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Unsupervised Visible-Infrared Person ReID by Collaborative Learning with Neighbor-Guided Label Refinement

no code implementations22 May 2023 De Cheng, Xiaojian Huang, Nannan Wang, Lingfeng He, Zhihui Li, Xinbo Gao

Unsupervised learning visible-infrared person re-identification (USL-VI-ReID) aims at learning modality-invariant features from unlabeled cross-modality dataset, which is crucial for practical applications in video surveillance systems.

Person Re-Identification

SU-Net: Pose estimation network for non-cooperative spacecraft on-orbit

1 code implementation21 Feb 2023 Hu Gao, Zhihui Li, Depeng Dang, Ning Wang, Jingfan Yang

In this way, the feature loss and the complexity of the model is reduced, and the degradation of deep neural network during training is avoided.

Pose Estimation Spacecraft Pose Estimation +1

HTML: Hybrid Temporal-scale Multimodal Learning Framework for Referring Video Object Segmentation

no code implementations ICCV 2023 Mingfei Han, Yali Wang, Zhihui Li, Lina Yao, Xiaojun Chang, Yu Qiao

To tackle this problem, we propose a concise Hybrid Temporal-scale Multimodal Learning (HTML) framework, which can effectively align lingual and visual features to discover core object semantics in the video, by learning multimodal interaction hierarchically from different temporal scales.

Ranked #6 on Referring Video Object Segmentation on Refer-YouTube-VOS (using extra training data)

Object Referring Video Object Segmentation +2

MARLlib: A Scalable and Efficient Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Library

1 code implementation11 Oct 2022 Siyi Hu, Yifan Zhong, Minquan Gao, Weixun Wang, Hao Dong, Xiaodan Liang, Zhihui Li, Xiaojun Chang, Yaodong Yang

A significant challenge facing researchers in the area of multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) pertains to the identification of a library that can offer fast and compatible development for multi-agent tasks and algorithm combinations, while obviating the need to consider compatibility issues.

Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning reinforcement-learning +1

DS-Net++: Dynamic Weight Slicing for Efficient Inference in CNNs and Transformers

1 code implementation21 Sep 2021 Changlin Li, Guangrun Wang, Bing Wang, Xiaodan Liang, Zhihui Li, Xiaojun Chang

Dynamic networks have shown their promising capability in reducing theoretical computation complexity by adapting their architectures to the input during inference.

Fairness Model Compression

Dynamic Slimmable Network

1 code implementation CVPR 2021 Changlin Li, Guangrun Wang, Bing Wang, Xiaodan Liang, Zhihui Li, Xiaojun Chang

Here, we explore a dynamic network slimming regime, named Dynamic Slimmable Network (DS-Net), which aims to achieve good hardware-efficiency via dynamically adjusting filter numbers of networks at test time with respect to different inputs, while keeping filters stored statically and contiguously in hardware to prevent the extra burden.

Fairness Model Compression

NAS-TC: Neural Architecture Search on Temporal Convolutions for Complex Action Recognition

no code implementations17 Mar 2021 Pengzhen Ren, Gang Xiao, Xiaojun Chang, Yun Xiao, Zhihui Li, Xiaojiang Chen

Accordingly, because of the automated design of its network structure, Neural architecture search (NAS) has achieved great success in the image processing field and attracted substantial research attention in recent years.

Action Recognition In Videos Neural Architecture Search

A Comprehensive Survey of Scene Graphs: Generation and Application

no code implementations17 Mar 2021 Xiaojun Chang, Pengzhen Ren, Pengfei Xu, Zhihui Li, Xiaojiang Chen, Alex Hauptmann

For example, given an image, we want to not only detect and recognize objects in the image, but also know the relationship between objects (visual relationship detection), and generate a text description (image captioning) based on the image content.

Image Captioning Question Answering +4

Self-Weighted Robust LDA for Multiclass Classification with Edge Classes

no code implementations24 Sep 2020 Caixia Yan, Xiaojun Chang, Minnan Luo, Qinghua Zheng, Xiaoqin Zhang, Zhihui Li, Feiping Nie

In this regard, a novel self-weighted robust LDA with l21-norm based pairwise between-class distance criterion, called SWRLDA, is proposed for multi-class classification especially with edge classes.

Classification Computational Efficiency +2

A Comprehensive Survey of Neural Architecture Search: Challenges and Solutions

no code implementations1 Jun 2020 Pengzhen Ren, Yun Xiao, Xiaojun Chang, Po-Yao Huang, Zhihui Li, Xiaojiang Chen, Xin Wang

Neural Architecture Search (NAS) is just such a revolutionary algorithm, and the related research work is complicated and rich.

Neural Architecture Search

Exploring Auxiliary Context: Discrete Semantic Transfer Hashing for Scalable Image Retrieval

no code implementations25 Apr 2019 Lei Zhu, Zi Huang, Zhihui Li, Liang Xie, Heng Tao Shen

To address the problem, in this paper, we propose a novel hashing approach, dubbed as \emph{Discrete Semantic Transfer Hashing} (DSTH).

Content-Based Image Retrieval Retrieval

Deep Feature Learning via Structured Graph Laplacian Embedding for Person Re-Identification

no code implementations25 Jul 2017 De Cheng, Yihong Gong, Zhihui Li, Weiwei Shi, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Nanning Zheng

The proposed method can take full advantages of the structured distance relationships among these training samples, with the constructed complete graph.

Person Re-Identification

Simple to Complex Cross-modal Learning to Rank

no code implementations4 Feb 2017 Minnan Luo, Xiaojun Chang, Zhihui Li, Liqiang Nie, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Qinghua Zheng

The heterogeneity-gap between different modalities brings a significant challenge to multimedia information retrieval.

Cross-Modal Retrieval Information Retrieval +3

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