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Resource-Optimized Fermionic Local-Hamiltonian Simulation on Quantum Computer for Quantum Chemistry

no code implementations8 Apr 2020 Qingfeng Wang, Ming Li, Christopher Monroe, Yunseong Nam

This framework, based on perturbation theory, is capable of improving the energy estimate at each cycle of the VQE progression, by about a factor of three closer to the known ground-state energy compared to the standard VQE approach in the test-bed, classically-accessible system of the water molecule.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

Efficient Arbitrary Simultaneously Entangling Gates on a trapped-ion quantum computer

no code implementations22 May 2019 Nikodem Grzesiak, Reinhold Blümel, Kristin Beck, Kenneth Wright, Vandiver Chaplin, Jason M. Amini, Neal C. Pisenti, Shantanu Debnath, Jwo-Sy Chen, Yunseong Nam

Here, we devise an exact protocol that simultaneously entangles arbitrary pairs of qubits on a trapped-ion quantum computer.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

Low cost quantum circuits for classically intractable instances of the Hamiltonian dynamics simulation problem

1 code implementation12 May 2018 Yunseong Nam, Dmitri Maslov

The choice for Hamiltonian dynamics simulation is due to the combination of its usefulness in the study of equilibrium in closed quantum mechanical systems, a low cost in the implementation by quantum algorithms, and the difficulty of classical simulation.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

Approximate Quantum Fourier Transform with $O(n \log(n))$ T gates

1 code implementation13 Mar 2018 Yunseong Nam, Yuan Su, Dmitri Maslov

The ability to implement the Quantum Fourier Transform (QFT) efficiently on a quantum computer enables the advantages offered by a variety of fundamental quantum algorithms, such as those for integer factoring, computing discrete logarithm over Abelian groups, and phase estimation.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

A generative modeling approach for benchmarking and training shallow quantum circuits

1 code implementation23 Jan 2018 Marcello Benedetti, Delfina Garcia-Pintos, Oscar Perdomo, Vicente Leyton-Ortega, Yunseong Nam, Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz

Hybrid quantum-classical algorithms provide ways to use noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers for practical applications.

Quantum Physics

Toward the first quantum simulation with quantum speedup

1 code implementation29 Nov 2017 Andrew M. Childs, Dmitri Maslov, Yunseong Nam, Neil J. Ross, Yuan Su

With quantum computers of significant size now on the horizon, we should understand how to best exploit their initially limited abilities.

Quantum Physics

Automated optimization of large quantum circuits with continuous parameters

4 code implementations19 Oct 2017 Yunseong Nam, Neil J. Ross, Yuan Su, Andrew M. Childs, Dmitri Maslov

We develop and implement automated methods for optimizing quantum circuits of the size and type expected in quantum computations that outperform classical computers.

Quantum Physics Emerging Technologies

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