Action Quality Assessment

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Assessing/analyzing/quantifying how well an action was performed.

Most implemented papers

What and How Well You Performed? A Multitask Learning Approach to Action Quality Assessment

ParitoshParmar/MTL-AQA CVPR 2019

Can performance on the task of action quality assessment (AQA) be improved by exploiting a description of the action and its quality?

Learning To Score Olympic Events

ParitoshParmar/C3D-LSTM--PyTorch 16 Nov 2016

Estimating action quality, the process of assigning a "score" to the execution of an action, is crucial in areas such as sports and health care.

HalluciNet-ing Spatiotemporal Representations Using a 2D-CNN

ParitoshParmar/HalluciNet 10 Dec 2019

The hallucination task is treated as an auxiliary task, which can be used with any other action related task in a multitask learning setting.

Auto-Encoding Score Distribution Regression for Action Quality Assessment

InfoX-SEU/DAE-AQA 22 Nov 2021

Action quality assessment (AQA) from videos is a challenging vision task since the relation between videos and action scores is difficult to model.

Action Quality Assessment Across Multiple Actions

ParitoshParmar/C3D-LSTM--PyTorch 15 Dec 2018

Can learning to measure the quality of an action help in measuring the quality of other actions?

A Deep Learning Framework for Assessing Physical Rehabilitation Exercises

avakanski/A-Deep-Learning-Framework-for-Assessing-Physical-Rehabilitation-Exercises 29 Jan 2019

In this paper, we propose a deep learning-based framework for automated assessment of the quality of physical rehabilitation exercises.

Uncertainty-aware Score Distribution Learning for Action Quality Assessment

nzl-thu/musdl CVPR 2020

Assessing action quality from videos has attracted growing attention in recent years.

Hybrid Dynamic-static Context-aware Attention Network for Action Assessment in Long Videos

lingan1996/ACTION-NET 13 Aug 2020

However, most existing works focus only on video dynamic information (i. e., motion information) but ignore the specific postures that an athlete is performing in a video, which is important for action assessment in long videos.

Piano Skills Assessment

ParitoshParmar/Piano-Skills-Assessment 13 Jan 2021

Can a computer determine a piano player's skill level?

Improving Action Quality Assessment using Weighted Aggregation

Farabi-shafkat/Improving-Action-Quality-Assessment-using-ResNets-and-Weighted-Aggregation 21 Feb 2021

We assess the effects of the depth and input clip size of the convolutional neural network on the quality of action score predictions.