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AHPA: Adaptive Horizontal Pod Autoscaling Systems on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes

no code implementations7 Mar 2023 Zhiqiang Zhou, Chaoli Zhang, Lingna Ma, Jing Gu, Huajie Qian, Qingsong Wen, Liang Sun, Peng Li, Zhimin Tang

This paper discusses horizontal POD resources management in Alibaba Cloud Container Services with a newly deployed AI algorithm framework named AHPA -- the adaptive horizontal pod auto-scaling system.


Towards Out-of-Distribution Sequential Event Prediction: A Causal Treatment

1 code implementation24 Oct 2022 Chenxiao Yang, Qitian Wu, Qingsong Wen, Zhiqiang Zhou, Liang Sun, Junchi Yan

The goal of sequential event prediction is to estimate the next event based on a sequence of historical events, with applications to sequential recommendation, user behavior analysis and clinical treatment.

Sequential Recommendation Variational Inference

Oriented Feature Alignment for Fine-grained Object Recognition in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

no code implementations13 Oct 2021 Qi Ming, Junjie Song, Zhiqiang Zhou

In this technical report, we analyzed the key issues of fine-grained object recognition, and use an oriented feature alignment network (OFA-Net) to achieve high-performance fine-grained oriented object recognition in optical remote sensing images.

object-detection Object Detection +3

Optimization for Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection via Representation Invariance Loss

1 code implementation22 Mar 2021 Qi Ming, Lingjuan Miao, Zhiqiang Zhou, Xue Yang, Yunpeng Dong

In this paper, we propose a Representation Invariance Loss (RIL) to optimize the bounding box regression for the rotating objects.

Ranked #23 on Object Detection In Aerial Images on DOTA (using extra training data)

object-detection Object Detection In Aerial Images +2

CFC-Net: A Critical Feature Capturing Network for Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images

1 code implementation18 Jan 2021 Qi Ming, Lingjuan Miao, Zhiqiang Zhou, Yunpeng Dong

The proposed framework creates more powerful semantic representations for objects in remote sensing images and achieves high-performance real-time object detection.

Ranked #40 on Object Detection In Aerial Images on DOTA (using extra training data)

object-detection Object Detection In Aerial Images +3

Dynamic Anchor Learning for Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection

2 code implementations8 Dec 2020 Qi Ming, Zhiqiang Zhou, Lingjuan Miao, Hongwei Zhang, Linhao Li

With the newly introduced DAL, we achieve superior detection performance for arbitrary-oriented objects with only a few horizontal preset anchors.

 Ranked #1 on Multi-Oriented Scene Text Detection on ICDAR2015 (using extra training data)

Multi-Oriented Scene Text Detection object-detection +3

Conditional Gradient Methods for Convex Optimization with General Affine and Nonlinear Constraints

no code implementations30 Jun 2020 Guanghui Lan, Edwin Romeijn, Zhiqiang Zhou

Conditional gradient methods have attracted much attention in both machine learning and optimization communities recently.

A Novel CNN-based Method for Accurate Ship Detection in HR Optical Remote Sensing Images via Rotated Bounding Box

1 code implementation15 Apr 2020 Linhao Li, Zhiqiang Zhou, Bo wang, Lingjuan Miao, Hua Zong

By contrast, we are able to predict the orientation and other variables independently, and yet more effectively, with a novel dual-branch regression network, based on the observation that the ship targets are nearly rotation-invariant in remote sensing images.


Dynamic Stochastic Approximation for Multi-stage Stochastic Optimization

no code implementations11 Jul 2017 Guanghui Lan, Zhiqiang Zhou

We show that DSA can achieve an optimal ${\cal O}(1/\epsilon^4)$ rate of convergence in terms of the total number of required scenarios when applied to a three-stage stochastic optimization problem.

Stochastic Optimization

Algorithms for stochastic optimization with functional or expectation constraints

no code implementations13 Apr 2016 Guanghui Lan, Zhiqiang Zhou

We then present a variant of CSA, namely the cooperative stochastic parameter approximation (CSPA) algorithm, to deal with the situation when the constraint is defined over problem parameters and show that it exhibits similar optimal rate of convergence to CSA.

Stochastic Optimization

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