2D Object Detection

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Single-stage Keypoint-based Category-level Object Pose Estimation from an RGB Image

no code yet • 13 Sep 2021

Prior work on 6-DoF object pose estimation has largely focused on instance-level processing, in which a textured CAD model is available for each object being detected.

2D Object Detection Pose Estimation

Deployment of Deep Neural Networks for Object Detection on Edge AI Devices with Runtime Optimization

no code yet • 18 Aug 2021

We therefore perform a case study of the deployment of two representative object detection networks on an edge AI platform.

2D Object Detection 3D Object Detection +2

RandomRooms: Unsupervised Pre-training from Synthetic Shapes and Randomized Layouts for 3D Object Detection

no code yet • 17 Aug 2021

In particular, we propose to generate random layouts of a scene by making use of the objects in the synthetic CAD dataset and learn the 3D scene representation by applying object-level contrastive learning on two random scenes generated from the same set of synthetic objects.

2D Object Detection 3D Object Detection +2

Unity Perception: Generate Synthetic Data for Computer Vision

no code yet • 9 Jul 2021

We introduce the Unity Perception package which aims to simplify and accelerate the process of generating synthetic datasets for computer vision tasks by offering an easy-to-use and highly customizable toolset.

2D Object Detection Unity

Achieving Real-Time Object Detection on MobileDevices with Neural Pruning Search

no code yet • 28 Jun 2021

Object detection plays an important role in self-driving cars for security development.

2D Object Detection 3D Object Detection +2

Exploring 2D Data Augmentation for 3D Monocular Object Detection

no code yet • 21 Apr 2021

Extension of these data augmentations for 3D object detection requires adaptation of the 3D geometry of the input scene and synthesis of new viewpoints.

2D Object Detection 3D Object Detection +2

MonoGRNet: A General Framework for Monocular 3D Object Detection

no code yet • 18 Apr 2021

Detecting and localizing objects in the real 3D space, which plays a crucial role in scene understanding, is particularly challenging given only a monocular image due to the geometric information loss during imagery projection.

2D Object Detection Depth Estimation +2

Improved and efficient inter-vehicle distance estimation using road gradients of both ego and target vehicles

no code yet • 1 Apr 2021

Existing inter-vehicle distance estimation methods assume that the ego and target vehicles drive on a same ground plane.

2D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +1

GEM: Glare or Gloom, I Can Still See You -- End-to-End Multimodal Object Detection

no code yet • 24 Feb 2021

We additionally record a new RGB-Infra indoor dataset, namely L515-Indoors, and demonstrate that the proposed object detection methodologies are highly effective for a variety of lighting conditions.

2D Object Detection Human robot interaction

Revisiting 3D Context Modeling with Supervised Pre-training for Universal Lesion Detection in CT Slices

no code yet • 16 Dec 2020

We demonstrate that with the novel pre-training method, the proposed MP3D FPN achieves state-of-the-art detection performance on the DeepLesion dataset (3. 48% absolute improvement in the sensitivity of FPs@0. 5), significantly surpassing the baseline method by up to 6. 06% (in MAP@0. 5) which adopts 2D convolution for 3D context modeling.

2D Object Detection Computed Tomography (CT)