Action Triplet Detection

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Detecting and localizing bounding boxes of tools and anatomies. Then prediction their relationship as action triplet <instrument, verb, target>


Most implemented papers

CholecTriplet2022: Show me a tool and tell me the triplet -- an endoscopic vision challenge for surgical action triplet detection

CAMMA-public/cholect50 13 Feb 2023

This paper presents the CholecTriplet2022 challenge, which extends surgical action triplet modeling from recognition to detection.

Surgical Action Triplet Detection by Mixed Supervised Learning of Instrument-Tissue Interactions

camma-public/mcit-ig 18 Jul 2023

We analyze how the amount of instrument spatial annotations affects triplet detection and observe that accurate instrument localization does not guarantee better triplet detection due to the risk of erroneous associations with the verbs and targets.