Aggression Identification

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Develop a classifier that could make a 3-way classification in-between ‘Overtly Aggressive’, ‘Covertly Aggressive’ and ‘Non-aggressive’ text data. For this, TRAC-2 dataset of 5,000 aggression-annotated data from social media each in Bangla (in both Roman and Bangla script), Hindi (in both Roman and Devanagari script) and English for training and validation is to be used.


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Aggression and Misogyny Detection using BERT: A Multi-Task Approach

NiloofarSafi/TRAC-2 LREC 2020

In recent times, the focus of the NLP community has increased towards offensive language, aggression, and hate-speech detection. This paper presents our system for TRAC-2 shared task on {``}Aggression Identification{''} (sub-task A) and {``}Misogynistic Aggression Identification{''} (sub-task B).

Abusive Language Aggression Identification +3

Bagging BERT Models for Robust Aggression Identification

julian-risch/KONVENS2019_and_LREC2020 LREC 2020

In this paper, we describe such an ensemble system and present our submission to the shared tasks on aggression identification 2020 (team name: Julian).

Aggression Identification Text Classification