3D Geometry Prediction

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Most implemented papers

Molecule3D: A Benchmark for Predicting 3D Geometries from Molecular Graphs

divelab/MoleculeX 30 Sep 2021

Here, we propose to predict the ground-state 3D geometries from molecular graphs using machine learning methods.

Hierarchical Surface Prediction for 3D Object Reconstruction

vnoves/aectech2019-sketchto3d-backend 3 Apr 2017

A major limitation of such approaches is that they only predict a coarse resolution voxel grid, which does not capture the surface of the objects well.

Learning 6-DOF Grasping Interaction via Deep Geometry-aware 3D Representations

koryako/selfcarRaspberryPi 24 Aug 2017

Our contributions are fourfold: (1) To best of our knowledge, we are presenting for the first time a method to learn a 6-DOF grasping net from RGBD input; (2) We build a grasping dataset from demonstrations in virtual reality with rich sensory and interaction annotations.

Uni-Mol: A Universal 3D Molecular Representation Learning Framework

dptech-corp/Uni-Mol ChemRxiv 2022

Uni-Mol is composed of two models with the same SE(3)-equivariant transformer architecture: a molecular pretraining model trained by 209M molecular conformations; a pocket pretraining model trained by 3M candidate protein pocket data.

Point Cloud Diffusion Models for Automatic Implant Generation

pfriedri/pcdiff-implant 14 Mar 2023

Advances in 3D printing of biocompatible materials make patient-specific implants increasingly popular.