

Schemata are structured representations of complex tasks that can aid artificial intelligence by allowing models to break down complex tasks into intermediate steps.

Retrieval Video Retrieval

Foreground Object Structure Transfer for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

no code implementations14 Sep 2021 Jieren Cheng, Le Liu, Xiangyan Tang, Wenxuan Tu, Boyi Liu, Ke Zhou, Qiaobo Da, Yue Yang

In practice, since the label of the target domain is not available, we use the clustering information of the source domain to assign pseudo labels to the target domain samples, and then according to the source domain data prior knowledge guides those positive features to maximum the inter-class distance between different classes and mimimum the intra-class distance.

Clustering Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Economic prospects of the Russian-Chinese partnership in the logistics projects of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt: a scientific literature review

no code implementations7 Jul 2021 Elena Rudakova, Alla Pavlova, Oleg Antonov, Kira Kuntsevich, Yue Yang

The authors of the article have reviewed the scientific literature on the development of the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of combining economic and logistics projects of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Visual Goal-Step Inference using wikiHow

1 code implementation EMNLP 2021 Yue Yang, Artemis Panagopoulou, Qing Lyu, Li Zhang, Mark Yatskar, Chris Callison-Burch

Understanding what sequence of steps are needed to complete a goal can help artificial intelligence systems reason about human activities.


Deceptive Reinforcement Learning for Privacy-Preserving Planning

no code implementations5 Feb 2021 Zhengshang Liu, Yue Yang, Tim Miller, Peta Masters

However, in some situations, we may want to keep a reward function private; that is, to make it difficult for an observer to determine the reward function used.

Privacy Preserving reinforcement-learning +1

Discriminative Cross-Modal Data Augmentation for Medical Imaging Applications

no code implementations7 Oct 2020 Yue Yang, Pengtao Xie

While deep learning methods have shown great success in medical image analysis, they require a number of medical images to train.

Data Augmentation Image-to-Image Translation +1

Real-time and Large-scale Fleet Allocation of Autonomous Taxis: A Case Study in New York Manhattan Island

no code implementations6 Sep 2020 Yue Yang, Wencang Bao, Mohsen Ramezani, Zhe Xu

Nowadays, autonomous taxis become a highly promising transportation mode, which helps relieve traffic congestion and avoid road accidents.

Variational approximations of empirical Bayes posteriors in high-dimensional linear models

no code implementations31 Jul 2020 Yue Yang, Ryan Martin

In high-dimensions, the prior tails can have a significant effect on both posterior computation and asymptotic concentration rates.

Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

Transfer Learning or Self-supervised Learning? A Tale of Two Pretraining Paradigms

1 code implementation19 Jun 2020 Xingyi Yang, Xuehai He, Yuxiao Liang, Yue Yang, Shanghang Zhang, Pengtao Xie

There has not been a clear understanding on what properties of data and tasks render one approach outperforms the other.

Self-Supervised Learning Transfer Learning

MedDialog: Two Large-scale Medical Dialogue Datasets

1 code implementation arXiv 2020 Xuehai He, Shu Chen, Zeqian Ju, Xiangyu Dong, Hongchao Fang, Sicheng Wang, Yue Yang, Jiaqi Zeng, Ruisi Zhang, Ruoyu Zhang, Meng Zhou, Penghui Zhu, Pengtao Xie

Medical dialogue systems are promising in assisting in telemedicine to increase access to healthcare services, improve the quality of patient care, and reduce medical costs.

Vocal Bursts Valence Prediction

Sex Differences in Severity and Mortality Among Patients With COVID-19: Evidence from Pooled Literature Analysis and Insights from Integrated Bioinformatic Analysis

no code implementations30 Mar 2020 Xiyi Wei, Yu-Tian Xiao, Jian Wang, Rui Chen, Wei zhang, Yue Yang, Daojun Lv, Chao Qin, Di Gu, Bo Zhang, Weidong Chen, Jianquan Hou, Ninghong Song, Guohua Zeng, Shancheng Ren

Objective: To conduct a meta-analysis of current studies that examined sex differences in severity and mortality in patients with COVID-19, and identify potential mechanisms underpinning these differences.

How to Eliminate Detour Behaviors in E-hailing? Real-time Detecting and Time-dependent Pricing

no code implementations15 Oct 2019 Qiong Tian, Yue Yang, Jiaqi Wen, Fan Ding, Jing He

With the rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT), taxi business becomes a typical electronic commerce mode.

Line Detection

Optimal Dividend Strategy for an Insurance Group with Contagious Default Risk

no code implementations20 Sep 2019 Zhuo Jin, Huafu Liao, Yue Yang, Xiang Yu

This paper studies the optimal dividend for a multi-line insurance group, in which each subsidiary runs a product line and is exposed to some external credit risk.

Variational approximations using Fisher divergence

no code implementations13 May 2019 Yue Yang, Ryan Martin, Howard Bondell

Modern applications of Bayesian inference involve models that are sufficiently complex that the corresponding posterior distributions are intractable and must be approximated.

Bayesian Inference

A causal inference framework for cancer cluster investigations using publicly available data

1 code implementation14 Nov 2018 Rachel C. Nethery, Yue Yang, Anna J. Brown, Francesca Dominici

We overcome the second challenge by developing a Bayesian hierarchical model that borrows information from other sources to impute cancer incidence at the desired finer level of spatial aggregation.

Methodology Applications

Real-Time Optical flow-based Video Stabilization for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

no code implementations13 Jan 2017 Anli Lim, Bharath Ramesh, Yue Yang, Cheng Xiang, Zhi Gao, Feng Lin

This paper describes the development of a novel algorithm to tackle the problem of real-time video stabilization for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Video Stabilization

A semi-automatic computer-aided method for surgical template design

no code implementations4 Feb 2016 Xiaojun Chen, Lu Xu, Yue Yang, Jan Egger

Then, the offset surface of the inner surface is obtained through contouring the distance field of the inner surface, and segmented to generate the outer surface.

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