3D Classification

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Most implemented papers

Learning SO(3) Equivariant Representations with Spherical CNNs

daniilidis-group/spherical-cnn ECCV 2018

We address the problem of 3D rotation equivariance in convolutional neural networks.

PointHop++: A Lightweight Learning Model on Point Sets for 3D Classification

minzhang-1/PointHop2 9 Feb 2020

The PointHop method was recently proposed by Zhang et al. for 3D point cloud classification with unsupervised feature extraction.

3D Object Recognition with Ensemble Learning --- A Study of Point Cloud-Based Deep Learning Models

dkoguciuk/ensemble_learning_for_point_clouds 17 Apr 2019

In this study, we present an analysis of model-based ensemble learning for 3D point-cloud object classification and detection.

Triangle-Net: Towards Robustness in Point Cloud Learning

megayeye/triangle-net 27 Feb 2020

Previous research has shown that points' sparsity, rotation and positional inherent variance can lead to a significant drop in the performance of point cloud based classification techniques.

MeshWalker: Deep Mesh Understanding by Random Walks

AlonLahav/MeshWalker 9 Jun 2020

Each walk is organized as a list of vertices, which in some manner imposes regularity on the mesh.

Weakly Supervised 3D Classification of Chest CT using Aggregated Multi-Resolution Deep Segmentation Features

fitushar/WeaklySupervised-3D-Classification-of-Chest-CT-using-Aggregated-MultiResolution-Segmentation-Feature 31 Oct 2020

Second, segmentation and classification models are connected with two different feature aggregation strategies to enhance the classification performance.

MVTN: Multi-View Transformation Network for 3D Shape Recognition

ajhamdi/MVTN ICCV 2021

MVTN exhibits clear performance gains in the tasks of 3D shape classification and 3D shape retrieval without the need for extra training supervision.