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Improving 3D Occupancy Prediction through Class-balancing Loss and Multi-scale Representation

no code implementations25 May 2024 Huizhou Chen, Jiangyi Wang, Yuxin Li, Na Zhao, Jun Cheng, Xulei Yang

3D environment recognition is essential for autonomous driving systems, as autonomous vehicles require a comprehensive understanding of surrounding scenes.

Autonomous Driving Semantic Segmentation

HOPE: Hybrid-granularity Ordinal Prototype Learning for Progression Prediction of Mild Cognitive Impairment

1 code implementation19 Jan 2024 Chenhui Wang, Yiming Lei, Tao Chen, Junping Zhang, Yuxin Li, Hongming Shan

Inspired by that various longitudinal biomarkers and cognitive measurements present an ordinal pathway on AD progression, we propose a novel Hybrid-granularity Ordinal PrototypE learning (HOPE) method to characterize AD ordinal progression for MCI progression prediction.

Complementary Information Mutual Learning for Multimodality Medical Image Segmentation

no code implementations5 Jan 2024 Chuyun Shen, Wenhao Li, Haoqing Chen, Xiaoling Wang, Fengping Zhu, Yuxin Li, Xiangfeng Wang, Bo Jin

CIML adopts the idea of addition and removes inter-modal redundant information through inductive bias-driven task decomposition and message passing-based redundancy filtering.

Image Segmentation Inductive Bias +4

Federated learning-outcome prediction with multi-layer privacy protection

no code implementations25 Dec 2023 Yupei Zhang, Yuxin Li, Yifei Wang, Shuangshuang Wei, Yunan Xu, Xuequn Shang

To this end, this study proposes a distributed grade prediction model, dubbed FecMap, by exploiting the federated learning (FL) framework that preserves the private data of local clients and communicates with others through a global generalized model.

Federated Learning

IQAGPT: Image Quality Assessment with Vision-language and ChatGPT Models

no code implementations25 Dec 2023 Zhihao Chen, Bin Hu, Chuang Niu, Tao Chen, Yuxin Li, Hongming Shan, Ge Wang

Second, we fine-tune the image quality captioning VLM on the CT-IQA dataset to generate quality descriptions.

Image Quality Assessment

Local-Global History-aware Contrastive Learning for Temporal Knowledge Graph Reasoning

no code implementations4 Dec 2023 Wei Chen, Huaiyu Wan, Yuting Wu, Shuyuan Zhao, Jiayaqi Cheng, Yuxin Li, Youfang Lin

Temporal knowledge graphs (TKGs) have been identified as a promising approach to represent the dynamics of facts along the timeline.

Contrastive Learning Knowledge Graphs

Do LLMs Implicitly Exhibit User Discrimination in Recommendation? An Empirical Study

no code implementations13 Nov 2023 Chen Xu, Wenjie Wang, Yuxin Li, Liang Pang, Jun Xu, Tat-Seng Chua

Recently, Large Language Models (LLMs) have enhanced user interaction, enabling seamless information retrieval and recommendations.

Information Retrieval Recommendation Systems +1

InsertNeRF: Instilling Generalizability into NeRF with HyperNet Modules

1 code implementation26 Aug 2023 Yanqi Bao, Tianyu Ding, Jing Huo, Wenbin Li, Yuxin Li, Yang Gao

By utilizing multiple plug-and-play HyperNet modules, InsertNeRF dynamically tailors NeRF's weights to specific reference scenes, transforming multi-scale sampling-aware features into scene-specific representations.

Where and How: Mitigating Confusion in Neural Radiance Fields from Sparse Inputs

1 code implementation5 Aug 2023 Yanqi Bao, Yuxin Li, Jing Huo, Tianyu Ding, Xinyue Liang, Wenbin Li, Yang Gao

Neural Radiance Fields from Sparse input} (NeRF-S) have shown great potential in synthesizing novel views with a limited number of observed viewpoints.


Delving into Semantic Scale Imbalance

no code implementations30 Dec 2022 Yanbiao Ma, Licheng Jiao, Fang Liu, Yuxin Li, Shuyuan Yang, Xu Liu

Due to the prevalence of semantic scale imbalance, we propose semantic-scale-balanced learning, including a general loss improvement scheme and a dynamic re-weighting training framework that overcomes the challenge of calculating semantic scales in real-time during iterations.

Hansel: A Chinese Few-Shot and Zero-Shot Entity Linking Benchmark

1 code implementation26 Jul 2022 Zhenran Xu, Zifei Shan, Yuxin Li, Baotian Hu, Bing Qin

We then establish a strong baseline that scores a R@1 of 46. 2% on Few-Shot and 76. 6% on Zero-Shot on our dataset.

Entity Linking

Interactive Medical Image Segmentation with Self-Adaptive Confidence Calibration

no code implementations15 Nov 2021 Wenhao Li, Qisen Xu, Chuyun Shen, Bin Hu, Fengping Zhu, Yuxin Li, Bo Jin, Xiangfeng Wang

Based on the confidential information, a self-adaptive reward function is designed to provide more detailed feedback, and a simulated label generation mechanism is proposed on unsupervised data to reduce over-reliance on labeled data.

Image Segmentation Interactive Segmentation +4

An Automatic Detection Method Of Cerebral Aneurysms In Time-Of-Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiography Images Based On Attention 3D U-Net

no code implementations26 Oct 2021 Chen Geng, Meng Chen, Ruoyu Di, Dongdong Wang, Liqin Yang, Wei Xia, Yuxin Li, Daoying Geng

Conclusions:Compared with the results of our previous studies and other studies, the method in this paper achieves a very competitive sensitivity with less training data and maintains a low false positive rate. As the only method currently using 3D U-Net for aneurysm detection, it proves the feasibility and superior performance of this network in aneurysm detection, and also explores the potential of the channel attention mechanism in this task.

Crystal structure prediction of materials with high symmetry using differential evolution

no code implementations20 Apr 2021 Wenhui Yang, Edirisuriya M. Dilanga Siriwardane, Rongzhi Dong, Yuxin Li, Jianjun Hu

Our experimental results show that our proposed algorithm CMCrystalHS can effectively solve the problem of inconsistent contact map dimensions and predict the crystal structures with high symmetry.

Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

AlphaCrystal: Contact map based crystal structure prediction using deep learning

1 code implementation2 Feb 2021 Jianjun Hu, Yong Zhao, Wenhui Yang, Yuqi Song, Edirisuriya MD Siriwardane, Yuxin Li, Rongzhi Dong

To our knowledge, AlphaCrystal is the first neural network based algorithm for crystal structure contact map prediction and the first method for directly reconstructing crystal structures from materials composition, which can be further optimized by DFT calculations.

Protein Structure Prediction Materials Science

MLatticeABC: Generic Lattice Constant Prediction of Crystal Materials using Machine Learning

1 code implementation30 Oct 2020 Yuxin Li, Wenhui Yang, Rongzhi Dong, Jianjun Hu

Lattice constants such as unit cell edge lengths and plane angles are important parameters of the periodic structures of crystal materials.

Materials Science Computational Physics

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