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Training-free image style alignment for self-adapting domain shift on handheld ultrasound devices

no code implementations17 Feb 2024 Hongye Zeng, Ke Zou, Zhihao Chen, Yuchong Gao, Hongbo Chen, Haibin Zhang, Kang Zhou, Meng Wang, Rick Siow Mong Goh, Yong liu, Chang Jiang, Rui Zheng, Huazhu Fu

Moreover, the models trained on standard ultrasound device data are constrained by training data distribution and perform poorly when directly applied to handheld device data.

IQAGPT: Image Quality Assessment with Vision-language and ChatGPT Models

no code implementations25 Dec 2023 Zhihao Chen, Bin Hu, Chuang Niu, Tao Chen, Yuxin Li, Hongming Shan, Ge Wang

Second, we fine-tune the image quality captioning VLM on the CT-IQA dataset to generate quality descriptions.

Image Quality Assessment

ASCON: Anatomy-aware Supervised Contrastive Learning Framework for Low-dose CT Denoising

1 code implementation23 Jul 2023 Zhihao Chen, Qi Gao, Yi Zhang, Hongming Shan

In this paper, we propose a novel Anatomy-aware Supervised CONtrastive learning framework, termed ASCON, which can explore the anatomical semantics for low-dose CT denoising while providing anatomical interpretability.

Anatomy Computed Tomography (CT) +2

Learning Physical-Spatio-Temporal Features for Video Shadow Removal

no code implementations16 Mar 2023 Zhihao Chen, Liang Wan, Yefan Xiao, Lei Zhu, Huazhu Fu

Then, we develop a progressive aggregation module to enhance the spatio and temporal characteristics of features maps, and effectively integrate the three kinds of features.

Shadow Removal Video Restoration

Medical Phrase Grounding with Region-Phrase Context Contrastive Alignment

no code implementations14 Mar 2023 Zhihao Chen, Yang Zhou, Anh Tran, Junting Zhao, Liang Wan, Gideon Ooi, Lionel Cheng, Choon Hua Thng, Xinxing Xu, Yong liu, Huazhu Fu

To enable MedRPG to locate nuanced medical findings with better region-phrase correspondences, we further propose Tri-attention Context contrastive alignment (TaCo).

Phrase Grounding Visual Grounding

LIT-Former: Linking In-plane and Through-plane Transformers for Simultaneous CT Image Denoising and Deblurring

1 code implementation21 Feb 2023 Zhihao Chen, Chuang Niu, Qi Gao, Ge Wang, Hongming Shan

Here, we propose to link in-plane and through-plane transformers for simultaneous in-plane denoising and through-plane deblurring, termed as LIT-Former, which can efficiently synergize in-plane and through-plane sub-tasks for 3D CT imaging and enjoy the advantages of both convolution and transformer networks.

Computed Tomography (CT) Deblurring +2

Feature Transformation for Cross-domain Few-shot Remote Sensing Scene Classification

no code implementations4 Mar 2022 Qiaoling Chen, Zhihao Chen, Wei Luo

Moreover, FTM can be effectively learned on target domain in the case of few training data available and is agnostic to specific network structures.

Cross-Domain Few-Shot Scene Classification

Triple-cooperative Video Shadow Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Zhihao Chen, Liang Wan, Lei Zhu, Jia Shen, Huazhu Fu, Wennan Liu, Jing Qin

The bottleneck is the lack of a well-established dataset with high-quality annotations for video shadow detection.

Saliency Detection Semantic Segmentation +3

A Multi-Task Mean Teacher for Semi-Supervised Shadow Detection

1 code implementation CVPR 2020 Zhihao Chen, Lei Zhu, Liang Wan, Song Wang, Wei Feng, Pheng-Ann Heng

To boost the shadow detection performance, this paper presents a multi-task mean teacher model for semi-supervised shadow detection by leveraging unlabeled data and exploring the learning of multiple information of shadows simultaneously.

 Ranked #1 on Shadow Detection on SBU (using extra training data)

Shadow Detection

Effects of Blur and Deblurring to Visual Object Tracking

no code implementations21 Aug 2019 Qing Guo, Wei Feng, Zhihao Chen, Ruijun Gao, Liang Wan, Song Wang

In this paper, we address these two problems by constructing a Blurred Video Tracking benchmark, which contains a variety of videos with different levels of motion blurs, as well as ground truth tracking results for evaluating trackers.

Deblurring Image Deblurring +1

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