3D Object Detection

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2D object detection classifies the object category and estimates oriented 2D bounding boxes of physical objects from 3D sensor data.

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VoxelNet: End-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Based 3D Object Detection

charlesq34/pointnet CVPR 2018

Accurate detection of objects in 3D point clouds is a central problem in many applications, such as autonomous navigation, housekeeping robots, and augmented/virtual reality.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Navigation +4

PV-RCNN++: Point-Voxel Feature Set Abstraction With Local Vector Representation for 3D Object Detection

open-mmlab/OpenPCDet 31 Jan 2021

Second, we propose a more advanced framework, PV-RCNN-v2, for more efficient and accurate 3D detection.

3D Object Detection

PV-RCNN: The Top-Performing LiDAR-only Solutions for 3D Detection / 3D Tracking / Domain Adaptation of Waymo Open Dataset Challenges

open-mmlab/OpenPCDet 28 Aug 2020

In this technical report, we present the top-performing LiDAR-only solutions for 3D detection, 3D tracking and domain adaptation three tracks in Waymo Open Dataset Challenges 2020.

3D Object Detection Domain Adaptation

PV-RCNN: Point-Voxel Feature Set Abstraction for 3D Object Detection

sshaoshuai/PointCloudDet3D CVPR 2020

We present a novel and high-performance 3D object detection framework, named PointVoxel-RCNN (PV-RCNN), for accurate 3D object detection from point clouds.

3D Object Detection

From Points to Parts: 3D Object Detection from Point Cloud with Part-aware and Part-aggregation Network

open-mmlab/OpenPCDet 8 Jul 2019

3D object detection from LiDAR point cloud is a challenging problem in 3D scene understanding and has many practical applications.

3D Object Detection Scene Understanding

FCOS3D: Fully Convolutional One-Stage Monocular 3D Object Detection

open-mmlab/mmdetection3d 22 Apr 2021

In this technical report, we study this problem with a practice built on fully convolutional single-stage detector and propose a general framework FCOS3D.

Autonomous Driving Monocular 3D Object Detection

Exploring Data Augmentation for Multi-Modality 3D Object Detection

open-mmlab/mmdetection3d 23 Dec 2020

Due to the fact that multi-modality data augmentation must maintain consistency between point cloud and images, recent methods in this field typically use relatively insufficient data augmentation.

3D Object Detection Autonomous Driving +1