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BMN: Boundary-Matching Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation

PaddlePaddle/models ICCV 2019

To address these difficulties, we introduce the Boundary-Matching (BM) mechanism to evaluate confidence scores of densely distributed proposals, which denote a proposal as a matching pair of starting and ending boundaries and combine all densely distributed BM pairs into the BM confidence map.

Action Detection Action Recognition +1

BSN: Boundary Sensitive Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation

PaddlePaddle/models ECCV 2018

Temporal action proposal generation is an important yet challenging problem, since temporal proposals with rich action content are indispensable for analysing real-world videos with long duration and high proportion irrelevant content.

Action Detection Temporal Action Proposal Generation

A Multigrid Method for Efficiently Training Video Models

facebookresearch/SlowFast CVPR 2020

We empirically demonstrate a general and robust grid schedule that yields a significant out-of-the-box training speedup without a loss in accuracy for different models (I3D, non-local, SlowFast), datasets (Kinetics, Something-Something, Charades), and training settings (with and without pre-training, 128 GPUs or 1 GPU).

Action Detection Action Recognition +1 neural building blocks for speaker diarization

pyannote/pyannote-audio 4 Nov 2019

We introduce pyannote. audio, an open-source toolkit written in Python for speaker diarization.

Action Detection Activity Detection +1

Actor-Centric Relation Network

open-mmlab/mmaction2 ECCV 2018

A visualization of the learned relation features confirms that our approach is able to attend to the relevant relations for each action.

Action Classification Action Detection +2

audino: A Modern Annotation Tool for Audio and Speech

midas-research/audino 9 Jun 2020

The tool allows audio data to be uploaded and assigned to a user through a key-based API.

Action Detection Activity Detection +3

Multi-Moments in Time: Learning and Interpreting Models for Multi-Action Video Understanding

metalbubble/moments_models 1 Nov 2019

An event happening in the world is often made of different activities and actions that can unfold simultaneously or sequentially within a few seconds.

Action Detection Action Recognition +2