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Perceptual Quality Assessment of 360$^\circ$ Images Based on Generative Scanpath Representation

1 code implementation7 Sep 2023 Xiangjie Sui, Hanwei Zhu, Xuelin Liu, Yuming Fang, Shiqi Wang, Zhou Wang

To address these issues, we introduce a unique generative scanpath representation (GSR) for effective quality inference of 360$^\circ$ images, which aggregates varied perceptual experiences of multi-hypothesis users under a predefined viewing condition.

Image Quality Assessment

Blind Omnidirectional Image Quality Assessment: Integrating Local Statistics and Global Semantics

no code implementations24 Feb 2023 Wei Zhou, Zhou Wang

Omnidirectional image quality assessment (OIQA) aims to predict the perceptual quality of omnidirectional images that cover the whole 180$\times$360$^{\circ}$ viewing range of the visual environment.

Image Quality Assessment

Learning Acceptance Regions for Many Classes with Anomaly Detection

no code implementations20 Sep 2022 Zhou Wang, Xingye Qiao

Set-valued classification, a new classification paradigm that aims to identify all the plausible classes that an observation belongs to, can be obtained by learning the acceptance regions for all classes.

Anomaly Detection Classification

Quality Assessment of Image Super-Resolution: Balancing Deterministic and Statistical Fidelity

1 code implementation15 Jul 2022 Wei Zhou, Zhou Wang

There has been a growing interest in developing image super-resolution (SR) algorithms that convert low-resolution (LR) to higher resolution images, but automatically evaluating the visual quality of super-resolved images remains a challenging problem.

Generative Adversarial Network Image Quality Assessment +1

Perceptual Quality Assessment of Colored 3D Point Clouds

1 code implementation10 Nov 2021 Honglei Su, Qi Liu, Zhengfang Duanmu, Wentao Liu, Zhou Wang

In this work, we first build a large 3D point cloud database for subjective and objective quality assessment of point clouds.

Point Cloud Quality Assessment

Degraded Reference Image Quality Assessment

no code implementations28 Oct 2021 ShahRukh Athar, Zhou Wang

In practical media distribution systems, visual content usually undergoes multiple stages of quality degradation along the delivery chain, but the pristine source content is rarely available at most quality monitoring points along the chain to serve as a reference for quality assessment.

Image Quality Assessment valid

Deep Image Debanding

1 code implementation16 Oct 2021 Raymond Zhou, ShahRukh Athar, Zhongling Wang, Zhou Wang

Banding or false contour is an annoying visual artifact whose impact is even more pronounced in ultra high definition, high dynamic range, and wide colour gamut visual content, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Deep Neural Networks for Blind Image Quality Assessment: Addressing the Data Challenge

no code implementations24 Sep 2021 ShahRukh Athar, Zhongling Wang, Zhou Wang

This casts great challenges to deep neural network (DNN) based blind IQA (BIQA), which requires large-scale training data that is representative of the natural image distribution.

Blind Image Quality Assessment

Probeable DARTS with Application to Computational Pathology

1 code implementation16 Aug 2021 Sheyang Tang, Mahdi S. Hosseini, Lina Chen, Sonal Varma, Corwyn Rowsell, Savvas Damaskinos, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Zhou Wang

AI technology has made remarkable achievements in computational pathology (CPath), especially with the help of deep neural networks.

Neural Architecture Search

Image Super-Resolution Quality Assessment: Structural Fidelity Versus Statistical Naturalness

1 code implementation15 May 2021 Wei Zhou, Zhou Wang, Zhibo Chen

In this paper, we assess the quality of SISR generated images in a two-dimensional (2D) space of structural fidelity versus statistical naturalness.

Generative Adversarial Network Image Quality Assessment +1

Quantifying Visual Image Quality: A Bayesian View

no code implementations30 Jan 2021 Zhengfang Duanmu, Wentao Liu, Zhongling Wang, Zhou Wang

Image quality assessment (IQA) models aim to establish a quantitative relationship between visual images and their perceptual quality by human observers.

Image Quality Assessment

Learning-Based Quality Assessment for Image Super-Resolution

no code implementations16 Dec 2020 Tiesong Zhao, YuTing Lin, Yiwen Xu, Weiling Chen, Zhou Wang

Image Super-Resolution (SR) techniques improve visual quality by enhancing the spatial resolution of images.

Image Super-Resolution

Design and Commissioning of the PandaX-4T Cryogenic Distillation System for Krypton and Radon Removal

no code implementations4 Dec 2020 Xiangyi Cui, Zhou Wang, Yonglin Ju, Xiuli Wang, Huaxuan Liu, Wenbo Ma, Jianglai Liu, Li Zhao, Xiangdong Ji, Shuaijie Li, Rui Yan, Haidong Sha, Peiyao Huang

An online cryogenic distillation system for the removal of krypton and radon from xenon was designed and constructed for PandaX-4T, a highly sensitive dark matter detection experiment.

Instrumentation and Detectors High Energy Physics - Experiment

FocusLiteNN: High Efficiency Focus Quality Assessment for Digital Pathology

1 code implementation11 Jul 2020 Zhongling Wang, Mahdi S. Hosseini, Adyn Miles, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Zhou Wang

Out-of-focus microscopy lens in digital pathology is a critical bottleneck in high-throughput Whole Slide Image (WSI) scanning platforms, for which pixel-level automated Focus Quality Assessment (FQA) methods are highly desirable to help significantly accelerate the clinical workflows.

Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

dipIQ: Blind Image Quality Assessment by Learning-to-Rank Discriminable Image Pairs

no code implementations13 Apr 2019 Kede Ma, Wentao Liu, Tongliang Liu, Zhou Wang, DaCheng Tao

One of the biggest challenges in learning BIQA models is the conflict between the gigantic image space (which is in the dimension of the number of image pixels) and the extremely limited reliable ground truth data for training.

Blind Image Quality Assessment Learning-To-Rank

PEA265: Perceptual Assessment of Video Compression Artifacts

no code implementations1 Mar 2019 Liqun Lin, Shiqi Yu, Tiesong Zhao, Member, Zhou Wang, Fellow, IEEE

To monitor and improve visual QoE, it is crucial to develop subjective and objective measures that can identify and quantify various types of PEAs.

Blocking Motion Estimation +2

Limits on Axion Couplings from the first 80-day data of PandaX-II Experiment

no code implementations25 Jul 2017 Changbo Fu, Xiaopeng Zhou, Xun Chen, Yunhua Chen, Xiangyi Cui, Deqing Fang, Karl Giboni, Franco Giuliani, Ke Han, Xingtao Huang, Xiangdong Ji, Yonglin Ju, Siao Lei, Shaoli Li, Huaxuan Liu, Jianglai Liu, Yugang Ma, Yajun Mao, Xiangxiang Ren, Andi Tan, Hongwei Wang, Jimin Wang, Meng Wang, Qiuhong Wang, Siguang Wang, Xuming Wang, Zhou Wang, Shiyong Wu, Mengjiao Xiao, Pengwei Xie, Binbin Yan, Yong Yang, Jianfeng Yue, Hongguang Zhang, Tao Zhang, Li Zhao, Ning Zhou

We report new searches for the solar axions and galactic axion-like dark matter particles, using the first low-background data from PandaX-II experiment at China Jinping Underground Laboratory, corresponding to a total exposure of about $2. 7\times 10^4$ kg$\cdot$day.

High Energy Physics - Experiment Solar and Stellar Astrophysics High Energy Physics - Phenomenology

Deep Blur Mapping: Exploiting High-Level Semantics by Deep Neural Networks

no code implementations5 Dec 2016 Kede Ma, Huan Fu, Tongliang Liu, Zhou Wang, DaCheng Tao

The human visual system excels at detecting local blur of visual images, but the underlying mechanism is not well understood.

Vocal Bursts Intensity Prediction

Image Super-Resolution Based on Sparsity Prior via Smoothed $l_0$ Norm

no code implementations22 Mar 2016 Mohammad Rostami, Zhou Wang

However, sparse representation of a signal over a known dictionary is an ill-posed, combinatorial optimization problem.

Combinatorial Optimization Image Super-Resolution +1

Image quality assessment: from error visibility to structural similarity

no code implementations IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2004 Zhou Wang, A.C. Bovik, H.R. Sheikh; E.P. Simoncelli

Objective methods for assessing perceptual image quality traditionally attempted to quantify the visibility of errors (differences) between a distorted image and a reference image using a variety of known properties of the human visual system.

Image Quality Assessment SSIM +1

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