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Temporal Segment Networks: Towards Good Practices for Deep Action Recognition

yjxiong/temporal-segment-networks 2 Aug 2016

The other contribution is our study on a series of good practices in learning ConvNets on video data with the help of temporal segment network.

Temporal Segment Networks for Action Recognition in Videos

yjxiong/temporal-segment-networks 8 May 2017

Furthermore, based on the temporal segment networks, we won the video classification track at the ActivityNet challenge 2016 among 24 teams, which demonstrates the effectiveness of TSN and the proposed good practices.

Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition in Videos

feichtenhofer/twostreamfusion NeurIPS 2014

Our architecture is trained and evaluated on the standard video actions benchmarks of UCF-101 and HMDB-51, where it is competitive with the state of the art.

Towards Good Practices for Very Deep Two-Stream ConvNets

yjxiong/caffe 8 Jul 2015

However, for action recognition in videos, the improvement of deep convolutional networks is not so evident.

Recognition of Instrument-Tissue Interactions in Endoscopic Videos via Action Triplets

camma-public/tripnet 10 Jul 2020

Recognition of surgical activity is an essential component to develop context-aware decision support for the operating room.

Action Recognition using Visual Attention

kracwarlock/action-recognition-visual-attention 12 Nov 2015

We propose a soft attention based model for the task of action recognition in videos.

IntegralAction: Pose-driven Feature Integration for Robust Human Action Recognition in Videos

mks0601/IntegralAction_RELEASE 13 Jul 2020

Most current action recognition methods heavily rely on appearance information by taking an RGB sequence of entire image regions as input.

Convolutional Two-Stream Network Fusion for Video Action Recognition

feichtenhofer/twostreamfusion CVPR 2016

Recent applications of Convolutional Neural Networks (ConvNets) for human action recognition in videos have proposed different solutions for incorporating the appearance and motion information.

Spatiotemporal Residual Networks for Video Action Recognition

feichtenhofer/st-resnet NeurIPS 2016

Two-stream Convolutional Networks (ConvNets) have shown strong performance for human action recognition in videos.

Two-stream Flow-guided Convolutional Attention Networks for Action Recognition

antran89/two-stream-fcan 30 Aug 2017

This paper proposes a two-stream flow-guided convolutional attention networks for action recognition in videos.