Aerial Scene Classification

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Attention-based Deep Multiple Instance Learning

AMLab-Amsterdam/AttentionDeepMIL ICML 2018

Multiple instance learning (MIL) is a variation of supervised learning where a single class label is assigned to a bag of instances.

An Empirical Study of Remote Sensing Pretraining

vitae-transformer/vitae-transformer-remote-sensing 6 Apr 2022

To this end, we train different networks from scratch with the help of the largest RS scene recognition dataset up to now -- MillionAID, to obtain a series of RS pretrained backbones, including both convolutional neural networks (CNN) and vision transformers such as Swin and ViTAE, which have shown promising performance on computer vision tasks.

Advancing Plain Vision Transformer Towards Remote Sensing Foundation Model

vitae-transformer/vitae-transformer-remote-sensing 8 Aug 2022

Large-scale vision foundation models have made significant progress in visual tasks on natural images, with vision transformers being the primary choice due to their good scalability and representation ability.

AID: A Benchmark Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Aerial Scene Classification

MLEnthusiast/MHCLN 18 Aug 2016

The goal of AID is to advance the state-of-the-arts in scene classification of remote sensing images.


ehoogeboom/hexaconv ICLR 2018

We find that, due to the reduced anisotropy of hexagonal filters, planar HexaConv provides better accuracy than planar convolution with square filters, given a fixed parameter budget.

Deep-Learning-Based Aerial Image Classification for Emergency Response Applications Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

ckyrkou/EmergencyNet 20 Jun 2019

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), equipped with camera sensors can facilitate enhanced situational awareness for many emergency response and disaster management applications since they are capable of operating in remote and difficult to access areas.

All Grains, One Scheme (AGOS): Learning Multi-grain Instance Representation for Aerial Scene Classification

biqiwhu/agos 6 May 2022

Finally, our SSF allows our framework to learn the same scene scheme from multi-grain instance representations and fuses them, so that the entire framework is optimized as a whole.