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Self-Supervised Learning of Graph Neural Networks: A Unified Review

no code implementations22 Feb 2021 Yaochen Xie, Zhao Xu, Jingtun Zhang, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

Our unified treatment of SSL methods for GNNs sheds light on the similarities and differences of various methods, setting the stage for developing new methods and algorithms.

Self-Supervised Learning

Advanced Graph and Sequence Neural Networks for Molecular Property Prediction and Drug Discovery

1 code implementation2 Dec 2020 Zhengyang Wang, Meng Liu, Youzhi Luo, Zhao Xu, Yaochen Xie, Limei Wang, Lei Cai, Qi Qi, Zhuoning Yuan, Tianbao Yang, Shuiwang Ji

Here we develop a suite of comprehensive machine learning methods and tools spanning different computational models, molecular representations, and loss functions for molecular property prediction and drug discovery.

Drug Discovery Molecular Property Prediction

Noise2Same: Optimizing A Self-Supervised Bound for Image Denoising

1 code implementation NeurIPS 2020 Yaochen Xie, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

Self-supervised frameworks that learn denoising models with merely individual noisy images have shown strong capability and promising performance in various image denoising tasks.

Image Denoising

CorDEL: A Contrastive Deep Learning Approach for Entity Linkage

no code implementations15 Sep 2020 Zhengyang Wang, Bunyamin Sisman, Hao Wei, Xin Luna Dong, Shuiwang Ji

We evaluate CorDEL with extensive experiments conducted on both public benchmark datasets and a real-world dataset.

Global Voxel Transformer Networks for Augmented Microscopy

1 code implementation5 Aug 2020 Zhengyang Wang, Yaochen Xie, Shuiwang Ji

In this work, we introduce global voxel transformer networks (GVTNets), an advanced deep learning tool for augmented microscopy that overcomes intrinsic limitations of the current U-Net based models and achieves improved performance.

Second-Order Pooling for Graph Neural Networks

1 code implementation20 Jul 2020 Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

In addition, compared to existing graph pooling methods, second-order pooling is able to use information from all nodes and collect second-order statistics, making it more powerful.

Graph Classification Graph Representation Learning +2

Kronecker Attention Networks

1 code implementation ICLR 2020 Hongyang Gao, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

Use of attention operators on high-order data requires flattening of the spatial or spatial-temporal dimensions into a vector, which is assumed to follow a multivariate normal distribution.

Non-Local Graph Neural Networks

no code implementations29 May 2020 Meng Liu, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

Modern graph neural networks (GNNs) learn node embeddings through multilayer local aggregation and achieve great success in applications on assortative graphs.

iCapsNets: Towards Interpretable Capsule Networks for Text Classification

no code implementations16 May 2020 Zhengyang Wang, Xia Hu, Shuiwang Ji

On the other hand, iCapsNets explore a novel way to explain the model's general behavior, achieving global interpretability.

Classification General Classification +1

Global Pixel Transformers for Virtual Staining of Microscopy Images

no code implementations1 Jul 2019 Yi Liu, Hao Yuan, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

It is also shown that our proposed global pixel transformer layer is useful to improve the fluorescence image prediction results.

Non-local U-Net for Biomedical Image Segmentation

3 code implementations10 Dec 2018 Zhengyang Wang, Na Zou, Dinggang Shen, Shuiwang Ji

In this work, we propose the non-local U-Nets, which are equipped with flexible global aggregation blocks, for biomedical image segmentation.

Brain Image Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

ChannelNets: Compact and Efficient Convolutional Neural Networks via Channel-Wise Convolutions

2 code implementations NeurIPS 2018 Hongyang Gao, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

Compared to prior CNNs designed for mobile devices, ChannelNets achieve a significant reduction in terms of the number of parameters and computational cost without loss in accuracy.

General Classification

Smoothed Dilated Convolutions for Improved Dense Prediction

1 code implementation27 Aug 2018 Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

Unlike existing models, which explore solutions by focusing on a block of cascaded dilated convolutional layers, our methods address the gridding artifacts by smoothing the dilated convolution itself.

Audio Generation Machine Translation +2

Large-Scale Learnable Graph Convolutional Networks

1 code implementation12 Aug 2018 Hongyang Gao, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

However, the number of neighboring units is neither fixed nor are they ordered in generic graphs, thereby hindering the applications of convolutional operations.

Document Classification Node Classification

Spatial Variational Auto-Encoding via Matrix-Variate Normal Distributions

1 code implementation18 May 2017 Zhengyang Wang, Hao Yuan, Shuiwang Ji

In this work, we propose spatial VAEs that use feature maps of larger size as latent variables to explicitly capture spatial information.

Pixel Deconvolutional Networks

4 code implementations ICLR 2018 Hongyang Gao, Hao Yuan, Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

When used in image generation tasks, our PixelDCL can largely overcome the checkerboard problem suffered by regular deconvolution operations.

Image Generation Semantic Segmentation

Learning Convolutional Text Representations for Visual Question Answering

1 code implementation18 May 2017 Zhengyang Wang, Shuiwang Ji

We also show that the text representation requirement in visual question answering is more complicated and comprehensive than that in conventional natural language processing tasks, making it a better task to evaluate textual representation methods.

General Classification Visual Question Answering

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