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A Recycling Training Strategy for Medical Image Segmentation with Diffusion Denoising Models

1 code implementation30 Aug 2023 Yunguan Fu, Yiwen Li, Shaheer U Saeed, Matthew J Clarkson, Yipeng Hu

This approach can be interpreted as aligning the training strategy with inference by eliminating the dependence on ground truth masks for generating noisy samples.

Denoising Image Segmentation +2

Spatial Correspondence between Graph Neural Network-Segmented Images

no code implementations12 Mar 2023 Qian Li, Yunguan Fu, Qianye Yang, Zhijiang Du, Hongjian Yu, Yipeng Hu

Graph neural networks (GNNs) have been proposed for medical image segmentation, by predicting anatomical structures represented by graphs of vertices and edges.

Image Segmentation Medical Image Segmentation +1

Importance of Aligning Training Strategy with Evaluation for Diffusion Models in 3D Multiclass Segmentation

1 code implementation10 Mar 2023 Yunguan Fu, Yiwen Li, Shaheer U. Saeed, Matthew J. Clarkson, Yipeng Hu

Recently, denoising diffusion probabilistic models (DDPM) have been applied to image segmentation by generating segmentation masks conditioned on images, while the applications were mainly limited to 2D networks without exploiting potential benefits from the 3D formulation.

Denoising Image Segmentation +1

Prototypical few-shot segmentation for cross-institution male pelvic structures with spatial registration

1 code implementation12 Sep 2022 Yiwen Li, Yunguan Fu, Iani Gayo, Qianye Yang, Zhe Min, Shaheer Saeed, Wen Yan, Yipei Wang, J. Alison Noble, Mark Emberton, Matthew J. Clarkson, Henkjan Huisman, Dean Barratt, Victor Adrian Prisacariu, Yipeng Hu

The prowess that makes few-shot learning desirable in medical image analysis is the efficient use of the support image data, which are labelled to classify or segment new classes, a task that otherwise requires substantially more training images and expert annotations.

Few-Shot Learning

Cross-Modality Image Registration using a Training-Time Privileged Third Modality

1 code implementation26 Jul 2022 Qianye Yang, David Atkinson, Yunguan Fu, Tom Syer, Wen Yan, Shonit Punwani, Matthew J. Clarkson, Dean C. Barratt, Tom Vercauteren, Yipeng Hu

In this work, we consider the task of pairwise cross-modality image registration, which may benefit from exploiting additional images available only at training time from an additional modality that is different to those being registered.

Image Registration

Image quality assessment by overlapping task-specific and task-agnostic measures: application to prostate multiparametric MR images for cancer segmentation

1 code implementation20 Feb 2022 Shaheer U. Saeed, Wen Yan, Yunguan Fu, Francesco Giganti, Qianye Yang, Zachary M. C. Baum, Mirabela Rusu, Richard E. Fan, Geoffrey A. Sonn, Mark Emberton, Dean C. Barratt, Yipeng Hu

This allows for the trained IQA controller to measure the impact an image has on the target task performance, when this task is performed using the predictor, e. g. segmentation and classification neural networks in modern clinical applications.

Image Quality Assessment

Few-shot image segmentation for cross-institution male pelvic organs using registration-assisted prototypical learning

no code implementations17 Jan 2022 Yiwen Li, Yunguan Fu, Qianye Yang, Zhe Min, Wen Yan, Henkjan Huisman, Dean Barratt, Victor Adrian Prisacariu, Yipeng Hu

The ability to adapt medical image segmentation networks for a novel class such as an unseen anatomical or pathological structure, when only a few labelled examples of this class are available from local healthcare providers, is sought-after.

Anatomy Image Segmentation +2

Few-shot Semantic Segmentation with Self-supervision from Pseudo-classes

1 code implementation22 Oct 2021 Yiwen Li, Gratianus Wesley Putra Data, Yunguan Fu, Yipeng Hu, Victor Adrian Prisacariu

Despite the success of deep learning methods for semantic segmentation, few-shot semantic segmentation remains a challenging task due to the limited training data and the generalisation requirement for unseen classes.

Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Adaptable image quality assessment using meta-reinforcement learning of task amenability

1 code implementation31 Jul 2021 Shaheer U. Saeed, Yunguan Fu, Vasilis Stavrinides, Zachary M. C. Baum, Qianye Yang, Mirabela Rusu, Richard E. Fan, Geoffrey A. Sonn, J. Alison Noble, Dean C. Barratt, Yipeng Hu

Using 6644 clinical ultrasound images from 249 prostate cancer patients, our results for image classification and segmentation tasks show that the proposed IQA method can be adapted using data with as few as respective 19. 7% and 29. 6% expert-reviewed consensus labels and still achieve comparable IQA and task performance, which would otherwise require a training dataset with 100% expert labels.

Image Classification Image Quality Assessment +4

Learning image quality assessment by reinforcing task amenable data selection

no code implementations15 Feb 2021 Shaheer U. Saeed, Yunguan Fu, Zachary M. C. Baum, Qianye Yang, Mirabela Rusu, Richard E. Fan, Geoffrey A. Sonn, Dean C. Barratt, Yipeng Hu

In this paper, we consider a type of image quality assessment as a task-specific measurement, which can be used to select images that are more amenable to a given target task, such as image classification or segmentation.

Image Classification Image Quality Assessment

Longitudinal Image Registration with Temporal-order and Subject-specificity Discrimination

no code implementations29 Aug 2020 Qianye Yang, Yunguan Fu, Francesco Giganti, Nooshin Ghavami, Qingchao Chen, J. Alison Noble, Tom Vercauteren, Dean Barratt, Yipeng Hu

Morphological analysis of longitudinal MR images plays a key role in monitoring disease progression for prostate cancer patients, who are placed under an active surveillance program.

Image Registration Morphological Analysis +1

More unlabelled data or label more data? A study on semi-supervised laparoscopic image segmentation

no code implementations20 Aug 2019 Yunguan Fu, Maria R. Robu, Bongjin Koo, Crispin Schneider, Stijn van Laarhoven, Danail Stoyanov, Brian Davidson, Matthew J. Clarkson, Yipeng Hu

Improving a semi-supervised image segmentation task has the option of adding more unlabelled images, labelling the unlabelled images or combining both, as neither image acquisition nor expert labelling can be considered trivial in most clinical applications.

Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Ranked Reward: Enabling Self-Play Reinforcement Learning for Combinatorial Optimization

2 code implementations4 Jul 2018 Alexandre Laterre, Yunguan Fu, Mohamed Khalil Jabri, Alain-Sam Cohen, David Kas, Karl Hajjar, Torbjorn S. Dahl, Amine Kerkeni, Karim Beguir

Results from applying the R2 algorithm to instances of a two-dimensional and three-dimensional bin packing problems show that it outperforms generic Monte Carlo tree search, heuristic algorithms and integer programming solvers.

Combinatorial Optimization reinforcement-learning +1

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