Action Triplet Recognition

5 papers with code • 6 benchmarks • 4 datasets

Recognising action as a triplet of subject verb and object. Example HOI = Human Object Interaction, Surgical IVT = Instrument Verb Target, etc.


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Most implemented papers

Benchmarking Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control

rllab/rllab 22 Apr 2016

Recently, researchers have made significant progress combining the advances in deep learning for learning feature representations with reinforcement learning.

Rendezvous: Attention Mechanisms for the Recognition of Surgical Action Triplets in Endoscopic Videos

camma-public/tripnet 7 Sep 2021

To achieve this task, we introduce our new model, the Rendezvous (RDV), which recognizes triplets directly from surgical videos by leveraging attention at two different levels.

CholecTriplet2021: A benchmark challenge for surgical action triplet recognition

CAMMA-public/cholectriplet2021 10 Apr 2022

In this paper, we present the challenge setup and assessment of the state-of-the-art deep learning methods proposed by the participants during the challenge.

Data Splits and Metrics for Method Benchmarking on Surgical Action Triplet Datasets

CAMMA-public/cholect45 11 Apr 2022

We also develop a metrics library, ivtmetrics, for model evaluation on surgical triplets.

Recognition of Instrument-Tissue Interactions in Endoscopic Videos via Action Triplets

camma-public/tripnet 10 Jul 2020

Recognition of surgical activity is an essential component to develop context-aware decision support for the operating room.