Activity Detection

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Detecting activities in extended videos.

Greatest papers with code neural building blocks for speaker diarization

pyannote/pyannote-audio 4 Nov 2019

We introduce pyannote. audio, an open-source toolkit written in Python for speaker diarization.

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audino: A Modern Annotation Tool for Audio and Speech

midas-research/audino 9 Jun 2020

The tool allows audio data and their corresponding annotations to be uploaded and assigned to a user through a key-based API.

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An End-to-End Architecture for Keyword Spotting and Voice Activity Detection

mindorii/kws 28 Nov 2016

We propose a single neural network architecture for two tasks: on-line keyword spotting and voice activity detection.

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Temporal Activity Detection in Untrimmed Videos with Recurrent Neural Networks

imatge-upc/activitynet-2016-cvprw 29 Aug 2016

This thesis explore different approaches using Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks to classify and temporally localize activities on videos, furthermore an implementation to achieve it has been proposed.

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Protest Activity Detection and Perceived Violence Estimation from Social Media Images

wondonghyeon/protest-detection-violence-estimation 18 Sep 2017

We also release the UCLA Protest Image Dataset, our novel dataset of 40, 764 images (11, 659 protest images and hard negatives) with various annotations of visual attributes and sentiments.

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Learning Latent Super-Events to Detect Multiple Activities in Videos

piergiaj/super-events-cvpr18 CVPR 2018

In this paper, we introduce the concept of learning latent super-events from activity videos, and present how it benefits activity detection in continuous videos.

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Temporal Gaussian Mixture Layer for Videos

piergiaj/tgm-icml19 ICLR 2019

We introduce a new convolutional layer named the Temporal Gaussian Mixture (TGM) layer and present how it can be used to efficiently capture longer-term temporal information in continuous activity videos.

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