3D Object Tracking

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Most implemented papers

Center-based 3D Object Detection and Tracking

tianweiy/CenterPoint CVPR 2021

Three-dimensional objects are commonly represented as 3D boxes in a point-cloud.

P2B: Point-to-Box Network for 3D Object Tracking in Point Clouds

HaozheQi/P2B CVPR 2020

Specifically, we first sample seeds from the point clouds in template and search area respectively.

SRT3D: A Sparse Region-Based 3D Object Tracking Approach for the Real World

dlr-rm/3dobjecttracking 25 Oct 2021

Finally, we use a pre-rendered sparse viewpoint model to create a joint posterior probability for the object pose.

You Only Demonstrate Once: Category-Level Manipulation from Single Visual Demonstration

wenbowen123/catgrasp 30 Jan 2022

The canonical object representation is learned solely in simulation and then used to parse a category-level, task trajectory from a single demonstration video.

Leveraging Shape Completion for 3D Siamese Tracking

SilvioGiancola/ShapeCompletion3DTracking CVPR 2019

We design a Siamese tracker that encodes model and candidate shapes into a compact latent representation.

Argoverse: 3D Tracking and Forecasting with Rich Maps

argoai/argoverse-api CVPR 2019

In our baseline experiments, we illustrate how detailed map information such as lane direction, driveable area, and ground height improves the accuracy of 3D object tracking and motion forecasting.

RGB-D-E: Event Camera Calibration for Fast 6-DOF Object Tracking

lvsn/rgbde_tracking 9 Jun 2020

In this paper, we propose, for the first time, to use an event-based camera to increase the speed of 3D object tracking in 6 degrees of freedom.

Deep Lesion Tracker: Monitoring Lesions in 4D Longitudinal Imaging Studies

JimmyCai91/DLT CVPR 2021

In this work, we present deep lesion tracker (DLT), a deep learning approach that uses both appearance- and anatomical-based signals.

Objectron: A Large Scale Dataset of Object-Centric Videos in the Wild with Pose Annotations

google-research-datasets/Objectron CVPR 2021

3D object detection has recently become popular due to many applications in robotics, augmented reality, autonomy, and image retrieval.

Monocular Quasi-Dense 3D Object Tracking

SysCV/qd-3dt 12 Mar 2021

Experiments on our proposed simulation data and real-world benchmarks, including KITTI, nuScenes, and Waymo datasets, show that our tracking framework offers robust object association and tracking on urban-driving scenarios.