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Accuracy metrics analysis to identify applicability scope and discuss explainability and interpretability of the resulting values


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A Survey on Performance Metrics for Object-Detection Algorithms

rafaelpadilla/Object-Detection-Metrics 21 Jul 2020

The lack of consensus in different works and AP implementations is a problem faced by the academic and scientific communities.

Accuracy Metrics Object Detection

Adversarial Examples for Evaluating Reading Comprehension Systems

makcedward/nlpaug EMNLP 2017

Standard accuracy metrics indicate that reading comprehension systems are making rapid progress, but the extent to which these systems truly understand language remains unclear.

Accuracy Metrics Question Answering +1

Speech Commands: A Dataset for Limited-Vocabulary Speech Recognition

TomVeniat/SANAS 9 Apr 2018

Describes an audio dataset of spoken words designed to help train and evaluate keyword spotting systems.

Accuracy Metrics Keyword Spotting +1

Forecasting day-ahead electricity prices: A review of state-of-the-art algorithms, best practices and an open-access benchmark

jeslago/epftoolbox 18 Aug 2020

While the field of electricity price forecasting has benefited from plenty of contributions in the last two decades, it arguably lacks a rigorous approach to evaluating new predictive algorithms.

Accuracy Metrics

Efficient Neural Network Compression

Hyeji-Kim/ENC CVPR 2019

The better accuracy and complexity compromise, as well as the extremely fast speed of our method makes it suitable for neural network compression.

Accuracy Metrics Neural Network Compression

QAInfomax: Learning Robust Question Answering System by Mutual Information Maximization

MiuLab/QAInfomax IJCNLP 2019

Standard accuracy metrics indicate that modern reading comprehension systems have achieved strong performance in many question answering datasets.

Accuracy Metrics Question Answering +1

An Attention Mechanism for Musical Instrument Recognition

SiddGururani/AttentionMIC 9 Jul 2019

While the automatic recognition of musical instruments has seen significant progress, the task is still considered hard for music featuring multiple instruments as opposed to single instrument recordings.

Accuracy Metrics Instrument Recognition

FastSal: a Computationally Efficient Network for Visual Saliency Prediction

feiyanhu/FastSal 25 Aug 2020

This paper focuses on the problem of visual saliency prediction, predicting regions of an image that tend to attract human visual attention, under a constrained computational budget.

Accuracy Metrics Saliency Prediction +1

Exploring Artist Gender Bias in Music Recommendation

dshakes90/Last-fm-Gender-Bias-Analysis 3 Sep 2020

Music Recommender Systems (mRS) are designed to give personalised and meaningful recommendations of items (i. e. songs, playlists or artists) to a user base, thereby reflecting and further complementing individual users' specific music preferences.

Accuracy Metrics Recommendation Systems