All-day Semantic Segmentation

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Semantic segmentation under all-day conditions

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Two at Once: Enhancing Learning and Generalization Capacities via IBN-Net

XingangPan/IBN-Net ECCV 2018

IBN-Net carefully integrates Instance Normalization (IN) and Batch Normalization (BN) as building blocks, and can be wrapped into many advanced deep networks to improve their performances.

Deep Dual-resolution Networks for Real-time and Accurate Semantic Segmentation of Road Scenes

ydhongHIT/DDRNet 15 Jan 2021

The proposed deep dual-resolution networks (DDRNets) are composed of two deep branches between which multiple bilateral fusions are performed.

RobustNet: Improving Domain Generalization in Urban-Scene Segmentation via Instance Selective Whitening

shachoi/RobustNet CVPR 2021

Enhancing the generalization capability of deep neural networks to unseen domains is crucial for safety-critical applications in the real world such as autonomous driving.

Interactive Learning of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties for All-day Semantic Segmentation

BiQiWHU/All-day-CityScapes-segmentation IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 2023

In this paper, in contrast to existing methods, we tackle this challenge from the perspective of image formulation itself, where the image appearance is determined by both intrinsic (e. g., semantic category, structure) and extrinsic (e. g., lighting) properties.