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Plug and Play Language Models: A Simple Approach to Controlled Text Generation

huggingface/transformers ICLR 2020

Large transformer-based language models (LMs) trained on huge text corpora have shown unparalleled generation capabilities.

Language Modelling Text Generation

Attention Is All You Need

huggingface/transformers NeurIPS 2017

The dominant sequence transduction models are based on complex recurrent or convolutional neural networks in an encoder-decoder configuration.

Abstractive Text Summarization Constituency Parsing +5

Predicting Subjective Features of Questions of QA Websites using BERT

huggingface/transformers ICWR 2020

Community Question-Answering websites, such as StackOverflow and Quora, expect users to follow specific guidelines in order to maintain content quality.

Community Question Answering

Efficient softmax approximation for GPUs

huggingface/transformers ICML 2017

We propose an approximate strategy to efficiently train neural network based language models over very large vocabularies.

DePlot: One-shot visual language reasoning by plot-to-table translation

huggingface/transformers 20 Dec 2022

Compared with a SOTA model finetuned on more than >28k data points, DePlot+LLM with just one-shot prompting achieves a 24. 0% improvement over finetuned SOTA on human-written queries from the task of chart QA.

Chart Question Answering Language Modelling +1

Transformers: State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing

huggingface/transformers EMNLP 2020

Transformer architectures have facilitated building higher-capacity models and pretraining has made it possible to effectively utilize this capacity for a wide variety of tasks.

Image Classification Object Recognition +1

NLG Evaluation Metrics Beyond Correlation Analysis: An Empirical Metric Preference Checklist

huggingface/transformers 15 May 2023

Our proposed framework provides access: (i) for verifying whether automatic metrics are faithful to human preference, regardless of their correlation level to human; and (ii) for inspecting the strengths and limitations of NLG systems via pairwise evaluation.

Controllable Language Modelling Dialogue Generation +2

Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining

huggingface/transformers NeurIPS 2019

On unsupervised machine translation, we obtain 34. 3 BLEU on WMT'16 German-English, improving the previous state of the art by more than 9 BLEU.

Language Modelling Natural Language Understanding +2

Selecting Informative Contexts Improves Language Model Finetuning

huggingface/transformers 1 May 2020

Here we present a general fine-tuning method that we call information gain filtration for improving the overall training efficiency and final performance of language model fine-tuning.

Language Modelling