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Deep Material Recognition in Light-Fields via Disentanglement of Spatial and Angular Information

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Bichuan Guo, Jiangtao Wen, Yuxing Han

Light-field cameras capture sub-views from multiple perspectives simultaneously, with possibly reflectance variations that can be used to augment material recognition in remote sensing, autonomous driving, etc.

Autonomous Driving Disentanglement +1

Phocus: Picking Valuable Research from a Sea of Citations

no code implementations9 Jan 2022 Xinrong Zhang, Zihou Ren, Xi Li, Shuqi Liu, Yunlong Deng, Yadi Xiao, Yuxing Han, Jiangtao Wen

The global influential factor of the reference to the citing paper is the product of the local influential factor and the total influential factor of the citing paper.

Cardinality Estimation in DBMS: A Comprehensive Benchmark Evaluation

1 code implementation13 Sep 2021 Yuxing Han, Ziniu Wu, Peizhi Wu, Rong Zhu, Jingyi Yang, Liang Wei Tan, Kai Zeng, Gao Cong, Yanzhao Qin, Andreas Pfadler, Zhengping Qian, Jingren Zhou, Jiangneng Li, Bin Cui

Therefore, we propose a new metric P-Error to evaluate the performance of CardEst methods, which overcomes the limitation of Q-Error and is able to reflect the overall end-to-end performance of CardEst methods.

A Unified Transferable Model for ML-Enhanced DBMS

1 code implementation6 May 2021 Ziniu Wu, Pei Yu, Peilun Yang, Rong Zhu, Yuxing Han, Yaliang Li, Defu Lian, Kai Zeng, Jingren Zhou

We propose to explore the transferabilities of the ML methods both across tasks and across DBs to tackle these fundamental drawbacks.

Learning to compose 6-DoF omnidirectional videos using multi-sphere images

no code implementations10 Mar 2021 Jisheng Li, Yuze He, Yubin Hu, Yuxing Han, Jiangtao Wen

The system utilizes conventional omnidirectional VR camera footage directly without the need for a depth map or segmentation mask, thereby significantly simplifying the overall complexity of the 6-DoF omnidirectional video composition.

Depth Estimation

BayesCard: Revitilizing Bayesian Frameworks for Cardinality Estimation

1 code implementation29 Dec 2020 Ziniu Wu, Amir Shaikhha, Rong Zhu, Kai Zeng, Yuxing Han, Jingren Zhou

Recently proposed deep learning based methods largely improve the estimation accuracy but their performance can be greatly affected by data and often difficult for system deployment.

Probabilistic Programming

Efficient and Scalable Structure Learning for Bayesian Networks: Algorithms and Applications

no code implementations7 Dec 2020 Rong Zhu, Andreas Pfadler, Ziniu Wu, Yuxing Han, Xiaoke Yang, Feng Ye, Zhenping Qian, Jingren Zhou, Bin Cui

To resolve this, we propose a new structure learning algorithm LEAST, which comprehensively fulfills our business requirements as it attains high accuracy, efficiency and scalability at the same time.

Anomaly Detection

FSPN: A New Class of Probabilistic Graphical Model

no code implementations18 Nov 2020 Ziniu Wu, Rong Zhu, Andreas Pfadler, Yuxing Han, Jiangneng Li, Zhengping Qian, Kai Zeng, Jingren Zhou

We introduce factorize sum split product networks (FSPNs), a new class of probabilistic graphical models (PGMs).

FLAT: Fast, Lightweight and Accurate Method for Cardinality Estimation

1 code implementation18 Nov 2020 Rong Zhu, Ziniu Wu, Yuxing Han, Kai Zeng, Andreas Pfadler, Zhengping Qian, Jingren Zhou, Bin Cui

Despite decades of research, existing methods either over simplify the models only using independent factorization which leads to inaccurate estimates, or over complicate them by lossless conditional factorization without any independent assumption which results in slow probability computation.

Learning Model-Blind Temporal Denoisers without Ground Truths

no code implementations7 Jul 2020 Yanghao Li, Bichuan Guo, Jiangtao Wen, Zhen Xia, Shan Liu, Yuxing Han

Denoisers trained with synthetic data often fail to cope with the diversity of unknown noises, giving way to methods that can adapt to existing noise without knowing its ground truth.

Denoising Optical Flow Estimation +1

Taming the Expressiveness and Programmability of Graph Analytical Queries

no code implementations20 Apr 2020 Lu Qin, Longbin Lai, Kongzhang Hao, Zhongxin Zhou, Yiwei Zhao, Yuxing Han, Xuemin Lin, Zhengping Qian, Jingren Zhou

Graph database has enjoyed a boom in the last decade, and graph queries accordingly gain a lot of attentions from both the academia and industry.

Code Generation

AGEM: Solving Linear Inverse Problems via Deep Priors and Sampling

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2019 Bichuan Guo, Yuxing Han, Jiangtao Wen

In this paper we propose to use a denoising autoencoder (DAE) prior to simultaneously solve a linear inverse problem and estimate its noise parameter.

Bayesian Inference Deblurring +2

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