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Discovering Invariant Neighborhood Patterns for Heterophilic Graphs

no code implementations15 Mar 2024 Ruihao Zhang, Zhengyu Chen, Teng Xiao, Yueyang Wang, Kun Kuang

We propose a novel Invariant Neighborhood Pattern Learning (INPL) to alleviate the distribution shifts problem on non-homophilous graphs.

Graph Learning Graph Neural Network

Pedestrian crossing decisions can be explained by bounded optimal decision-making under noisy visual perception

no code implementations6 Feb 2024 Yueyang Wang, Aravinda Ramakrishnan Srinivasan, Jussi P. P. Jokinen, Antti Oulasvirta, Gustav Markkula

The model reproduces a larger number of known empirical phenomena than previous models, in particular: (1) the effect of the time to arrival of an approaching vehicle on whether the pedestrian accepts the gap, the effect of the vehicle's speed on both (2) gap acceptance and (3) pedestrian timing of crossing in front of yielding vehicles, and (4) the effect on this crossing timing of the stopping distance of the yielding vehicle.

Decision Making

Modeling human road crossing decisions as reward maximization with visual perception limitations

no code implementations27 Jan 2023 Yueyang Wang, Aravinda Ramakrishnan Srinivasan, Jussi P. P. Jokinen, Antti Oulasvirta, Gustav Markkula

Interestingly, our model's decisions are sensitive to not only the time gap, but also the speed of the approaching vehicle, something which has been described as a "bias" in human gap acceptance behavior.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Multivariate Time Series Classification with Hierarchical Variational Graph Pooling

no code implementations12 Oct 2020 Ziheng Duan, Haoyan Xu, Yueyang Wang, Yida Huang, Anni Ren, Zhongbin Xu, Yizhou Sun, Wei Wang

Then we combine GNNs and our proposed variational graph pooling layers for joint graph representation learning and graph coarsening, after which the graph is progressively coarsened to one node.

Decoder General Classification +6

MTHetGNN: A Heterogeneous Graph Embedding Framework for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting

no code implementations19 Aug 2020 Yueyang Wang, Ziheng Duan, Yida Huang, Haoyan Xu, Jie Feng, Anni Ren

To characterize complex relations among variables, a relation embedding module is designed in MTHetGNN, where each variable is regarded as a graph node, and each type of edge represents a specific static or dynamic relationship.

Decision Making Graph Embedding +2

Parallel Extraction of Long-term Trends and Short-term Fluctuation Framework for Multivariate Time Series Forecasting

no code implementations18 Aug 2020 Yifu Zhou, Ziheng Duan, Haoyan Xu, Jie Feng, Anni Ren, Yueyang Wang, Xiaoqian Wang

In this paper, a MTS forecasting framework that can capture the long-term trends and short-term fluctuations of time series in parallel is proposed.

Decision Making Multi-Task Learning +2

CoSimGNN: Towards Large-scale Graph Similarity Computation

no code implementations14 May 2020 Haoyan Xu, Runjian Chen, Yueyang Wang, Ziheng Duan, Jie Feng

In this paper, we focus on similarity computation for large-scale graphs and propose the "embedding-coarsening-matching" framework CoSimGNN, which first embeds and coarsens large graphs with adaptive pooling operation and then deploys fine-grained interactions on the coarsened graphs for final similarity scores.

3D Action Recognition Graph Similarity

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