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Improving Attributed Text Generation of Large Language Models via Preference Learning

no code implementations27 Mar 2024 Dongfang Li, Zetian Sun, Baotian Hu, Zhenyu Liu, Xinshuo Hu, Xuebo Liu, Min Zhang

Large language models have been widely adopted in natural language processing, yet they face the challenge of generating unreliable content.

Misinformation Retrieval +2

Enhance DNN Adversarial Robustness and Efficiency via Injecting Noise to Non-Essential Neurons

no code implementations6 Feb 2024 Zhenyu Liu, Garrett Gagnon, Swagath Venkataramani, Liu Liu

Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have revolutionized a wide range of industries, from healthcare and finance to automotive, by offering unparalleled capabilities in data analysis and decision-making.

Adversarial Robustness Decision Making

Dig-CSI: A Distributed and Generative Model Assisted CSI Feedback Training Framework

no code implementations10 Dec 2023 Zhilin Du, Haozhen Li, Zhenyu Liu, Shilong Fan, Xinyu Gu, Lin Zhang

The advent of deep learning (DL)-based models has significantly advanced Channel State Information (CSI) feedback mechanisms in wireless communication systems.

A Survey of Large Language Models Attribution

1 code implementation7 Nov 2023 Dongfang Li, Zetian Sun, Xinshuo Hu, Zhenyu Liu, Ziyang Chen, Baotian Hu, Aiguo Wu, Min Zhang

Open-domain generative systems have gained significant attention in the field of conversational AI (e. g., generative search engines).

Explaining How a Neural Network Play the Go Game and Let People Learn

no code implementations15 Oct 2023 Huilin Zhou, Huijie Tang, Mingjie Li, Hao Zhang, Zhenyu Liu, Quanshi Zhang

The AI model has surpassed human players in the game of Go, and it is widely believed that the AI model has encoded new knowledge about the Go game beyond human players.

Game of Go

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff: Model Deficiency Unlearning via Parameter-Efficient Module Operation

1 code implementation16 Aug 2023 Xinshuo Hu, Dongfang Li, Baotian Hu, Zihao Zheng, Zhenyu Liu, Min Zhang

To evaluate the effectiveness of our approach in terms of truthfulness and detoxification, we conduct extensive experiments on LLMs, encompassing additional abilities such as language modeling and mathematical reasoning.

Language Modelling Mathematical Reasoning

HybridCVLNet: A Hybrid CSI Feedback System and its Domain Adaptation

no code implementations30 Mar 2023 Haozhen Li, Xinyu Gu, Boyuan Zhang, Dongliang Li, Zhenyu Liu, Lin Zhang

Deep Learning (DL)-based channel state information (CSI) feedback is a promising technique for the transmitter to accurately acquire the CSI of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems.

Domain Adaptation Transfer Learning

Task-Balanced Distillation for Object Detection

no code implementations5 Aug 2022 Ruining Tang, Zhenyu Liu, Yangguang Li, Yiguo Song, Hui Liu, Qide Wang, Jing Shao, Guifang Duan, Jianrong Tan

To alleviate this problem, a novel Task-decoupled Feature Distillation (TFD) is proposed by flexibly balancing the contributions of classification and regression tasks.

Classification Knowledge Distillation +4

A Markovian Model-Driven Deep Learning Framework for Massive MIMO CSI Feedback

no code implementations20 Sep 2020 Zhenyu Liu, Mason del Rosario, Zhi Ding

Forward channel state information (CSI) often plays a vital role in scheduling and capacity-approaching transmission optimization for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication systems.

Quantization Scheduling

Text Classification based on Multi-granularity Attention Hybrid Neural Network

no code implementations12 Aug 2020 Zhenyu Liu, Chaohong Lu, Haiwei Huang, Shengfei Lyu, Zhenchao Tao

Conventionally, there are two mainstream neural architectures for NLP tasks: the recurrent neural network (RNN) and the convolution neural network (ConvNet).

General Classification Sentence +2

Multichannel CNN with Attention for Text Classification

no code implementations29 Jun 2020 Zhenyu Liu, Haiwei Huang, Chaohong Lu, Shengfei Lyu

Alternatively, CNN is able to capture n-gram features of texts by utilizing convolutional filters.

General Classification Sentence +2

Human Activity Recognition based on Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Relations

no code implementations29 Jun 2020 Zhenyu Liu, Yaqiang Yao, Yan Liu, Yuening Zhu, Zhenchao Tao, Lei Wang, Yuhong Feng

In the proposed method, an activity is divided into several successive actions represented by spatio temporal patterns, and the evolution of these actions are captured by a sequential model.

Human Activity Recognition

A Novel Decision Tree for Depression Recognition in Speech

no code implementations22 Feb 2020 Zhenyu Liu, Dongyu Wang, Lan Zhang, Bin Hu

Depression is a common mental disorder worldwide which causes a range of serious outcomes.

MODMA dataset: a Multi-modal Open Dataset for Mental-disorder Analysis

no code implementations20 Feb 2020 Hanshu Cai, Yiwen Gao, Shuting Sun, Na Li, Fuze Tian, Han Xiao, Jianxiu Li, Zhengwu Yang, Xiaowei Li, Qinglin Zhao, Zhenyu Liu, Zhijun Yao, Minqiang Yang, Hong Peng, Jing Zhu, Xiaowei Zhang, Guoping Gao, Fang Zheng, Rui Li, Zhihua Guo, Rong Ma, Jing Yang, Lan Zhang, Xiping Hu, Yumin Li, Bin Hu

The EEG dataset includes not only data collected using traditional 128-electrodes mounted elastic cap, but also a novel wearable 3-electrode EEG collector for pervasive applications.


Computation Error Analysis of Block Floating Point Arithmetic Oriented Convolution Neural Network Accelerator Design

no code implementations22 Sep 2017 Zhourui Song, Zhenyu Liu, Dongsheng Wang

The heavy burdens of computation and off-chip traffic impede deploying the large scale convolution neural network on embedded platforms.

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