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SoccerNet 2023 Challenges Results

1 code implementation12 Sep 2023 Anthony Cioppa, Silvio Giancola, Vladimir Somers, Floriane Magera, Xin Zhou, Hassan Mkhallati, Adrien Deliège, Jan Held, Carlos Hinojosa, Amir M. Mansourian, Pierre Miralles, Olivier Barnich, Christophe De Vleeschouwer, Alexandre Alahi, Bernard Ghanem, Marc Van Droogenbroeck, Abdullah Kamal, Adrien Maglo, Albert Clapés, Amr Abdelaziz, Artur Xarles, Astrid Orcesi, Atom Scott, Bin Liu, Byoungkwon Lim, Chen Chen, Fabian Deuser, Feng Yan, Fufu Yu, Gal Shitrit, Guanshuo Wang, Gyusik Choi, Hankyul Kim, Hao Guo, Hasby Fahrudin, Hidenari Koguchi, Håkan Ardö, Ibrahim Salah, Ido Yerushalmy, Iftikar Muhammad, Ikuma Uchida, Ishay Be'ery, Jaonary Rabarisoa, Jeongae Lee, Jiajun Fu, Jianqin Yin, Jinghang Xu, Jongho Nang, Julien Denize, Junjie Li, Junpei Zhang, Juntae Kim, Kamil Synowiec, Kenji Kobayashi, Kexin Zhang, Konrad Habel, Kota Nakajima, Licheng Jiao, Lin Ma, Lizhi Wang, Luping Wang, Menglong Li, Mengying Zhou, Mohamed Nasr, Mohamed Abdelwahed, Mykola Liashuha, Nikolay Falaleev, Norbert Oswald, Qiong Jia, Quoc-Cuong Pham, Ran Song, Romain Hérault, Rui Peng, Ruilong Chen, Ruixuan Liu, Ruslan Baikulov, Ryuto Fukushima, Sergio Escalera, Seungcheon Lee, Shimin Chen, Shouhong Ding, Taiga Someya, Thomas B. Moeslund, Tianjiao Li, Wei Shen, Wei zhang, Wei Li, Wei Dai, Weixin Luo, Wending Zhao, Wenjie Zhang, Xinquan Yang, Yanbiao Ma, Yeeun Joo, Yingsen Zeng, Yiyang Gan, Yongqiang Zhu, Yujie Zhong, Zheng Ruan, Zhiheng Li, Zhijian Huang, Ziyu Meng

More information on the tasks, challenges, and leaderboards are available on https://www. soccer-net. org.

Action Spotting Camera Calibration +3

MotionTrack: Learning Motion Predictor for Multiple Object Tracking

no code implementations5 Jun 2023 Changcheng Xiao, Qiong Cao, Yujie Zhong, Long Lan, Xiang Zhang, Huayue Cai, Zhigang Luo, DaCheng Tao

Despite these developments, the task of accurately tracking objects in scenarios with homogeneous appearance and heterogeneous motion remains challenging due to the insufficient discriminability of ReID features and the predominant use of linear motion models in MOT.

Ranked #8 on Multi-Object Tracking on DanceTrack (using extra training data)

motion prediction Multi-Object Tracking +1

Intelligent Grimm -- Open-ended Visual Storytelling via Latent Diffusion Models

1 code implementation1 Jun 2023 Chang Liu, HaoNing Wu, Yujie Zhong, Xiaoyun Zhang, Weidi Xie

Generative models have recently exhibited exceptional capabilities in various scenarios, for example, image generation based on text description.

Image Generation Style Transfer +1

Bridging the Gap Between End-to-end and Non-End-to-end Multi-Object Tracking

2 code implementations22 May 2023 Feng Yan, Weixin Luo, Yujie Zhong, Yiyang Gan, Lin Ma

Existing end-to-end Multi-Object Tracking (e2e-MOT) methods have not surpassed non-end-to-end tracking-by-detection methods.

Multi-Object Tracking Video Object Tracking

Open-Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation with Decoupled One-Pass Network

1 code implementation3 Apr 2023 Cong Han, Yujie Zhong, Dengjie Li, Kai Han, Lin Ma

Recently, the open-vocabulary semantic segmentation problem has attracted increasing attention and the best performing methods are based on two-stream networks: one stream for proposal mask generation and the other for segment classification using a pretrained visual-language model.

Classification Language Modelling +3

Adaptive Sparse Pairwise Loss for Object Re-Identification

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Xiao Zhou, Yujie Zhong, Zhen Cheng, Fan Liang, Lin Ma

To address this problem, we propose a novel loss paradigm termed Sparse Pairwise (SP) loss that only leverages few appropriate pairs for each class in a mini-batch, and empirically demonstrate that it is sufficient for the ReID tasks.

DiP: Learning Discriminative Implicit Parts for Person Re-Identification

1 code implementation24 Dec 2022 Dengjie Li, Siyu Chen, Yujie Zhong, Lin Ma

In person re-identification (ReID) tasks, many works explore the learning of part features to improve the performance over global image features.

Person Re-Identification

AeDet: Azimuth-invariant Multi-view 3D Object Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2023 Chengjian Feng, Zequn Jie, Yujie Zhong, Xiangxiang Chu, Lin Ma

However, the typical convolution ignores the radial symmetry of the BEV features and increases the difficulty of the detector optimization.

3D Object Detection Depth Estimation +2

Contrastive Video-Language Learning with Fine-grained Frame Sampling

no code implementations10 Oct 2022 Zixu Wang, Yujie Zhong, Yishu Miao, Lin Ma, Lucia Specia

However, even in paired video-text segments, only a subset of the frames are semantically relevant to the corresponding text, with the remainder representing noise; where the ratio of noisy frames is higher for longer videos.

Question Answering Representation Learning +3

SoccerNet 2022 Challenges Results

7 code implementations5 Oct 2022 Silvio Giancola, Anthony Cioppa, Adrien Deliège, Floriane Magera, Vladimir Somers, Le Kang, Xin Zhou, Olivier Barnich, Christophe De Vleeschouwer, Alexandre Alahi, Bernard Ghanem, Marc Van Droogenbroeck, Abdulrahman Darwish, Adrien Maglo, Albert Clapés, Andreas Luyts, Andrei Boiarov, Artur Xarles, Astrid Orcesi, Avijit Shah, Baoyu Fan, Bharath Comandur, Chen Chen, Chen Zhang, Chen Zhao, Chengzhi Lin, Cheuk-Yiu Chan, Chun Chuen Hui, Dengjie Li, Fan Yang, Fan Liang, Fang Da, Feng Yan, Fufu Yu, Guanshuo Wang, H. Anthony Chan, He Zhu, Hongwei Kan, Jiaming Chu, Jianming Hu, Jianyang Gu, Jin Chen, João V. B. Soares, Jonas Theiner, Jorge De Corte, José Henrique Brito, Jun Zhang, Junjie Li, Junwei Liang, Leqi Shen, Lin Ma, Lingchi Chen, Miguel Santos Marques, Mike Azatov, Nikita Kasatkin, Ning Wang, Qiong Jia, Quoc Cuong Pham, Ralph Ewerth, Ran Song, RenGang Li, Rikke Gade, Ruben Debien, Runze Zhang, Sangrok Lee, Sergio Escalera, Shan Jiang, Shigeyuki Odashima, Shimin Chen, Shoichi Masui, Shouhong Ding, Sin-wai Chan, Siyu Chen, Tallal El-Shabrawy, Tao He, Thomas B. Moeslund, Wan-Chi Siu, Wei zhang, Wei Li, Xiangwei Wang, Xiao Tan, Xiaochuan Li, Xiaolin Wei, Xiaoqing Ye, Xing Liu, Xinying Wang, Yandong Guo, YaQian Zhao, Yi Yu, YingYing Li, Yue He, Yujie Zhong, Zhenhua Guo, Zhiheng Li

The SoccerNet 2022 challenges were the second annual video understanding challenges organized by the SoccerNet team.

Action Spotting Camera Calibration +3

CounTR: Transformer-based Generalised Visual Counting

1 code implementation29 Aug 2022 Chang Liu, Yujie Zhong, Andrew Zisserman, Weidi Xie

In this paper, we consider the problem of generalised visual object counting, with the goal of developing a computational model for counting the number of objects from arbitrary semantic categories, using arbitrary number of "exemplars", i. e. zero-shot or few-shot counting.

Object Counting Self-Supervised Learning

Cross-Architecture Self-supervised Video Representation Learning

1 code implementation CVPR 2022 Sheng Guo, Zihua Xiong, Yujie Zhong, LiMin Wang, Xiaobo Guo, Bing Han, Weilin Huang

In this paper, we present a new cross-architecture contrastive learning (CACL) framework for self-supervised video representation learning.

Action Recognition Contrastive Learning +4

DearKD: Data-Efficient Early Knowledge Distillation for Vision Transformers

no code implementations CVPR 2022 Xianing Chen, Qiong Cao, Yujie Zhong, Jing Zhang, Shenghua Gao, DaCheng Tao

Our DearKD is a two-stage framework that first distills the inductive biases from the early intermediate layers of a CNN and then gives the transformer full play by training without distillation.

Knowledge Distillation

PromptDet: Towards Open-vocabulary Detection using Uncurated Images

2 code implementations30 Mar 2022 Chengjian Feng, Yujie Zhong, Zequn Jie, Xiangxiang Chu, Haibing Ren, Xiaolin Wei, Weidi Xie, Lin Ma

The goal of this work is to establish a scalable pipeline for expanding an object detector towards novel/unseen categories, using zero manual annotations.

Language Modelling

InsCLR: Improving Instance Retrieval with Self-Supervision

1 code implementation2 Dec 2021 Zelu Deng, Yujie Zhong, Sheng Guo, Weilin Huang

This work aims at improving instance retrieval with self-supervision.


Exploring Classification Equilibrium in Long-Tailed Object Detection

1 code implementation ICCV 2021 Chengjian Feng, Yujie Zhong, Weilin Huang

Specifically, EBL increases the intensity of the adjustment of the decision boundary for the weak classes by a designed score-guided loss margin between any two classes.

Classification imbalanced classification +4

TOOD: Task-aligned One-stage Object Detection

5 code implementations ICCV 2021 Chengjian Feng, Yujie Zhong, Yu Gao, Matthew R. Scott, Weilin Huang

One-stage object detection is commonly implemented by optimizing two sub-tasks: object classification and localization, using heads with two parallel branches, which might lead to a certain level of spatial misalignment in predictions between the two tasks.

object-detection Object Detection

Mutually-aware Sub-Graphs Differentiable Architecture Search

no code implementations9 Jul 2021 Haoxian Tan, Sheng Guo, Yujie Zhong, Matthew R. Scott, Weilin Huang

In this paper, we propose a conceptually simple yet efficient method to bridge these two paradigms, referred as Mutually-aware Sub-Graphs Differentiable Architecture Search (MSG-DAS).

Unchain the Search Space with Hierarchical Differentiable Architecture Search

1 code implementation11 Jan 2021 Guanting Liu, Yujie Zhong, Sheng Guo, Matthew R. Scott, Weilin Huang

To overcome this limitation, in this paper, we propose a Hierarchical Differentiable Architecture Search (H-DAS) that performs architecture search both at the cell level and at the stage level.

Watch and Learn: Mapping Language and Noisy Real-world Videos with Self-supervision

1 code implementation19 Nov 2020 Yujie Zhong, Linhai Xie, Sen Wang, Lucia Specia, Yishu Miao

In this paper, we teach machines to understand visuals and natural language by learning the mapping between sentences and noisy video snippets without explicit annotations.

Retrieval Self-Supervised Learning

Compact Deep Aggregation for Set Retrieval

no code implementations26 Mar 2020 Yujie Zhong, Relja Arandjelović, Andrew Zisserman

The objective of this work is to learn a compact embedding of a set of descriptors that is suitable for efficient retrieval and ranking, whilst maintaining discriminability of the individual descriptors.


GhostVLAD for set-based face recognition

2 code implementations23 Oct 2018 Yujie Zhong, Relja Arandjelović, Andrew Zisserman

The objective of this paper is to learn a compact representation of image sets for template-based face recognition.

Face Recognition Face Verification

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