Active Learning

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Active Learning is a paradigm in supervised machine learning which uses fewer training examples to achieve better optimization by iteratively training a predictor, and using the predictor in each iteration to choose the training examples which will increase its chances of finding better configurations and at the same time improving the accuracy of the prediction model

Source: Polystore++: Accelerated Polystore System for Heterogeneous Workloads


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Most implemented papers

Self-Regulated Interactive Sequence-to-Sequence Learning

joeynmt/joeynmt ACL 2019

Not all types of supervision signals are created equal: Different types of feedback have different costs and effects on learning.

Few-Shot Learning with Graph Neural Networks

vgsatorras/few-shot-gnn 10 Nov 2017

We propose to study the problem of few-shot learning with the prism of inference on a partially observed graphical model, constructed from a collection of input images whose label can be either observed or not.

Variational Adversarial Active Learning

sinhasam/vaal ICCV 2019

Unlike conventional active learning algorithms, our approach is task agnostic, i. e., it does not depend on the performance of the task for which we are trying to acquire labeled data.

Learning Loss for Active Learning

Mephisto405/Learning-Loss-for-Active-Learning CVPR 2019

In this paper, we propose a novel active learning method that is simple but task-agnostic, and works efficiently with the deep networks.

Active learning in annotating micro-blogs dealing with e-reputation

ungeimer/FLAT-TextTagger 16 Jun 2017

This paper intends to develop a so-called active learning process for automatically annotating French language tweets that deal with the image (i. e., representation, web reputation) of politicians.

libact: Pool-based Active Learning in Python

ntucllab/libact 1 Oct 2017

libact is a Python package designed to make active learning easier for general users.

Deep Bayesian Active Learning with Image Data

Riashat/Active-Learning-Bayesian-Convolutional-Neural-Networks ICML 2017

In this paper we combine recent advances in Bayesian deep learning into the active learning framework in a practical way.

Deep Batch Active Learning by Diverse, Uncertain Gradient Lower Bounds

JordanAsh/badge ICLR 2020

We design a new algorithm for batch active learning with deep neural network models.

Iterative Surrogate Model Optimization (ISMO): An active learning algorithm for PDE constrained optimization with deep neural networks

kjetil-lye/iterative_surrogate_optimization 13 Aug 2020

We present a novel active learning algorithm, termed as iterative surrogate model optimization (ISMO), for robust and efficient numerical approximation of PDE constrained optimization problems.