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Neural Additive Models: Interpretable Machine Learning with Neural Nets

lemeln/nam NeurIPS 2021

They perform similarly to existing state-of-the-art generalized additive models in accuracy, but are more flexible because they are based on neural nets instead of boosted trees.

Additive Approximations in High Dimensional Nonparametric Regression via the SALSA

kirthevasank/salsa 31 Jan 2016

Between non-additive models which often have large variance and first order additive models which have large bias, there has been little work to exploit the trade-off in the middle via additive models of intermediate order.

Stability selection for component-wise gradient boosting in multiple dimensions

boost-R/gamboostLSS 30 Nov 2016

We apply this new algorithm to a study to estimate abundance of common eider in Massachusetts, USA, featuring excess zeros, overdispersion, non-linearity and spatio-temporal structures.

Axiomatic Interpretability for Multiclass Additive Models

microsoft/interpret 22 Oct 2018

In the first part of this paper, we generalize a state-of-the-art GAM learning algorithm based on boosted trees to the multiclass setting, and show that this multiclass algorithm outperforms existing GAM learning algorithms and sometimes matches the performance of full complexity models such as gradient boosted trees.

Do Not Trust Additive Explanations

ModelOriented/iBreakDown 27 Mar 2019

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)has received a great deal of attention recently.

InterpretML: A Unified Framework for Machine Learning Interpretability

microsoft/interpret 19 Sep 2019

InterpretML is an open-source Python package which exposes machine learning interpretability algorithms to practitioners and researchers.

Purifying Interaction Effects with the Functional ANOVA: An Efficient Algorithm for Recovering Identifiable Additive Models

microsoft/interpret 12 Nov 2019

Models which estimate main effects of individual variables alongside interaction effects have an identifiability challenge: effects can be freely moved between main effects and interaction effects without changing the model prediction.

Semi-Structured Deep Distributional Regression: Combining Structured Additive Models and Deep Learning

HelmholtzAI-Consultants-Munich/PySDDR 13 Feb 2020

We propose a general framework to combine structured regression models and deep neural networks into a unifying network architecture.

How Interpretable and Trustworthy are GAMs?

zzzace2000/GAMs 11 Jun 2020

Generalized additive models (GAMs) have become a leading modelclass for interpretable machine learning.

GAM(e) changer or not? An evaluation of interpretable machine learning models based on additive model constraints

interpretml/interpret 19 Apr 2022

The number of information systems (IS) studies dealing with explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is currently exploding as the field demands more transparency about the internal decision logic of machine learning (ML) models.