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Polynomial Regression Network for Variable-Number Lane Detection

no code implementations ECCV 2020 Bingke Wang, Zilei Wang, Yixin Zhang

Most of previous methods utilize semantic segmentation to identify the regions of traffic lanes in an image, and then adopt some curve-fitting method to reconstruct the lanes.

Autonomous Driving Lane Detection +1

Low-confidence Samples Matter for Domain Adaptation

1 code implementation6 Feb 2022 Yixin Zhang, Junjie Li, Zilei Wang

Representing the target data structure in such a way would overlook the huge low-confidence samples, resulting in sub-optimal transferability that is biased towards the samples similar to the source domain.

Contrastive Learning Domain Adaptation

5th Place Solution for VSPW 2021 Challenge

no code implementations13 Dec 2021 Jiafan Zhuang, Yixin Zhang, Xinyu Hu, Junjie Li, Zilei Wang

In this article, we introduce the solution we used in the VSPW 2021 Challenge.

Semantic Segmentation

Cross-Domain Cross-Set Few-Shot Learning via Learning Compact and Aligned Representations

no code implementations29 Sep 2021 Wentao Chen, Zhang Zhang, Wei Wang, Liang Wang, Zilei Wang, Tieniu Tan

Few-shot learning (FSL) aims to recognize novel query examples with a small support set through leveraging prior knowledge learned from a large-scale training set.

Few-Shot Learning

RPN Prototype Alignment for Domain Adaptive Object Detector

no code implementations CVPR 2021 Yixin Zhang, Zilei Wang, Yushi Mao

It essentially cooperates the learning of RPN prototypes and features to align the source and target RPN features.

Object Detection

Video Semantic Segmentation with Distortion-Aware Feature Correction

1 code implementation18 Jun 2020 Jiafan Zhuang, Zilei Wang, Bingke Wang

Video semantic segmentation is active in recent years benefited from the great progress of image semantic segmentation.

Frame Optical Flow Estimation +3

Adaptive and Azimuth-Aware Fusion Network of Multimodal Local Features for 3D Object Detection

no code implementations10 Oct 2019 Yonglin Tian, Kunfeng Wang, Yuang Wang, Yulin Tian, Zilei Wang, Fei-Yue Wang

We adopt different modalities of LiDAR data to generate richer features and present an adaptive and azimuth-aware network to aggregate local features from image, bird's eye view maps and point cloud.

3D Object Detection Region Proposal

Meta-SR: A Magnification-Arbitrary Network for Super-Resolution

2 code implementations CVPR 2019 Xuecai Hu, Haoyuan Mu, Xiangyu Zhang, Zilei Wang, Tieniu Tan, Jian Sun

In this work, we propose a novel method called Meta-SR to firstly solve super-resolution of arbitrary scale factor (including non-integer scale factors) with a single model.

Image Super-Resolution

End-to-end View Synthesis for Light Field Imaging with Pseudo 4DCNN

no code implementations ECCV 2018 Yunlong Wang, Fei Liu, Zilei Wang, Guangqi Hou, Zhenan Sun, Tieniu Tan

Limited angular resolution has become the main bottleneck of microlens-based plenoptic cameras towards practical vision applications.

Depth Estimation

Towards Human-Level License Plate Recognition

no code implementations ECCV 2018 Jiafan Zhuang, Saihui Hou, Zilei Wang, Zheng-Jun Zha

License plate recognition (LPR) is a fundamental component of various intelligent transport systems, which is always expected to be accurate and efficient enough.

License Plate Recognition Semantic Segmentation

DualNet: Learn Complementary Features for Image Recognition

1 code implementation ICCV 2017 Saihui Hou, Xu Liu, Zilei Wang

Here two parallel neural networks are coordinated to learn complementary features and thus a wider network is constructed.

VegFru: A Domain-Specific Dataset for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization

2 code implementations ICCV 2017 Saihui Hou, Yushan Feng, Zilei Wang

While the existing datasets for FGVC are mainly focused on animal breeds or man-made objects with limited labelled data, VegFru is a larger dataset consisting of vegetables and fruits which are closely associated with the daily life of everyone.

Fine-Grained Visual Categorization

Highway Vehicle Counting in Compressed Domain

no code implementations CVPR 2016 Xu Liu, Zilei Wang, Jiashi Feng, Hongsheng Xi

HCR hierarchically divides the traffic scenes into different cases according to vehicle density, such that the broad-variation characteristics of traffic scenes can be better approximated.

Deeply Exploit Depth Information for Object Detection

no code implementations8 May 2016 Saihui Hou, Zilei Wang, Feng Wu

This paper addresses the issue on how to more effectively coordinate the depth with RGB aiming at boosting the performance of RGB-D object detection.

Object Detection

Look and Think Twice: Capturing Top-Down Visual Attention With Feedback Convolutional Neural Networks

no code implementations ICCV 2015 Chunshui Cao, Xian-Ming Liu, Yi Yang, Yinan Yu, Jiang Wang, Zilei Wang, Yongzhen Huang, Liang Wang, Chang Huang, Wei Xu, Deva Ramanan, Thomas S. Huang

While feedforward deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have been a great success in computer vision, it is important to remember that the human visual contex contains generally more feedback connections than foward connections.

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