3D Face Animation

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Image: Cudeiro et al

Most implemented papers

Learning a model of facial shape and expression from 4D scans

Rubikplayer/flame-fitting SIGGRAPH Asia 2017

FLAME is low-dimensional but more expressive than the FaceWarehouse model and the Basel Face Model.

MeshTalk: 3D Face Animation from Speech using Cross-Modality Disentanglement

facebookresearch/meshtalk ICCV 2021

To improve upon existing models, we propose a generic audio-driven facial animation approach that achieves highly realistic motion synthesis results for the entire face.

3D faces in motion: Fully automatic registration and statistical analysis

TimoBolkart/MultilinearModelFitting 24 Jun 2014

The resulting statistical analysis is applied to automatically generate realistic facial animations and to recognize dynamic facial expressions.

Capture, Learning, and Synthesis of 3D Speaking Styles

TimoBolkart/voca CVPR 2019

To address this, we introduce a unique 4D face dataset with about 29 minutes of 4D scans captured at 60 fps and synchronized audio from 12 speakers.

Audio-driven Talking Face Video Generation with Learning-based Personalized Head Pose

yiranran/Audio-driven-TalkingFace-HeadPose 24 Feb 2020

In this paper, we address this problem by proposing a deep neural network model that takes an audio signal A of a source person and a very short video V of a target person as input, and outputs a synthesized high-quality talking face video with personalized head pose (making use of the visual information in V), expression and lip synchronization (by considering both A and V).

Learning an Animatable Detailed 3D Face Model from In-The-Wild Images

YadiraF/DECA 7 Dec 2020

Some methods produce faces that cannot be realistically animated because they do not model how wrinkles vary with expression.

FACIAL: Synthesizing Dynamic Talking Face with Implicit Attribute Learning

zhangchenxu528/FACIAL ICCV 2021

In this paper, we propose a talking face generation method that takes an audio signal as input and a short target video clip as reference, and synthesizes a photo-realistic video of the target face with natural lip motions, head poses, and eye blinks that are in-sync with the input audio signal.