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Reti-Diff: Illumination Degradation Image Restoration with Retinex-based Latent Diffusion Model

1 code implementation20 Nov 2023 Chunming He, Chengyu Fang, Yulun Zhang, Kai Li, Longxiang Tang, Chenyu You, Fengyang Xiao, Zhenhua Guo, Xiu Li

These priors are subsequently utilized by RGformer to guide the decomposition of image features into their respective reflectance and illumination components.

Image Restoration

UniM$^2$AE: Multi-modal Masked Autoencoders with Unified 3D Representation for 3D Perception in Autonomous Driving

1 code implementation21 Aug 2023 Jian Zou, Tianyu Huang, Guanglei Yang, Zhenhua Guo, WangMeng Zuo

The extension makes it possible to back-project the informative features, obtained by fusing features from both modalities, into their native modalities to reconstruct the multiple masked inputs.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +1

Strategic Preys Make Acute Predators: Enhancing Camouflaged Object Detectors by Generating Camouflaged Objects

no code implementations6 Aug 2023 Chunming He, Kai Li, Yachao Zhang, Yulun Zhang, Zhenhua Guo, Xiu Li, Martin Danelljan, Fisher Yu

On the prey side, we propose an adversarial training framework, Camouflageator, which introduces an auxiliary generator to generate more camouflaged objects that are harder for a COD method to detect.

object-detection Object Detection

Weakly-Supervised Concealed Object Segmentation with SAM-based Pseudo Labeling and Multi-scale Feature Grouping

no code implementations NeurIPS 2023 Chunming He, Kai Li, Yachao Zhang, Guoxia Xu, Longxiang Tang, Yulun Zhang, Zhenhua Guo, Xiu Li

It remains a challenging task since (1) it is hard to distinguish concealed objects from the background due to the intrinsic similarity and (2) the sparsely-annotated training data only provide weak supervision for model learning.

Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Meta-Auxiliary Network for 3D GAN Inversion

no code implementations18 May 2023 Bangrui Jiang, Zhenhua Guo, Yujiu Yang

In the first stage, we invert the input image to an editable latent code using off-the-shelf inversion techniques.

Image Manipulation Meta-Learning

Camouflaged Object Detection With Feature Decomposition and Edge Reconstruction

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Chunming He, Kai Li, Yachao Zhang, Longxiang Tang, Yulun Zhang, Zhenhua Guo, Xiu Li

COD is a challenging task due to the intrinsic similarity of camouflaged objects with the background, as well as their ambiguous boundaries.

object-detection Object Detection

Degradation-Resistant Unfolding Network for Heterogeneous Image Fusion

no code implementations ICCV 2023 Chunming He, Kai Li, Guoxia Xu, Yulun Zhang, Runze Hu, Zhenhua Guo, Xiu Li

Heterogeneous image fusion (HIF) techniques aim to enhance image quality by merging complementary information from images captured by different sensors.

SoccerNet 2022 Challenges Results

7 code implementations5 Oct 2022 Silvio Giancola, Anthony Cioppa, Adrien Deliège, Floriane Magera, Vladimir Somers, Le Kang, Xin Zhou, Olivier Barnich, Christophe De Vleeschouwer, Alexandre Alahi, Bernard Ghanem, Marc Van Droogenbroeck, Abdulrahman Darwish, Adrien Maglo, Albert Clapés, Andreas Luyts, Andrei Boiarov, Artur Xarles, Astrid Orcesi, Avijit Shah, Baoyu Fan, Bharath Comandur, Chen Chen, Chen Zhang, Chen Zhao, Chengzhi Lin, Cheuk-Yiu Chan, Chun Chuen Hui, Dengjie Li, Fan Yang, Fan Liang, Fang Da, Feng Yan, Fufu Yu, Guanshuo Wang, H. Anthony Chan, He Zhu, Hongwei Kan, Jiaming Chu, Jianming Hu, Jianyang Gu, Jin Chen, João V. B. Soares, Jonas Theiner, Jorge De Corte, José Henrique Brito, Jun Zhang, Junjie Li, Junwei Liang, Leqi Shen, Lin Ma, Lingchi Chen, Miguel Santos Marques, Mike Azatov, Nikita Kasatkin, Ning Wang, Qiong Jia, Quoc Cuong Pham, Ralph Ewerth, Ran Song, RenGang Li, Rikke Gade, Ruben Debien, Runze Zhang, Sangrok Lee, Sergio Escalera, Shan Jiang, Shigeyuki Odashima, Shimin Chen, Shoichi Masui, Shouhong Ding, Sin-wai Chan, Siyu Chen, Tallal El-Shabrawy, Tao He, Thomas B. Moeslund, Wan-Chi Siu, Wei zhang, Wei Li, Xiangwei Wang, Xiao Tan, Xiaochuan Li, Xiaolin Wei, Xiaoqing Ye, Xing Liu, Xinying Wang, Yandong Guo, YaQian Zhao, Yi Yu, YingYing Li, Yue He, Yujie Zhong, Zhenhua Guo, Zhiheng Li

The SoccerNet 2022 challenges were the second annual video understanding challenges organized by the SoccerNet team.

Action Spotting Camera Calibration +3

Reconstruct Face from Features Using GAN Generator as a Distribution Constraint

no code implementations9 Jun 2022 Xingbo Dong, Zhihui Miao, Lan Ma, Jiajun Shen, Zhe Jin, Zhenhua Guo, Andrew Beng Jin Teoh

Yet, the security and privacy of the extracted features from deep learning models (deep features) have been often overlooked.

Face Recognition Privacy Preserving

Camera Bias Regularization for Person Re-identification

no code implementations29 Sep 2021 Tao He, Tongkun Xu, Weihua Chen, Yuchen Guo, Guiguang Ding, Zhenhua Guo

Due to the discrepancies between cameras caused by illumination, background, or viewpoint, the underlying difficulty for Re-ID is the camera bias problem, which leads to the large gap of within-identity features from different cameras.

Person Re-Identification

Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Conditional and Label Shift: Infer, Align and Iterate

no code implementations ICCV 2021 Xiaofeng Liu, Zhenhua Guo, Site Li, Fangxu Xing, Jane You, C. -C. Jay Kuo, Georges El Fakhri, Jonghye Woo

In this work, we propose an adversarial unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA) approach with the inherent conditional and label shifts, in which we aim to align the distributions w. r. t.

Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Augmenting Anchors by the Detector Itself

1 code implementation28 May 2021 Xiaopei Wan, Guoqiu Li, Yujiu Yang, Zhenhua Guo

Furthermore, AADI is a learning-based anchor augmentation method, but it does not add any parameters or hyper-parameters, which is beneficial for research and downstream tasks.

Object object-detection +1

Self-paced Resistance Learning against Overfitting on Noisy Labels

1 code implementation7 May 2021 Xiaoshuang Shi, Zhenhua Guo, Kang Li, Yun Liang, Xiaofeng Zhu

They might significantly deteriorate the performance of convolutional neural networks (CNNs), because CNNs are easily overfitted on corrupted labels.


AACP: Model Compression by Accurate and Automatic Channel Pruning

no code implementations31 Jan 2021 Lanbo Lin, Yujiu Yang, Zhenhua Guo

Firstly, AACP represents the structure of a model as a structure vector and introduces a pruning step vector to control the compressing granularity of each layer.

Model Compression Neural Architecture Search

Augmenting Proposals by the Detector Itself

no code implementations28 Jan 2021 Xiaopei Wan, Zhenhua Guo, Chao He, Yujiu Yang, Fangbo Tao

Lacking enough high quality proposals for RoI box head has impeded two-stage and multi-stage object detectors for a long time, and many previous works try to solve it via improving RPN's performance or manually generating proposals from ground truth.

Attention Control with Metric Learning Alignment for Image Set-based Recognition

no code implementations5 Aug 2019 Xiaofeng Liu, Zhenhua Guo, Jane You, B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar

The importance of each image is usually considered either equal or based on a quality assessment of that image independent of other images and/or videos in that image set.

Face Recognition Face Verification +1

Generalizing Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild

1 code implementation11 Apr 2019 Luyang Wang, Yan Chen, Zhenhua Guo, Keyuan Qian, Mude Lin, Hongsheng Li, Jimmy S. Ren

We observe that recent innovation in this area mainly focuses on new techniques that explicitly address the generalization issue when using this dataset, because this database is constructed in a highly controlled environment with limited human subjects and background variations.

3D Pose Estimation Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation

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