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Foundation Models for Time Series Analysis: A Tutorial and Survey

no code implementations21 Mar 2024 Yuxuan Liang, Haomin Wen, Yuqi Nie, Yushan Jiang, Ming Jin, Dongjin Song, Shirui Pan, Qingsong Wen

Time series analysis stands as a focal point within the data mining community, serving as a cornerstone for extracting valuable insights crucial to a myriad of real-world applications.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

$\textbf{S}^2$IP-LLM: Semantic Space Informed Prompt Learning with LLM for Time Series Forecasting

no code implementations9 Mar 2024 Zijie Pan, Yushan Jiang, Sahil Garg, Anderson Schneider, Yuriy Nevmyvaka, Dongjin Song

To this end, we propose Semantic Space Informed Prompt learning with LLM ($S^2$IP-LLM) to align the pre-trained semantic space with time series embeddings space and perform time series forecasting based on learned prompts from the joint space.

Time Series Time Series Forecasting

Structural Knowledge Informed Continual Multivariate Time Series Forecasting

no code implementations20 Feb 2024 Zijie Pan, Yushan Jiang, Dongjin Song, Sahil Garg, Kashif Rasul, Anderson Schneider, Yuriy Nevmyvaka

To address this issue, we propose a novel Structural Knowledge Informed Continual Learning (SKI-CL) framework to perform MTS forecasting within a continual learning paradigm, which leverages structural knowledge to steer the forecasting model toward identifying and adapting to different regimes, and selects representative MTS samples from each regime for memory replay.

Continual Learning Graph structure learning +2

Empowering Time Series Analysis with Large Language Models: A Survey

no code implementations5 Feb 2024 Yushan Jiang, Zijie Pan, Xikun Zhang, Sahil Garg, Anderson Schneider, Yuriy Nevmyvaka, Dongjin Song

Specifically, we first state the challenges and motivations of applying language models in the context of time series as well as brief preliminaries of LLMs.

Time Series Time Series Analysis

Federated Variational Learning for Anomaly Detection in Multivariate Time Series

no code implementations18 Aug 2021 Kai Zhang, Yushan Jiang, Lee Seversky, Chengtao Xu, Dahai Liu, Houbing Song

Anomaly detection has been a challenging task given high-dimensional multivariate time series data generated by networked sensors and actuators in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

Anomaly Detection Representation Learning +2

Learning to Detect: A Data-driven Approach for Network Intrusion Detection

no code implementations18 Aug 2021 Zachary Tauscher, Yushan Jiang, Kai Zhang, Jian Wang, Houbing Song

With massive data being generated daily and the ever-increasing interconnectivity of the world's Internet infrastructures, a machine learning based intrusion detection system (IDS) has become a vital component to protect our economic and national security.

Network Intrusion Detection Representation Learning

Spatio-Temporal Data Mining for Aviation Delay Prediction

no code implementations20 Mar 2021 Kai Zhang, Yushan Jiang, Dahai Liu, Houbing Song

A key role of collaborative decision making for air traffic scheduling and airspace resource management is the accurate prediction of flight delay.

Decision Making Management +1

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