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Attract me to Buy: Advertisement Copywriting Generation with Multimodal Multi-structured Information

no code implementations7 May 2022 Zhipeng Zhang, Xinglin Hou, Kai Niu, Zhongzhen Huang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Qi Wu, Peng Wang

Therefore, we present a dataset, E-MMAD (e-commercial multimodal multi-structured advertisement copywriting), which requires, and supports much more detailed information in text generation.

Text Generation Video Captioning

Dual-Level Decoupled Transformer for Video Captioning

no code implementations6 May 2022 Yiqi Gao, Xinglin Hou, Wei Suo, Mengyang Sun, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Peng Wang

As for the latter, \textbf{\textit{"couple"}} means treating the generation of visual semantic and syntax-related words equally.

Video Captioning

Composition-aware Graphic Layout GAN for Visual-textual Presentation Designs

no code implementations30 Apr 2022 Min Zhou, Chenchen Xu, Ye Ma, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Weiwei Xu

Through both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, we demonstrate that the proposed model can synthesize high-quality graphic layouts according to image compositions.

CapOnImage: Context-driven Dense-Captioning on Image

no code implementations27 Apr 2022 Yiqi Gao, Xinglin Hou, Yuanmeng Zhang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Peng Wang

Existing image captioning systems are dedicated to generating narrative captions for images, which are spatially detached from the image in presentation.

Image Captioning

Self-Supervised Text Erasing with Controllable Image Synthesis

no code implementations27 Apr 2022 Gangwei Jiang, Shiyao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Ying WEI, Defu Lian

The synthetic training images with erasure ground-truth are then fed to train a coarse-to-fine erasing network.

Image Generation

Estimation of Reliable Proposal Quality for Temporal Action Detection

no code implementations25 Apr 2022 Junshan Hu, Chaoxu Guo, Liansheng Zhuang, Biao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Houqiang Li

For the region perspective, we introduce Region Evaluate Module (REM) which uses a new and efficient sampling method for proposal feature representation containing more contextual information compared with point feature to refine category score and proposal boundary.

Action Detection

Structure-Aware Motion Transfer with Deformable Anchor Model

1 code implementation11 Apr 2022 Jiale Tao, Biao Wang, Borun Xu, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Wen Li, Lixin Duan

Specifically, inspired by the known deformable part model (DPM), our DAM introduces two types of anchors or keypoints: i) a number of motion anchors that capture both appearance and motion information from the source image and driving video; ii) a latent root anchor, which is linked to the motion anchors to facilitate better learning of the representations of the object structure information.

Learning Pixel-Level Distinctions for Video Highlight Detection

no code implementations10 Apr 2022 Fanyue Wei, Biao Wang, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Wen Li, Lixin Duan

To this end, we propose to learn pixel-level distinctions to improve the video highlight detection.

Frame Highlight Detection

Rapid Scalable Distributed Power Flow with Open-Source Implementation

no code implementations30 Mar 2022 Xinliang Dai, Yichen Cai, Yuning Jiang, Veit Hagenmeyer

This new variant is characterized by using a reduced modelling method of the distributed AC PF problem, which is reformulated as a zero-residual least-squares problem with consensus constraints.

Over-the-Air Federated Learning via Second-Order Optimization

1 code implementation29 Mar 2022 Peng Yang, Yuning Jiang, Ting Wang, Yong Zhou, Yuanming Shi, Colin N. Jones

To address this issue, in this paper, we instead propose a novel over-the-air second-order federated optimization algorithm to simultaneously reduce the communication rounds and enable low-latency global model aggregation.

Federated Learning

Communication-Efficient Stochastic Zeroth-Order Optimization for Federated Learning

no code implementations24 Jan 2022 Wenzhi Fang, Ziyi Yu, Yuning Jiang, Yuanming Shi, Colin N. Jones, Yong Zhou

Under the non-convex setting, we derive the convergence performance of the FedZO algorithm and characterize the impact of the numbers of local iterates and participating edge devices on the convergence.

Federated Learning Second-order methods

Move As You Like: Image Animation in E-Commerce Scenario

no code implementations19 Dec 2021 Borun Xu, Biao Wang, Jiale Tao, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Wen Li, Lixin Duan

Creative image animations are attractive in e-commerce applications, where motion transfer is one of the import ways to generate animations from static images.

Image Animation

Robust Resource-Aware Self-triggered Model Predictive Control

no code implementations1 Dec 2021 Yingzhao Lian, Yuning Jiang, Naomi Stricker, Lothar Thiele, Colin N. Jones

The wide adoption of wireless devices in the Internet of Things requires controllers that are able to operate with limited resources, such as battery life.

Boosting Image Outpainting with Semantic Layout Prediction

no code implementations18 Oct 2021 Ye Ma, Jin Ma, Min Zhou, Quan Chen, Tiezheng Ge, Yuning Jiang, Tong Lin

Secondly, another GAN model is trained to synthesize real images based on the extended semantic layouts.

Image Outpainting Semantic Segmentation

We Know What You Want: An Advertising Strategy Recommender System for Online Advertising

no code implementations25 May 2021 Liyi Guo, Junqi Jin, Haoqi Zhang, Zhenzhe Zheng, Zhiye Yang, Zhizhuang Xing, Fei Pan, Lvyin Niu, Fan Wu, Haiyang Xu, Chuan Yu, Yuning Jiang, Xiaoqiang Zhu

To achieve this goal, the advertising platform needs to identify the advertiser's optimization objectives, and then recommend the corresponding strategies to fulfill the objectives.

Recommendation Systems

Over-the-Air Computation via Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface

no code implementations11 May 2021 Wenzhi Fang, Yuning Jiang, Yuanming Shi, Yong Zhou, Wei Chen, Khaled B. Letaief

Over-the-air computation (AirComp) is a disruptive technique for fast wireless data aggregation in Internet of Things (IoT) networks via exploiting the waveform superposition property of multiple-access channels.

Robust Uncertainty Bounds in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces: A Convex Optimization Approach

no code implementations19 Apr 2021 Paul Scharnhorst, Emilio T. Maddalena, Yuning Jiang, Colin N. Jones

Let a labeled dataset be given with scattered samples and consider the hypothesis of the ground-truth belonging to the reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) of a known positive-definite kernel.

Learning the Best Pooling Strategy for Visual Semantic Embedding

no code implementations CVPR 2021 Jiacheng Chen, Hexiang Hu, Hao Wu, Yuning Jiang, Changhu Wang

Visual Semantic Embedding (VSE) is a dominant approach for vision-language retrieval, which aims at learning a deep embedding space such that visual data are embedded close to their semantic text labels or descriptions.

Video-Text Retrieval

Distributed Optimization for Massive Connectivity

no code implementations10 Jun 2020 Yuning Jiang, Junyan Su, Yuanming Shi, Boris Houska

Massive device connectivity in Internet of Thing (IoT) networks with sporadic traffic poses significant communication challenges.

Action Detection Activity Detection +1

ALADIN-$α$ -- An open-source MATLAB toolbox for distributed non-convex optimization

no code implementations2 Jun 2020 Alexander Engelmann, Yuning Jiang, Henrieke Benner, Ruchuan Ou, Boris Houska, Timm Faulwasser

This paper introduces an open-source software for distributed and decentralized non-convex optimization named ALADIN-$\alpha$.

Distributed Optimization

Controllable Person Image Synthesis with Attribute-Decomposed GAN

2 code implementations CVPR 2020 Yifang Men, Yiming Mao, Yuning Jiang, Wei-Ying Ma, Zhouhui Lian

This paper introduces the Attribute-Decomposed GAN, a novel generative model for controllable person image synthesis, which can produce realistic person images with desired human attributes (e. g., pose, head, upper clothes and pants) provided in various source inputs.

Continuous Control Pose Transfer

DeepDualMapper: A Gated Fusion Network for Automatic Map Extraction using Aerial Images and Trajectories

no code implementations17 Feb 2020 Hao Wu, Hanyuan Zhang, Xin-Yu Zhang, Weiwei Sun, Baihua Zheng, Yuning Jiang

We propose a deep convolutional neural network called DeepDualMapper which fuses the aerial image and trajectory data in a more seamless manner to extract the digital map.

FoveaBox: Beyound Anchor-based Object Detection

no code implementations ICLR 2020 Tao Kong, Fuchun Sun, Huaping Liu, Yuning Jiang, Lei LI, Jianbo Shi

While almost all state-of-the-art object detectors utilize predefined anchors to enumerate possible locations, scales and aspect ratios for the search of the objects, their performance and generalization ability are also limited to the design of anchors.

Object Detection

Task-Aware Monocular Depth Estimation for 3D Object Detection

1 code implementation17 Sep 2019 Xinlong Wang, Wei Yin, Tao Kong, Yuning Jiang, Lei LI, Chunhua Shen

In this paper, we first analyse the data distributions and interaction of foreground and background, then propose the foreground-background separated monocular depth estimation (ForeSeE) method, to estimate the foreground depth and background depth using separate optimization objectives and depth decoders.

3D Object Detection 3D Object Recognition +1

Effective Domain Knowledge Transfer with Soft Fine-tuning

no code implementations5 Sep 2019 Zhichen Zhao, Bo-Wen Zhang, Yuning Jiang, Li Xu, Lei LI, Wei-Ying Ma

However, the datasets from source domain are simply discarded in the fine-tuning process.

Transfer Learning

FoveaBox: Beyond Anchor-based Object Detector

6 code implementations8 Apr 2019 Tao Kong, Fuchun Sun, Huaping Liu, Yuning Jiang, Lei LI, Jianbo Shi

In FoveaBox, an instance is assigned to adjacent feature levels to make the model more accurate. We demonstrate its effectiveness on standard benchmarks and report extensive experimental analysis.

Ranked #93 on Object Detection on COCO test-dev (APM metric)

Object Detection

Acquisition of Localization Confidence for Accurate Object Detection

4 code implementations ECCV 2018 Borui Jiang, Ruixuan Luo, Jiayuan Mao, Tete Xiao, Yuning Jiang

The network acquires this confidence of localization, which improves the NMS procedure by preserving accurately localized bounding boxes.

General Classification Object Detection

Unified Perceptual Parsing for Scene Understanding

19 code implementations ECCV 2018 Tete Xiao, Yingcheng Liu, Bolei Zhou, Yuning Jiang, Jian Sun

In this paper, we study a new task called Unified Perceptual Parsing, which requires the machine vision systems to recognize as many visual concepts as possible from a given image.

Scene Understanding Semantic Segmentation

Learning Visually-Grounded Semantics from Contrastive Adversarial Samples

1 code implementation COLING 2018 Haoyue Shi, Jiayuan Mao, Tete Xiao, Yuning Jiang, Jian Sun

Begin with an insightful adversarial attack on VSE embeddings, we show the limitation of current frameworks and image-text datasets (e. g., MS-COCO) both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Adversarial Attack Image Captioning

Repulsion Loss: Detecting Pedestrians in a Crowd

2 code implementations CVPR 2018 Xinlong Wang, Tete Xiao, Yuning Jiang, Shuai Shao, Jian Sun, Chunhua Shen

In this paper, we first explore how a state-of-the-art pedestrian detector is harmed by crowd occlusion via experimentation, providing insights into the crowd occlusion problem.

Ranked #7 on Pedestrian Detection on Caltech (using extra training data)

Pedestrian Detection

MegDet: A Large Mini-Batch Object Detector

6 code implementations CVPR 2018 Chao Peng, Tete Xiao, Zeming Li, Yuning Jiang, Xiangyu Zhang, Kai Jia, Gang Yu, Jian Sun

The improvements in recent CNN-based object detection works, from R-CNN [11], Fast/Faster R-CNN [10, 31] to recent Mask R-CNN [14] and RetinaNet [24], mainly come from new network, new framework, or novel loss design.

14 Object Detection

What Can Help Pedestrian Detection?

no code implementations CVPR 2017 Jiayuan Mao, Tete Xiao, Yuning Jiang, Zhimin Cao

Aggregating extra features has been considered as an effective approach to boost traditional pedestrian detection methods.

Pedestrian Detection

UnitBox: An Advanced Object Detection Network

no code implementations4 Aug 2016 Jiahui Yu, Yuning Jiang, Zhangyang Wang, Zhimin Cao, Thomas Huang

In present object detection systems, the deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are utilized to predict bounding boxes of object candidates, and have gained performance advantages over the traditional region proposal methods.

Face Detection Object Detection +1

Learning Deep Face Representation

no code implementations12 Mar 2014 Haoqiang Fan, Zhimin Cao, Yuning Jiang, Qi Yin, Chinchilla Doudou

Our basic network is capable of achieving high recognition accuracy ($85. 8\%$ on LFW benchmark) with only 8 dimension representation.

Face Recognition

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