Action Quality Assessment

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Assessing/analyzing/quantifying how well an action was performed.

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Action Quality Assessment Across Multiple Actions

ParitoshParmar/C3D-LSTM--PyTorch 15 Dec 2018

Can learning to measure the quality of an action help in measuring the quality of other actions?

Action Quality Assessment Transfer Learning

Learning To Score Olympic Events

ParitoshParmar/C3D-LSTM--PyTorch 16 Nov 2016

Estimating action quality, the process of assigning a "score" to the execution of an action, is crucial in areas such as sports and health care.

Action Quality Assessment Action Recognition

Hybrid Dynamic-static Context-aware Attention Network for Action Assessment in Long Videos

lingan1996/ACTION-NET 13 Aug 2020

However, most existing works focus only on video dynamic information (i. e., motion information) but ignore the specific postures that an athlete is performing in a video, which is important for action assessment in long videos.

Action Quality Assessment

HalluciNet-ing Spatiotemporal Representations Using a 2D-CNN

ParitoshParmar/HalluciNet--PyTorch 10 Dec 2019

The hallucination task is treated as an auxiliary task, which can be used with any other action related task in a multitask learning setting.

Action Anticipation Action Classification +5