Animated GIF Generation

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Client-driven Animated GIF Generation Framework Using an Acoustic Feature

iamgmujtaba/gif-acoustic 12 Feb 2021

The proposed method retrieves and uses the audio file and video segment so that communication and storage efficiencies are improved in the GIF generation process.

LTC-GIF: Attracting More Clicks on Feature-length Sports Videos

iamgmujtaba/ltc-gif 22 Jan 2022

This paper proposes a lightweight method to attract users and increase views of the video by presenting personalized artistic media -- i. e, static thumbnails and animated GIFs.

Client-driven Lightweight Method to Generate Artistic Media for Feature-length Sports Videos

iamgmujtaba/ltc-gif Conference 2022

This paper proposes a lightweight methodology to attract users and increase views of videos through personalized artistic media i. e., static thumbnails and animated Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images.

FRC-GIF: Frame Ranking-based Personalized Artistic Media Generation Method for Resource Constrained Devices

iamgmujtaba/FRC-GIF journal 2023

Generating video highlights in the form of animated graphics interchange formats (GIFs) has significantly simplified the process of video browsing.

Champ: Controllable and Consistent Human Image Animation with 3D Parametric Guidance

fudan-generative-vision/champ 21 Mar 2024

In this study, we introduce a methodology for human image animation by leveraging a 3D human parametric model within a latent diffusion framework to enhance shape alignment and motion guidance in curernt human generative techniques.