3D Shape Representation

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Occupancy Networks: Learning 3D Reconstruction in Function Space

LMescheder/Occupancy-Networks CVPR 2019

With the advent of deep neural networks, learning-based approaches for 3D reconstruction have gained popularity.

Learning Implicit Fields for Generative Shape Modeling

czq142857/implicit-decoder CVPR 2019

We advocate the use of implicit fields for learning generative models of shapes and introduce an implicit field decoder, called IM-NET, for shape generation, aimed at improving the visual quality of the generated shapes.

DeepSDF: Learning Continuous Signed Distance Functions for Shape Representation

Facebookresearch/deepsdf CVPR 2019

In this work, we introduce DeepSDF, a learned continuous Signed Distance Function (SDF) representation of a class of shapes that enables high quality shape representation, interpolation and completion from partial and noisy 3D input data.

PVNet: A Joint Convolutional Network of Point Cloud and Multi-View for 3D Shape Recognition

2023-MindSpore-4/Code9 23 Aug 2018

With the recent proliferation of deep learning, various deep models with different representations have achieved the state-of-the-art performance.

BSP-Net: Generating Compact Meshes via Binary Space Partitioning

czq142857/BSP-NET-original CVPR 2020

The network is trained to reconstruct a shape using a set of convexes obtained from a BSP-tree built on a set of planes.

Multiview Neural Surface Reconstruction by Disentangling Geometry and Appearance

lioryariv/idr NeurIPS 2020

In this work we address the challenging problem of multiview 3D surface reconstruction.

On the Effectiveness of Weight-Encoded Neural Implicit 3D Shapes

u2ni/ICLR2021 17 Sep 2020

Many prior works have focused on _latent-encoded_ neural implicits, where a latent vector encoding of a specific shape is also fed as input.

Learning Discriminative 3D Shape Representations by View Discerning Networks

chengz3906/View-Discerning-Network 11 Aug 2018

In this network, a Score Generation Unit is devised to evaluate the quality of each projected image with score vectors.

MeshNet: Mesh Neural Network for 3D Shape Representation

iMoonLab/MeshNet 28 Nov 2018

However, there is little effort on using mesh data in recent years, due to the complexity and irregularity of mesh data.

3D Point Capsule Networks

yongheng1991/3D-point-capsule-networks CVPR 2019

In this paper, we propose 3D point-capsule networks, an auto-encoder designed to process sparse 3D point clouds while preserving spatial arrangements of the input data.