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Speak Like a Native: Prompting Large Language Models in a Native Style

1 code implementation22 Nov 2023 Zhicheng Yang, Yiwei Wang, Yinya Huang, Jing Xiong, Xiaodan Liang, Jing Tang

Specifically, with AlignedCoT, we observe an average +3. 2\% improvement for \texttt{gpt-3. 5-turbo} compared to the carefully handcrafted CoT on multi-step reasoning benchmarks. Furthermore, we use AlignedCoT to rewrite the CoT text style in the training set, which improves the performance of Retrieval Augmented Generation by 3. 6\%. The source code and dataset is available at https://github. com/yangzhch6/AlignedCoT

Common Sense Reasoning GSM8K +3

DQ-LoRe: Dual Queries with Low Rank Approximation Re-ranking for In-Context Learning

1 code implementation4 Oct 2023 Jing Xiong, Zixuan Li, Chuanyang Zheng, Zhijiang Guo, Yichun Yin, Enze Xie, Zhicheng Yang, Qingxing Cao, Haiming Wang, Xiongwei Han, Jing Tang, Chengming Li, Xiaodan Liang

Dual Queries first query LLM to obtain LLM-generated knowledge such as CoT, then query the retriever to obtain the final exemplars via both question and the knowledge.

Dimensionality Reduction In-Context Learning +1

Agriculture-Vision Challenge 2022 -- The Runner-Up Solution for Agricultural Pattern Recognition via Transformer-based Models

no code implementations23 Jun 2022 Zhicheng Yang, Jui-Hsin Lai, Jun Zhou, Hang Zhou, Chen Du, Zhongcheng Lai

The Agriculture-Vision Challenge in CVPR is one of the most famous and competitive challenges for global researchers to break the boundary between computer vision and agriculture sectors, aiming at agricultural pattern recognition from aerial images.

Data Augmentation

LogicSolver: Towards Interpretable Math Word Problem Solving with Logical Prompt-enhanced Learning

2 code implementations17 May 2022 Zhicheng Yang, Jinghui Qin, Jiaqi Chen, Liang Lin, Xiaodan Liang

To address this issue and make a step towards interpretable MWP solving, we first construct a high-quality MWP dataset named InterMWP which consists of 11, 495 MWPs and annotates interpretable logical formulas based on algebraic knowledge as the grounded linguistic logic of each solution equation.

Math Math Word Problem Solving

Unbiased Math Word Problems Benchmark for Mitigating Solving Bias

2 code implementations Findings (NAACL) 2022 Zhicheng Yang, Jinghui Qin, Jiaqi Chen, Xiaodan Liang

However, current solvers exist solving bias which consists of data bias and learning bias due to biased dataset and improper training strategy.


Leveraging Large-Scale Weakly Labeled Data for Semi-Supervised Mass Detection in Mammograms

no code implementations CVPR 2021 Yuxing Tang, Zhenjie Cao, Yanbo Zhang, Zhicheng Yang, Zongcheng Ji, Yiwei Wang, Mei Han, Jie Ma, Jing Xiao, Peng Chang

Starting with a fully supervised model trained on the data with pixel-level masks, the proposed framework iteratively refines the model itself using the entire weakly labeled data (image-level soft label) in a self-training fashion.

Prior Guided Feature Enrichment Network for Few-Shot Segmentation

3 code implementations4 Aug 2020 Zhuotao Tian, Hengshuang Zhao, Michelle Shu, Zhicheng Yang, Ruiyu Li, Jiaya Jia

It consists of novel designs of (1) a training-free prior mask generation method that not only retains generalization power but also improves model performance and (2) Feature Enrichment Module (FEM) that overcomes spatial inconsistency by adaptively enriching query features with support features and prior masks.

Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

2D Attentional Irregular Scene Text Recognizer

no code implementations13 Jun 2019 Pengyuan Lyu, Zhicheng Yang, Xinhang Leng, Xiao-Jun Wu, Ruiyu Li, Xiaoyong Shen

Irregular scene text, which has complex layout in 2D space, is challenging to most previous scene text recognizers.

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