Air Pollution Prediction

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MSSTN: Multi-Scale Spatial Temporal Network for Air Pollution Prediction

Zhiyuan-Wu/MSSTN 2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data) 2019

We further present a novel deep convolutional neural network model, named Multi-Scale Spatial Temporal Network (MSSTN), for the learning task on this data structure.

Air Pollution Prediction

Multi-task Learning for Aggregated Data using Gaussian Processes

frb-yousefi/multitask-gp NeurIPS 2019

Our model represents each task as the linear combination of the realizations of latent processes that are integrated at a different scale per task.

Air Pollution Prediction Epidemiology +2

Real-time Air Pollution prediction model based on Spatiotemporal Big data

vanduc103/air_analysis_v1 5 Apr 2018

In this paper, based on this spatiotemporal Big data, we propose a real-time air pollution prediction model based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm for image-like Spatial distribution of air pollution.

Air Pollution Prediction Time Series