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Saliency-Aware Regularized Graph Neural Network

no code implementations1 Jan 2024 Wenjie Pei, Weina Xu, Zongze Wu, Weichao Li, Jinfan Wang, Guangming Lu, Xiangrong Wang

In this work, we propose the Saliency-Aware Regularized Graph Neural Network (SAR-GNN) for graph classification, which consists of two core modules: 1) a traditional graph neural network serving as the backbone for learning node features and 2) the Graph Neural Memory designed to distill a compact graph representation from node features of the backbone.

Graph Classification Representation Learning +2

Perception Reinforcement Using Auxiliary Learning Feature Fusion: A Modified Yolov8 for Head Detection

no code implementations14 Oct 2023 Jiezhou Chen, Guankun Wang, Weixiang Liu, Xiaopin Zhong, Yibin Tian, Zongze Wu

Head detection provides distribution information of pedestrian, which is crucial for scene statistical analysis, traffic management, and risk assessment and early warning.

Auxiliary Learning Head Detection +1

Edge-aware Plug-and-play Scheme for Semantic Segmentation

no code implementations18 Mar 2023 Jianye Yi, Xiaopin Zhong, Weixiang Liu, Wenxuan Zhu, Zongze Wu, Yuanlong Deng

Therefore, we propose an abstract and universal edge supervision method called Edge-aware Plug-and-play Scheme (EPS), which can be easily and quickly applied to any semantic segmentation models.

Segmentation Semantic Segmentation

Memory-Friendly Scalable Super-Resolution via Rewinding Lottery Ticket Hypothesis

no code implementations CVPR 2023 Jin Lin, Xiaotong Luo, Ming Hong, Yanyun Qu, Yuan Xie, Zongze Wu

In the forward stage, we take advantage of LTH with rewinding weights to progressively shrink the SR model and the pruning-out masks that form nested sets.

Image Classification Model Compression +1

Harmonizing output imbalance for defect segmentation on extremely-imbalanced photovoltaic module cells images

no code implementations10 Nov 2022 Jianye Yi, Xiaopin Zhong, Weixiang Liu, Zongze Wu, Yuanlong Deng, Zhengguang Wu

This extreme imbalance makes it difficult to segment the THC of PV module cells, which is also a challenge for semantic segmentation.

Semantic Segmentation

Variational Distillation for Multi-View Learning

3 code implementations20 Jun 2022 Xudong Tian, Zhizhong Zhang, Cong Wang, Wensheng Zhang, Yanyun Qu, Lizhuang Ma, Zongze Wu, Yuan Xie, DaCheng Tao

Information Bottleneck (IB) based multi-view learning provides an information theoretic principle for seeking shared information contained in heterogeneous data descriptions.

MULTI-VIEW LEARNING Representation Learning

Third Time's the Charm? Image and Video Editing with StyleGAN3

1 code implementation31 Jan 2022 Yuval Alaluf, Or Patashnik, Zongze Wu, Asif Zamir, Eli Shechtman, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or

In particular, we demonstrate that while StyleGAN3 can be trained on unaligned data, one can still use aligned data for training, without hindering the ability to generate unaligned imagery.

Disentanglement Image Generation +1

StyleCLIP: Text-Driven Manipulation of StyleGAN Imagery

5 code implementations ICCV 2021 Or Patashnik, Zongze Wu, Eli Shechtman, Daniel Cohen-Or, Dani Lischinski

Inspired by the ability of StyleGAN to generate highly realistic images in a variety of domains, much recent work has focused on understanding how to use the latent spaces of StyleGAN to manipulate generated and real images.

Image Manipulation

StyleSpace Analysis: Disentangled Controls for StyleGAN Image Generation

6 code implementations CVPR 2021 Zongze Wu, Dani Lischinski, Eli Shechtman

Manipulation of visual attributes via these StyleSpace controls is shown to be better disentangled than via those proposed in previous works.

Attribute Image Generation

Maximum Correntropy Unscented Filter

no code implementations26 Aug 2016 Xi Liu, Badong Chen, Bin Xu, Zongze Wu, Paul Honeine

To improve the robustness of the UKF against impulsive noises, a new filter for nonlinear systems is proposed in this work, namely the maximum correntropy unscented filter (MCUF).

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