3D Object Recognition

21 papers with code • 4 benchmarks • 6 datasets

3D object recognition is the task of recognising objects from 3D data.

Note that there are related tasks you can look at, such as 3D Object Detection which have more leaderboards.

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Most implemented papers


DLR-RM/BlenderProc 25 Oct 2019

BlenderProc is a modular procedural pipeline, which helps in generating real looking images for the training of convolutional neural networks.

Sparse 3D convolutional neural networks

btgraham/SparseConvNet 12 May 2015

We have implemented a convolutional neural network designed for processing sparse three-dimensional input data.

Volumetric and Multi-View CNNs for Object Classification on 3D Data

charlesq34/3dcnn.torch CVPR 2016

Empirical results from these two types of CNNs exhibit a large gap, indicating that existing volumetric CNN architectures and approaches are unable to fully exploit the power of 3D representations.

SceneGraphNet: Neural Message Passing for 3D Indoor Scene Augmentation

yzhou359/3DIndoor-SceneGraphNet ICCV 2019

In this paper we propose a neural message passing approach to augment an input 3D indoor scene with new objects matching their surroundings.

FPNN: Field Probing Neural Networks for 3D Data

yangyanli/FPNN NeurIPS 2016

Each field probing filter is a set of probing points --- sensors that perceive the space.

Learning a Hierarchical Latent-Variable Model of 3D Shapes

lorenmt/vsl 17 May 2017

We propose the Variational Shape Learner (VSL), a generative model that learns the underlying structure of voxelized 3D shapes in an unsupervised fashion.

Rotational Subgroup Voting and Pose Clustering for Robust 3D Object Recognition

caro-sdu/covis ICCV 2017

The key insight of our work is that a single correspondence between oriented points on the two models is constrained to cast votes in a 1 DoF rotational subgroup of the full group of poses, SE(3).

Learning and Visualizing Localized Geometric Features Using 3D-CNN: An Application to Manufacturability Analysis of Drilled Holes

idealab-isu/GPView 13 Nov 2017

3D Convolutional Neural Networks (3D-CNN) have been used for object recognition based on the voxelized shape of an object.

Triplet-Center Loss for Multi-View 3D Object Retrieval

popcornell/keras-triplet-center-loss CVPR 2018

Most existing 3D object recognition algorithms focus on leveraging the strong discriminative power of deep learning models with softmax loss for the classification of 3D data, while learning discriminative features with deep metric learning for 3D object retrieval is more or less neglected.